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Thursday, 20 March 2008

Russia: Song about Bears!

Here we'll watch an episode of a nice Russian old comedy "Кавказская пленница или новые приключения Шурика"(Prisoner of the Caucasus, or Shurik's New Adventures), 1966 The movie was created by brilliant Soviet movie editor Leonid Gaidai.

I will not retell you the plot of this movie now because we are going to continue publishing episodes from the comedy or even maybe you can watch a whole movie by following us!

The girl Nina (a main character) sings a "student's folklore song":
Song about Bears:

Где-то на белом свете, там, где всегда мороз
Трутся спиной медведи о земную ось,
Мимо плывут столетья, спят подо льдом моря,
Трутся об ось медведи - вертится Земля

Somewhere in the world, where there's always frost
The bears scratch their backs on the North Pole,
The centuries float past, and sleep under the polar ice,
The bears scratch themselves on the axis while the Earth spins

Ля - ля-ля, ля-ля -ля-ля
Вертится быстрей Земля.

La - la-la, la-la, la-la
The world spins ever more quickly.

Крутят они, стараясь, вертят земную ось,
Чтобы влюбленным раньше встретиться пришлось,
Чтобы однажды утром, раньше на год иль два
Кто-то сказал кому-то главные слова.

They twist around, trying to scratch, and they turn the earth's axis
So that lovers meet earlier than before,
So that one morning, a year or two early
Someone said to somebody the most important words.

Ля - ля-ля, ля-ля -ля-ля
Вертится быстрей Земля.

La - la-la, la-la, la-la
The world Spins ever more quickly.

Вслед за весенним утром раньше придет рассвет,
И для двоих счастливых много-много лет
Будут сверкать зарницы, будут ручьи звенеть,
Будет туман клубиться, белый, как медведь.

After a spring morning the dawn will arrive a little earlier,
And for two lucky persons there will be many - many more years
The summer lightning will sparkle, the brooks will babble,
And the fog will curl, white as a bear.

Ля - ля-ля, ля-ля -ля-ля
Вертится быстрей Земля.

La - la-la, la-la, la-la
The world spins ever more quickly.

The translation was taken from here.

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Russia With Love Blog

Scientific Tourism in Novosibirsk, Russia

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Beautiful Russia!

The song of Russian rock-group Lubeh(Lyubeh) "Birches" with beautiful landscapes of Russia. Just enjoy!

What is song about? We found a translation for You!
Любэ, Березы
Lube, Birtches

Отчего так в России берёзы шумят?
Отчего белоствольные всё понимают?
У дорог прислонившись по ветру стоят
И листву так печально кидают.

Why are the Russian birches so noisy?
Why do those white trunks remember everything?
They stand by the roads, bent in the wind
And so sorrowful they toss off their leaves

Я пойду по дороге, простору я рад,
Может это лишь всё, что я в жизни узнаю.
Отчего так печальные листья летят,
Под рубахою душу ласкают?

I'll go along the road, happy for the open spaces
Perhaps that's the only thing I'll learn in life.
Why do the leaves fly so sadly,
Caressing the soul under my shirt?

А на сердце опять горячо-горячо,
И опять, и опять без ответа.
А листочек с берёзки упал на плечо,
Он как я, оторвался от веток.

But my heart is once again buring-burning,
And again and again there's no answer.
While a little leaf from the birch fell on my shoulder,
He's like me - torn away from his branch.

Посидим на дорожку, родная, с тобой,
Ты пойми, я вернусь, не печалься, не стоит.
И старуха махнёт на прощанье рукой,
И за мною калитку закроет.

Let's sit on the road, my dearest,
You understand that I'll come back, it's no use being sad.
And the old woman waves her hand farewell,
And closes the gate behind me.

Отчего так в России берёзы шумят?
Отчего хорошо так гармошка играет?
Пальцы ветром по кнопочкам враз пролетят,
А последняя, эх, западает...

Why are the Russian birches so noisy?
Why does the accordion play so well?
Fingers fly along the keys like the wind,
While the last falls...

А на сердце опять горячо-горячо,
И опять, и опять без ответа.
А листочек с берёзки упал на плечо,
Он как я, оторвался от веток.

But my heart is once again buring-burning,
And again and again there's no answer.
While a little leaf from the birch fell on my shoulder,
He's like me - torn away from his branch.

А на сердце опять горячо-горячо,
И опять, и опять без ответа.
А листочек с берёзки упал на плечо,
Он как я, оторвался от веток.

But my heart is once again buring-burning,
And again and again there's no answer.
While a little leaf from the birch fell on my shoulder,
He's like me - torn away from his branch.

Learn Russian language texts,tapes and CDs
Flights, Hotels, Cars, Cruises, Vacations, Deals,
Travel Insurance, Foreign Entry Requirements, Travel Warnings, Destinations Guide,
Currency Converter, Maps & Directions,Travel Advisories.

Scientific Tourism in Novosibirsk, Russia

My Novosibirsk. Book of flashbacks - As we began a gallery. Muratov Paul Dmitry My Novosibirsk. Book of flashbacks of novosibircev. Recitals of history of development of city from the moment of his birth and to XX age.

The Novosibirsk art gallery borns volitional effort on quite blank space. Evolutional way of development usually other. The Irkutsk artistic museum grew, as oak from an acorn, from the personal museum city heads of V. Krasnoyarcy are under an obligation many V. Tomsk 1910th had active Society of khudozhestv lovers, forming collection of painting and spirit of kollekcionerstva in town. Growing like a weed industrial, auction, administrative Novosibirsk knew no collectors. Bought in in 1927 from the First Vsesibirskoy exhibition 53 works of painting, graphic arts, sculptures and calculating on a future gallery deposited to the regional museum were forgotten. But how to exist the largest city of Siberia without an artistic museum? Novosibirsk art gallery. The council of ministers bossed, Ministry of culture RSFSR had put in the plan of the activity, Novosibirsk city executive committee in a conduct which the first years of existence there was a gallery, began organization of business in place. In the ground floor of pyatietazhnogo dwelling-house to address: street A director is appoint the painter of M. Mochalov, man party, used to work of leader. Scientific part consisted of keeper R. Konyashevoy and research worker P. Poskol'ku nobody of the adopted three persons of concept had about that, how art galleries are created, at first the address of Mochalova seemed natural to Russian and above all things to the Siberian artistic museums with a request to be partaken with Novosibirsk by the treasures. On the catalogues of museums, blindly, Mochalovym were marked works which it would be desirable to have sew on to the gallery. With the purpose of conducting of requisition to Omsk, Sverdlovsk and Perm' were sent messengers. Mochalov sent me to Irkutsk. Director of the Irkutsk artistic museum And. Fat'yanov, a man is deserved and deservedly respected, derided the Novosibirsk undertaking razzhit'sya due to workings museums. Collect collection. you will look, that you here po-naotmechali in our catalogue! Fat'yanov anger on a favour and ordered to bring from a department storages little, with palm, etude And. To the etude he later attached six etchings And. Shishkina, here losing nothing: etchings behave to the drawing graphic arts. Them could be at Fat'yanova to on a few prints from one board. As I listened Fat'yanova silently and exposing a mouth from a surprise, he began to teach me museum business. At first, and then passed to me the main keeper of the Irkutsk artistic museum G. Dudin was simultaneously and by the restorer of the oily painting. He told me history of basic pictures of museum, showed all of khra-nitel'skuyu document. The term of my business trip to Irkutsk was not certain, and I absorbed museum wisdoms, while get tired. Novosibirsk met me a surprise: Mochalova brought down a stroke. He lay at home on a sofa, as though made from two halves. A right half, fully immobile, struck strange mulyazhnost'yu. The left half was the same, usual, but unusually helpless and pitiful. Mochalov mounted then. He lived ten years. Had time to do the large personal exhibition to tridcatipyatiletiyu of creative activity. But work of him ended in a gallery. Place of Mochalova was taken the by L. Ogibenin, painter of completely other storage. His personal library with books on an art in those times was sure the best in town. He honoured impressionists and postimpressionistov and able to infect honouring of near to him artists. We will put, the end of fiftieth years in Russia is marked widespread interest to the European and Russian art of end of XIX age, almost by a fashion on him. However yet the official point of view stuck to on impressionism as on formalism, and Mochalov was its adherent. Ogibeninu and Sezann, and sezannisty were near, what affected character of the first display in a gallery. No, he personally did not collect a picture. He, maybe, for a gallery did not much. But he was a director, began to be, by a mediator between those, who created a gallery by the hands, and by the leading organs of city, not too concerned the daily occurence of gallery, but as chance offers can sharply to chop off all of branches from main, as it was then understood, directions. Messengers in other museums returned approximately with those results, what I from Irkutsk. From Omska two etudes of M. Odnazhdy were brought found in unknown places dear not soon ostavlyaetsya. Irkutsk, omskiy, Sverdlovsk experience to nothing did not teach us, therefore now already Ogibenin sent me to Moscow, that there, in Ministry of culture RSFSR, I took solid papers and with them departed to Tyumen' to withdraw a picture . Kustodieva, on the cry, purchased a ministry for Novosibirsk. In Ministry I was met loud speeches. Do you think to open an art gallery or not? Or do you think, it for you will be opened? About no Tyumeni to think me did not give. It is necessary to go to the collectors, in workshops of artists, on exhibitions. To collect, collect, collect. Actually purchase, that payment of works, a ministry undertook. Moreover, the employees of ministry without our participation had time already to purchase for us the enough long row of works and that, certainly, substantially helped business. I remember fervor speech of Serova badly, but reproducing its essence is undifficult. From standard accusatory speeches of that time it differed only that in it satisfaction was shown by reason of absence in the environment of artists of people, similar to Pasternaku. Kornilovskaya long time worked in a komissionnom shop. Pravdami and lies it collected one and a half hundred pictures and sculpture. One of the Leningrad journalists suspected it in sharp practice, about what told people through a local newspaper. A militia reacted an arrest. A hostess lived by usual life in the apartment, but mobility of it was limited, and it had no the authority neither to bring in works of art in the apartment nor the more so to take away them from there. To talk chief tone I did not learn until now, interest to the developing on eyes detective led away me. I listened the fairy-tales of Kornilovskoy about its virtuous life, about the fate of gettings to it pictures, walked on militia cabinets after passing of its business and taking it easy examined its collection. From mass of collected Kornilovskoy from force five pictures needed to be taken in an art gallery, other can be taken back in a komissionnyy shop. From five pictures, authenticity of which it was yet necessary to set, do for life an old woman I did not want, and we, in next times getting a drunk tea, parted friends. Unhurried study of matter of Kornilovskoy, to the use which no was from, if not to count an acquaintance with the world of collectors, with his bottom, or it is better to say, prido-n'em, accompanied tea-drinking elsewhere, namely in the department of manuscripts of the Russian museum. His employee Yu. Podkopaeva arrived the spring of 1958 with an exhibition, prepared a museum, to Novosibirsk. I led excursions on an exhibition. And now I used an acquaintance, worming into sainted saints of the Russian museum and divided the impression from the next Leningrad adventure. During one of chaepitiy in the Russian museum of Podkopaeva asked. And do you know, that the son of Nick Konstantinovicha Rerikha returned on Motherland? In a that evening by nightly train I left to Moscow to search a son Rerikha, George Nick, having orientir in a notebook: Academy of sciences, Institute of orientalism, where to me and gave the home telephone of Yu. I called him, invited on meeting. I will not say, that I knew life and creation of the Russian symbolists well, but all the same something by that time I had time to read, the magnificent portrait of V. Bryusova saw, drawn M. Rerikh seemed to me hardly twin Bryusova: low, stocky, with the alike form of head. In Russian he talked as Russian, true, with a laryngeal timbre which I interpreted as track of study of the Tibet languages. Began the high line-up of Russian symbolism ages for life there is usual, natural in family Rerikhov. Abroad he was washed out by neither the folk-lore, neither slangy nor foreign influencing. A cleanness and characteristicness of speech of Yu. Rerikha remained in my memory as the brightest line of his appearance. It is talked, Nick Konstantinovich left a testament on which one of the Siberian cities can get his pictures. Yes, there is such testament. I think, pictures would appear in Barnaul. And it is a wild cleanly Saratov of times of Griboedova! Akademgorodok, university, conservatory, grandiose opera theater! Do you can to promise me, that pictures, what I will pass to you, will be always in a permanent display? From Rerikha I began to tear along on Central telegraph to send a telautogram, ring in a gallery. And the role of its director showed up here. While the usual row of Russian and soviet the classics went to Novosibirsk, a question did not get up about principles of completing of gallery. But Rerikh was not included in the number of classics. Rerikh was included in the number of emigrants, not returning on Motherland. . Only one returned from his sons. Then, when pictures already arrived to Novosibirsk, three months of circulation in the regional committee of KPSS may need, as on work, to get permission on exhibiting of pictures of not fully rehabilitated Rerikha. Certainly, not our eloquence broke through a gap in party censorship. It was broken through a publication in the thick Moscow magazines of texts of N. Rerikha and deferential reasons about him. Foreseeing troubles such, the careful director of art gallery would not begin to meddle in a fight against a regional committee. An opponent Rerikha could and to cut negotiations short own power with his son. Getting a telautogram and having heard plenty emotional speeches by phone, Ogibenin sent to Moscow a return telautogram with the promise of Rerikhu of permanent display, notarized a round seal and signatures of deputy of chief of city management of culture of L. Grigor'evoy and directors of art gallery, that own. Besides the pictures of Rerikha were passed to Novosibirsk the order of MK of the USSR against which regional committee could not come forward. Reference could be only on that the obligatory exhibiting of the passed pictures is not marked in an order. Rerikh, when I gave him the document got from Novosibirsk. Business talks went not along with me. They went in the unknown me spheres of Ministry of culture the USSR and proceeded about two years. Besides the pictures of Rerikha were passed to Novosibirsk the order of MK of the USSR against which regional committee could not come forward. Reference could be For this time the director of art gallery was replaced once again: Ogibenin went away, V. came Since then artists already did not enter in the complement of public servants of gallery. My three months life in the capitals was enough tense. From a morning to the late evening it was necessary to walk on exhibitions, to on to the workshops of artists, to look over the new entering purchase commission of Ministry of culture RSFSR. To me for help from Novosibirsk the sent Ogibeninym artists arrived in relay: X. Avrutis and Gricyuk appeared very good helpers, because they conducted student years in Moscow, it was known well. They were friends and like-minded persons. When one departed and other arrived, no failure did not take a place in an orientation, that is very important on any serious business. Nevertheless I walked with them by different roads. By Av-rutisa it was succeeded to get and conduct the pictures of overpeering then in respect and popularity of A. S gricyukom we visited in workshops of S. Nesmotrya on ever-higher authority of the adopted artists through a ministerial purchase, their workshops were then full unclaimed pictures. Only Ioganson and Chuykov, concluding a picture, here with it parted. We were in a position to choose characteristic and the best. Unfortunately, overcoming invisible barriers was succeeded not always. Pictures of Gerasimova, Goncharova, Deyneki, Iogansona, Pimenova we did not get. Socializing with the prominent Russian artists influenced us in most major way. Seemed, the whole world is filled talented painters. We took an aim to go round all of the Moscow artists, having workshops in houses on Overhead Maslovke, specially built for painters, graphs, sculptors. Began with an edge and went. Misfired on the first visit. Yes, Moscow absorbs in itself the best artistic forces of Russia. But to Moscow penetrate and well settle down in it and simply smart manikins. Their creative uselessness not at all better provincial, even worse, because in a province, as a rule, terms failing for complete development of talents, in the capital this acquittal is not present. Having nothing after the soul in any capital remains a figure on your own and in the name itself. In a that capital autumn I once again had to ride to Leningrad to the employees of the Russian museum and Pavlovskogo palace-museum, again on the business trip of Ministry of culture RSFSR. Now already a question did not stand about completing of the Novosibirsk art gallery due to workings museums. Our own collector went at full speed. But the help of authoritative museums in becoming of gallery was not eliminated. The employees of the Russian museum without my participation sent to Novosibirsk ten of works, among which were portrait of A. Kurakina the V. Bryullova racemes, portrait of count D. Sol'skogo, written And. If to mentioned to add got considerably later, but certain to the dispatch to Novosibirsk in 1958 parade portrait of Ekateriny II works of D. Levickogo, it will become clear, as ponderable the Russian museum helped by the Novosibirsk picture to the gallery. Pavlovcy by then did not yet come to oneself after a military defeat. Restoration of palace went the method of dolgostroya. Technical services barely glimmered, therefore to me, to the in a museum outsider, it was necessary to prepare boxes for pictures, and to pack pictures, and on the truck selected a museum to drive a booty to Leningrad on the commodity station of railway. Pavlovcy gave Novosibirsk the originals of illustrations of V. Surikova to the historical essay of N. Za they sent a company to us and such things from which by him, apparently, a long ago it was desirable to be delivered, for example, copy of portrait of Ekateriny I, through which it is unsimple to be dug down to XVIII age. Its painting reminds nothing epoch of Peter I. And, finally, the first stage of collector epic is complete. Pictures, by a number more than three hundred, arrived to Novosibirsk. It is necessary to master - part of museum work. It seems simpler outage: hung up pictures, they and hang to pleasure of audience. Valid for one occasion acquaintance with it in Irkutsk, fugitive passing in the Russian museum and in Pavlovske it is possible to consider only by approach to it. Besides I was one there, and us now, not counting Ogibenina, it was three: Konyasheva, I and And. To teach us professional museum work the employee of department of painting of the Russian museum of V. Opisaniya arrived pictures, taking of inventory, temperaturno-vlazhnostnyy mode, placing and razveska of works taking into account a historical sequence and beauty of display and other anxieties occupied all of our time in December, 1958. New Year, the inauguration of gallery took a place, the first excursion is conducted on its display. Prince did not wait till this moment, it responded to him from a distance. Very much, very glad that opening of museum took a place in a day certain. Included it is very difficult to design in your display, it is difficult to pick up neutral, good enough artistic material. Well beautiful vases! Well pair sculpture! Without your vedoma and consent I asked a management to include your museum on a call on stazherskie courses. Conducting of courses is set on the II quarter, probably, on April month. It can serve as the point of counting out in his biography. Plenitude of his life, however, not here, but in kazhdodnevnykh labours and anxieties, only in time folded in nothing considerable.

by Kate Barbul from Dneprodzerzhinsk,Dnepropetrovsk,Ukraine

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