The Weekend Update (Week of 1/10)

It's Only The Beginning...

Event of the Week

In+eract 3 @ The Estate, 1/11

We're still talking about the shizz that was last year's In+eract.

Buy your tix NOW and brush elbows with musicians and artists from around the world.

Event Spotlight: Voter Registration Deadline, 1/16

Voter Registration Deadline, 1/16 

Not to get all Diddy up on you, but if you're looking to vote in the MA primary next month, you've got to register by Wednesday!

The Party's Never Over,
Is It?

Between a still-lingering physical and emotional New Year’s Eve hangover and temps so low we’re thinking about breaking out the Under Armour, it’s going to be a fight to get our hermit ass up and out this weekend.

Looks like Boston’s up to the challenge –

Lagerfeld Confidential
That Karl; he’s so hot right now. Get to know the real man behind the sunglasses, tight jeans and white ponytail in this documentary at the MFA.

Legal Sea Foods Chowder
A dream come true for all our lactard (that's lactose-intolerant tard, to you) friends out there – FREE chowder!

Tango Fire
Nothing turns up the heat on our Puritan city like a bunch of Argentinean dancers reenacting the red light district of Buenos Aires.

Caught on the Go

Editors' Picks

Models & Bottles
Fri 1/11 (10PM) at 711 Boylston
Pop a few bottles and stare at some models. Refrain from throwing out an "RIP, Donda West" if you can.
104  People Like It
Make It New
Thu 1/10 (9PM) at Middlesex Lounge
Make it out to Middlesex for house and tech-funk that'll give you Euro flashbacks all night long.
33  People Like It
"Rent" at the Wang Center
Tue 1/8 - Sun 1/13 (8PM) at Wang Center for the Performing Arts
Missed it on Broadway, in your local theater, and at Blockbuster? Have no fear -- you can still see Rent on the stage! You were worried there, weren't you?
28  People Like It
Golden Dragon Acrobats
Sun 1/13 (3PM) at Boston Symphony Hall
Cirque de Soleil are a bunch of amateurs compared to the death-defying Golden Dragon Acrobats. Two thousand years of Chinese tradition has to count for something, right?
18  People Like It
The Mars Volta
Sat 1/12 (6:30PM) at Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel
Prog-rock has seen a strange revival at the hands of Mars Volta. Wildly popular and carrying an astounding cross appeal, they marshal the old art of arena rock.
10  People Like It
Wu-Tang Clan
Fri 1/11 (9PM) at Palladium Theatre
Missed last summer's show at the Tweeter Center? Have no fear, the Wu-Tang is here and they ain't nothin' to eff with.
10  People Like It
Professional Bull Riders World Finals
Fri 1/11 (7:30PM) at DCU Center (formerly Centrum)
Saddle up cowboy and grab a few 40s for the road, it's Professional Bull Ridin' Time!
7  People Like It
NELA's Fetish Fair Fleamarket(tm) #30
Fri 1/11 - Sun 1/13 (6PM) at Rhode Island Convention Center
Leather, pleather and latex? Oh my. Sign us up for a weekend in Fetish City, a.k.a. Providence, Rhode Island.
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