[Going - Boston, 11/1] Red Sox Parade Pics -- DJ AM -- Celtics Opener

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The Weekend Update (Week of 11/1)

The Weekend Update (Week of 11/1)

Get Ready to Rumble
Hi William

Event of the Week

The Contender Live in Boston, 11/6

Mama said knock you out! She also said get to TD Banknorth to catch boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard host the Season 3 finale of The Contender, an ass-kicking reality show about boxing.

Event Spotlight: Champagne Saturdays at RumBa

Champagne Party at RumBa

We've got the winning teams to toast, so it's good timing that RumBa hosts its first Saturday Champagne Party this week, and every first Saturday of the month thereafter. Pop that Cristal and make like Diddy, ok?

Word Is, Home Depot
Sold Out of Brooms

With the Red Sox sweeping the World Series and the Patriots undefeated at 8-0, it’s a pretty sweet time to jump on the Boston Sports Bandwagon.

Whether you're new to the game or a seasoned pro, there's something out there to get you to Legit Sports Fan Status: Full-Body Painting, which falls somewhere between camping out overnight for tickets and naming your firstborn 'Manny.'

Celtics Opening Night
With the off-season acquisition of all-stars Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen, the Celtics get thismuchcloser to Possibly Kicking Ass this year. Check out The Harp for an Opening Night Party with WEEI and Miller.

Patriots vs. the Colts: The Showdown
Nothing beats tailgating at Foxboro, but watching the game at The Joshua Tree with the Patriots cheerleaders runs a close second – a position Peyton Manning and the Colts should become familiar with after this Sunday’s game against the Pats.

Bruins Hockey at Sullivan’s Tap
If hockey is dead like everyone says, the fans at Sullivan’s Tap by the Garden are blissfully ignorant. That, or incredibly inebriated and unaware of the fact that they’re watching hockey altogether…

Caught on the Go

Editors' Picks

Fri 11/2 (6PM) at Felt Night Club
It's the Ultimate Vodka Experience at Felt with hors d'oeuvres and tastings of 9 ultra-premium vodkas. Ahhh, you've come so far since shoving that fifth of Popov in your Jansport at the packie...
95 Interested
DJ AM, DJ Vice & Steve Aoki at Gypsy Bar
Fri 11/2 (10PM) at Gypsy Bar
DJ A.M., DJ Vice and Steve Aoki descend upon Boston for an epic night at Gypsy Bar. Throw in Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan and it's as if we're at Pure in Vegas.
26 Interested
Battle Royale! (an art show)
Fri 11/2 (6PM) at The Art Kitsch(en)
Boston-based artists get down and dirty in an all-out rumble for the Battle Royale! art show trophy. You decide who's victorious in a battle of works inspired by violence and conflict.
3 Interested
Augusten Burroughs and John Robison
Fri 11/2 (7:30PM) at Comley-Lane Theater, Mahoney Hall at UMass Lowell
If you think your family's one car ride away from being committed, you've got it easy. These two brothers/authors discuss their dysFUNctional childhoods involving a home-made taser. Yeah. A taser.
Baileys' Get Together with John Legend
Wed 11/7 (8PM) at The Roxy
Mellow out mid-week with John Legend and Baileys. And remember: just because Baileys is only 40 proof, doesn't mean you can't get drizunk. Especially when it's FREE...
29 Interested
The Decemberists
Sat 11/3 - Sun 11/4 (7PM) at Orpheum Theatre
Quit your bitchin' if you missed the first night of The Decemberists in Boston -- they're sticking around for a second night with their contagious indie pop sound.
4 Interested
21st Annual Christmas Craft Festival
Fri 11/2 - Sun 11/4 (7PM) at World Trade Center - Boston
If kitschy snowmen and bright holiday sweaters are your bag, baby, then get your polyester ass over to the Seaport for this annual Christmas craft festival.
5 Interested
Shecky's Girls Night Out Boston
Thu 11/1 - Sat 11/3 (5PM) at Boston Center for the Arts
Grab the 'girls' and get to Shecky's for a glamorous night of FREE drinks, food, fashion and beauty. As if tata's didn't get you enough for free...
7 Interested

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