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Jeff Lieberman's .. Kinetic Sculpture .. Photography .. M.I.T. Graduate Student

Phil Salesses

Phil Salesses Current research involves Cognizant Clock and Preference Networks at MIT Media Lab with Prof. Cesar Hidalgo

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MIT’s Technology Review Unveils 2011 TR50 List of the World’s Most Innovative Companies Posted February 23, 2011

1366 Technologies
A123 Systems
American Superconductor
Applied Materials
ARM Holdings
Bind Biosciences
BrightSource Energy
Cellular Dynamics International
Claros Diagnostics
Complete Genomics
First Solar
Joule Unlimited
Lattice Power
Life Technologies
Lyric Semiconductor
Pacific Biosciences
Serious Materials
Silver Spring Networks
Synthetic Genomics

"Video games are the least-known, biggest generators of wealth in America. Google says that 'they surpass the film and music industry COMBINED!'
I found a tiny $1.55-a-share company that patented a revolutionary new way to play sports games that can easily send its stock to $32.50 in twelve months,turning $10,000 into $325,000. "

Actiga: QMotions and Aptus Games.
Actiga Corporation is a leading pioneer in active gaming. The company’s mission is to empower users to enjoy real-life, natural motion game play controllers that provide access to revolutionary downloadable 3D games and PC/Console-based video games. The company is committed to bringing to market a portfolio of online and PC/Console gaming products and services through its family of companies.
Eric Dickinson, Editor of Small Cap Wealth

Solar Products for Life on Earth™

XsunX,Inc. (OTCBB:XSNX) is a thin-film photovoltaic “TFPV” company that has spent the last three years in focused research with a photovoltaic material called Amorphous Silicon. During this time we have developed the technical capabilities, qualified core staff, and market understanding to take our technology to market. The products that we intend to mass produce are amorphous silicon solar modules on glass panels.

We have focused on the development of thin film amorphous technologies and products due to inherent advantages of amorphous silicon over other solar absorbers. Amorphous silicon requires less incident light to begin working which means that an amorphous solar module can begin to produce power earlier in the day and later into the evening than other technologies. Amorphous silicon also exhibits less thermal coefficient effects when operating in hot climates. This means that the power conversion properties of an amorphous solar cell continue to exhibit near 100% potential while other thin film and conventional silicon wafer technologies degrade at significant rates approaching 20% conversion loss potential when operating at normal temperatures of 65 degrees centigrade.

Solar Module Production

To deliver our products we have begun to build a multi-megawatt TFPV solar module production facility in the United States to meet the growing demand for solar cell products used in large scale commercial projects, utility power fields, and other on-grid applications. Employing a phased roll out of production capacity, we plan to grow our manufacturing capacities to over 100 megawatts by 2010.

Maxthon Browser-WebWare 100 Winner
Webware 100 winner: Maxthon By Webware staff – April 21, 2008 12:00 PM PDT

Maxthon has been downloaded more than 140 million times and is one of the few browsers to have mouse gestures as a standard feature. Users can hold the right mouse button and use a variety of motions to emulate clicking navigation buttons. It's also got a built-in RSS reader and a screen-capture utility. Its development started when the creator, fed up with the lack of customization in Microsoft's Internet Explorer, decided to make his own browser.

While Maxthon doesn't show up as a major contender in most market share reports, it's worth noting it's the second-most popular browser in China and holds 30 percent of the market there as of late April 2008.

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