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The Travel Writer's Life
The Ultimate Travel Writerís Program and itís published by a company called the American Writers & Artists Inc. (AWAI)

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The Travel Writer's Life
The Ultimate Travel Writerís Program and itís published by a company called the American Writers & Artists Inc. (AWAI)

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(New York)
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JK Link Airways
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(Cook Islands)
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(Fort Worth)
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(United States)
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PG Bangkok Airways 866-226-4565 RA Royal Nepal 800-266-3725
6B Baxter Aviation 800-661-5599 ZC Royal Swazi National Airways Corporation 268-86155
JV Bearskin Lake Air Service 800-465-2327 WR Royal Tongan Airlines 800-486-6426
5B Bellair Inc. 1-800-322-5247 WR Royal Tongan Airlines 800-486-6426
CH Bemidji Airlines 800-332-7133 RD Ryan International Airways 800-727-0457
FC Berliner Spezialflug 732-548-5444
(Edison New Jersey)
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GQ Big Sky Airlines 800-237-7788 ZG Sabair Airlines
BG Biman Bangladesh Airlines 880-2-897400-29
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BU Bratherns S.A.F.E. Airtransport 47-915-05400
TS Samoa Aviation Inc.
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BY Britannia Airways (01)-7070-8136
ZT SATENA 4238500
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BE British European
0871-522-6100 SK Scandinavian Airlines 800-221-2350
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YR Scenic Airlines Inc. 800-634-6801
BD British Midland 800-788-0555 ZM Scribe - Airlift
HQ Business Express 603-334-4000
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BW BWIA West Indies Airways 800-538-2942 S5 Shuttle America 888-999-3273
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CM Canada 3000 888-226-3000 SQ Singapore Airlines 800-742-3333
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GW Central American Airways 502-458-3211
CZ Southern Airlines 0086-20-950333
9M Central Mountain Air 800-663-3905 WN Southwest Airlines 800-435-9792
OP Chalk's International Airways 800-424-2557 NU Southwest Airlines, Japan
OP Chalk's Ocean Airways 800-4-CHALKS WN Southwest Airlines, U.S.A. 800-435-9792
CI China Airlines 800-227-5118 JK Spainair 888-545-5757
MU China Eastern Airlines 800-200-5118 NK Spirit Airlines 800-772-7117
CZ China Southern Airlines 888-338-8988 UL SriLankan 877-915-2652
QI Cimber Air 815-66020
YW Statewest Airlines, Inc.
H2 Citybird 888-248-9247 NB Sterling Airways A/S 44-(0)870-787-8038
(Great Britain)
BX Coast Air K/S 47-815-44-442
EZ Sun - Air of Scandinavia 45-76500100
9L Colgan Air 800-428-4322 SY Sun Country Airlines 800-359-6786
7C Columbia Pacific Airlines 800-868-2904 OY Sunaire (679)-723-555
OH Comair Inc. 800-354-9822 PI Sunflower Airlines, Fiji
MN Commercial Airways OC Sunshine Aviation 270-726-8443
XK Compagnie Aerienne Corse Mediterranee PY Surinam Airways 800-327-6864
DE Condor Flugdienst 800-524-6975 JG Swedair AB
DD Conti-Flug LX Swiss Air 1-877-359-7947
CO Continental Airlines Inc. 800-525-0280 SR Swissair 1-800-221-4750
CS Continental Micronesia Inc. 800-525-0280 RB Syrian Arab Airlines +44-(0)-20-7631-3511 (United Kingdom)
CM Copa Airlines 800-359-2672 IJ T.A.T. European Airlines
3C Corporate Airlines 800-555-6565 DT TAAG - Angola Airlines 33-3527, 33-3528
3C Corporate EXPRESS - Canada 1-877-272-2121 TA TACA International Airways 800-535-8780
SS Corsair 800-677-0720 GG Taimair
OU Croatia Airlines 888-462-7628 WG Taiwan Airlines
LX Crossair 800-221-4750 PZ TAM 888-235-9826
CU Cubana Airlines 2664644
JJ Tam Linhas Aereas 1-888-2 FlyTAM
CY Cyprus Airways 8000-0008 EQ TAME 4226600
(Peru )
YK Cyprus Turkish Airlines 44-207-839-8097
TP TAP - Air Portugal 800-221-7370
OK Czech Airlines 800-223-2365 RO TAROM
DL Delta Airlines 800-221-1212 RO TAROM - Romanian Air Transport 212-687-6242
DI Deutsche 49-(0)-89-975-91-500
QS Tatra Air 00421-48-412 45 09 (Bystrica)
UO Direct Air Inc. ZJ Teddy Air
MT Direct Aviation Pty. 1-800-747-300 T2 Thai Air 800-426-5204
DV Dolphin Airways TG Thai Airways International 800-426-5204
YU Dominair 800-921-8585 LU Theron Airways
DO Dominicana de Aviacion 800-528-2792 GE Trans Asian Airways
KA Dragonair (Hong Kong Dragon Airlines) 800-842-9911 TR Trans Brasil 800-872-3153
QG Dynamic Air 31-(0)-10-462-4005
(Dutch: Nederland)
5B Trans International Express 888-244-8922
XZ Eastair 46 (0)8-797-8260
JQ Trans Jamaica Airlines 809-929-0834
East Coast Flight Services 800-554-0550 TL Trans Mediterranean Airways 961-1-629210
(Lebanon Beirut)
DG Easteren Pacific Airlines RZ Trans World Express 800-221-2000
DP Eastland Air HV Transavia Airlines 0900 0737
EU Ecuatoriana 1-800-328-2367 KV Transkei Airways Corporation
MS Egyptair 800-334-6787 UH Transport Air Centre
LY El Al Israel Airlines 800-223-6700 8T Travelair 800-948-3770
EB Emery Worldwide 800-367-3592 BW Trinidad & Tobago Air Service
EK Emirates Airlines 800-777-3999 PM Tropic Air 800-422-3435
EM Empire Airlines 800-392-9233 BN Tropical Sea Airlines
OV Estonian Air 800-397-1354 UG Tuninter (00-216-71)-941-285 (Tunisian)
ET Ethiopian Airlines 800-445-2733 TU Tunis Air (00-216-71)-941-285 (Tunisian)
HZ Euroflight Sweden TK Turkish Airlines 800-874-8875
EY Europe Aero-Service RU Turks & Caicos Airways (649)-941-3136 (BWI)
BR EVA Airways Corporation 800-695-1188 KT Turtle Airways 613-9823-8300 (Australia)
EZ Evergreen International 800-345-5556 TW TW Express 800-221-2000
EF Far Eastern Air Transport Corporation (886-2-4066-6789)
VO Tyrolean Airways 05-1766 7200
PC Fiji Air 679-3313-666
PS Ukraine Intl Airlines 800-876-0114
FB Fine Airlines 800-923-9222 UA United Airlines. 800-241-6522
AY Finnair 800-950-5000 US US Airways 800-428-4322
FK Flamenco Airways Inc. 787-724-1105
U7 USA Jet Airlines 800-872-5387
VV Flexair US USAir Inc. 800-428-4322
YC Flight West Airlines HY Uzbekistan Airways 998- (71)-140-02-00 (Uzbekistan)
ZU Freedom Air 14-072-093-068 NJ Vanguard Airlines 800-826-4827
SI Friesenflug GmbH RG Varig 800-468-2744
F9 Frontier Airlines 800-432-1359 RG VARIG Brazilian Airlines 800-468-2744
BS Gamair Limited VP Vasp Brazilian Airlines 866-776-3869
GC Gambia International Airlines 00220)-4472755
VA VIASA - Airline of Venezuela 800-GO-VIASA
GA Garuda Indonesia 800-342-7832 VN Vietnam Airlines 84-4-8320320
GA Garuda Indonesia 800-342-7832 ZP Virgin Air Inc.
LK Goldfields Air Services (08)-9093-2116
VS Virgin Atlantic Airways 800-862-8621
MG Grand Aire Express 800-70-GRAND FV Viva Air 888-336-8482
QD Grand Airways 800-634-6616 PT West Air Sweden Air West Airlines 46- (0)-31-7030450 (Sweden)
GB Great Barrier Airlines 0800-900-600 WA Western Airlines 866-887-5969
IF Great China Airlines EM Western Airlines - Australia 559-454-7843
ZK Great Lakes Airlines 800-554-5112 WS WestJet Airlines 800-538-5696
ZO Great Plains Airlines 866-929-8646 WS Weststates Airlines
GF Gulf Air Company G.S.C. 800-553-2824 SE Wings of Alaska 907-789-0790
3M Gulfstream Intl Airlines 800-992-8532 Winward Express Airways 888-255-6889
H6 Hageland Aviation Services Inc. 907-543-3900
WO World Airways 800-967-5350
TV Haiti Trans Air S.A. 800-394-5313 IY Yemen Airways 1-800-936-8300
HX Hamburg Airlines 7227638
IY Yemenia-Yemen-Airways 800-257-1133
HG Harbor Airlines 800-359-3220 JU Yugoslav Airlines 800-752-6528
HA Hawaiian Airlines 800-367-5320 QZ Zambia Airways Corp. 800-223-1136
TV Haiti Trans Air S.A. 800-394-5313 ZA ZAS - Airline of Egypt 90070000