Tarkhankut, Ukraine

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BOOK HOTELS & TOURS in the CRIMEA: Photographs and detailed tour descriptions

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Book Hotels, Transportation,Tours, Photographs - Livadia Palace, Swallow's Nest.

Will Stewart standing on border marker facing Ukraine from Romanian side of the delta of the Danube River on the Black Sea coast - August 2007
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Learn Russian language texts,tapes and CDs

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Tarkhankut, Ukraine

Learn Russian language texts,tapes and CDs
I. Book Hotel Within 10 Miles of center of Tarkhankut, Ukraine
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Tarkhankut is on the western border of Crimea, Where are most extreme points: capes of Kara-mrun (Black nose) and Tarkhankut. It is an edge with a mild, original climate, boundless marine and steppe spaces, unique sandy beaches and rich historical past. For Tarkhankut has a temperate warm steppe climate which is characteristized by a roast dry summer and green moist winter. An average annual amount of clock of sun radiance is 2300-2400, that exceeds the analogical indexes of Yalta, Sochi Evpatorias. Middle temperature of the coldest month - February + 0, 5 degree, winter months are although registered with frosts to 26 degrees and by a rise in temperature to +17 degrees. The hottest month is July - an average monthly temperature rises to + 22, 5 degrees. The special climatic terms allow to begin a summer season in the second half of May, and to conclude in October.

In connection with the gradual increase of the Black sea level the high banks of Tarkhankuta retreat slowly;a marine element shredded a peninsula, forming grottoes, tunnels, giving a coast a picturesque kind.The banks are especially whimsical to the north and south with Olenevki, where the natural boundaries of Dzhangul' and Atlesh are placed. Landslide terraces pass to a sheer sixty meter wall, torn off above a sea in the district of Dzhangulya. An original vegetation, sharply different from rest of coast, was saved. In clefts there are shrub jungles of barberry, wild rose, hawthorn and sloe, elder of black. The sheer walls of the bank are completely covered ivy Crimean.

I was in Tarkhankut as a child. I memorized the rocks, stone, cleanness of water and bank.It is simple beauty;there is no need to ride in other countries for rest! In Tarkhankut there is a place with the name of Bowl of Love. It is a little lake, surrounded by rocks, in a form of a heart. There is a legend that if a fellow and girl will jump from a rock into the Bowl of Love,while holding hands, their love will be eternal. I jumped, true without a fellow, but I will never forget the feeling. All of my flashbacks of Crimea, as paradise on a planet, and Tarkhankut emerged involuntarily. If it is possible I want once again there to depart.

Now that place is not which I remember. There are now mountains of garbage, crowds of people, stands of machines. I wonder whether there will be continue to be wild places on our planet. An answer seems obvious,although - not in the affirmative!

Written by Kate Barbul of Dnepropetrovsk and Dneprodzerzhinsk,Ukraine

Learn Russian language texts,tapes and CDs

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