Translation for 140 languages by ALS Top 5 Halloween Night Picks

Dig out that costume from under your bed, wipe off the party fouls from last weekend, and get back in the spirit -- Halloween's not over yet. Whether it's a killer DJ set with Felix da Housecat, a costume fundraiser or some 80s rock, there's plenty of fun to be had this October 31st. And we've got you covered with the best events around. So what if it's the middle of the week? You can sleep on Saturday:

Felix Da HouseCat

Party your face off with Felix Da Housecat as he celebrates the release of his 7th album. Buy tickets on so you're not left out in the cold.

80s Halloween Party

We love the 80s so much that we'd search out any excuse to break out our sweatbands and Hammer pants. A big Thank You to the gods at Hennessy's for hosting an 80s-themed Halloween party this year. Thank you...

The Halloween Project @ The Savant Project

Tapas for a buck? No costume required? We're sold on The Savant Project's Halloween party. And a mustache contest to boot? Genius.

Monster of a Halloween Party

Make Halloween count at The Living Room's party with 100% of the proceeds benefiting the Ellie Fund. $2 beers, $4 martinis and FREE app's make this a true holiday party.

Halloween Bike Ride

Grab your 10-speed and your Scream mask and peddle around the 'hood, scaring little children and cackling evilly to yourself along the way!