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  1. Research the company and always check them out with the Better Business Bureau.
    Review the BBB's Work-at-Home Schemes information.
  2. Ask for at least three references of people they have worked with. Call each person and ask about their experiences with the company.
  3. Don't be fooled by ads claiming you can make large amounts of money in short periods of time. And be cautious of companies that require you to sign up immediately. Usually if it sounds too good to be true; it probably is.
  4. Before you invest in a business opportunity, get specific information (in writing) from the company such as how long they have been in business, where they are located (not just a P.O. Box), how many customers they have, what their refund policy is (read it thoroughly), how long it takes to get paid and if there are any restrictions on payments, etc.
  5. Try to use your credit card instead of cash if you invest in a business opportunity. That way if you do want a refund, it may be easier to dispute the charges with your credit card company rather than trying to get your money back from the fraudulent company.

  1. Be cautious of any employment opportunity that asks for money (such as money for "job" instructions, to test your printer, to see if you are qualified or for an application).
  2. Research current scams on web sites such as ScamBusters and *Safe From Scams* and and RipOff Report

  3. Contact the National Fraud Information Center or (800) 876-7060 for information.
  4. Report any scams or fraudulent companies to the Federal Trade Commission. Send email to the FTC with business opportunity or work-at-home spam email you receive at: Also contact your state's Attorney General and the National Fraud Information Center, PO Box 65868, Washington, DC 20035 or (800) 876-7060.
  5. Don't invest in any opportunity that you are not sure about. Instead, find something that you are interested in and will enjoy doing. (Do what you love, and the money will follow.)


    Check out before you spend your hard earned money !!!!!

    File a report on RipOffReport: Register or Login Here to RipOff-Reports

    Auto Surfing Scams Owe Me $3635.

    StormPay and 12DailyPro ( Ponzi Fraud) Report Part 2

    So, StormPay claims that 12DailyPro might be an illegal business, after having served as a payments processor for all 12DailyPro life.

    Could StormPay really not know what the business model behind 12DailyPro is? And especially, was 12DailyPro an isolated case in the huge portfolio of clients of StormPay? Judging from the following it is really hard to believe. Not only! Reading some comments by autosurf cheerleaders, around the Net, it emerges that StormPay created NetIBA especially for taking advantage of the huge profits generated by the autosurf market, in terms of commissions and for establishing itself as the king of payment processors in that field; the following links are rather explicative:

    AutoSurfing and the S.E.C.

    HYIP, AutoSurfing, Phishing and Black Money Scams Warnings Page brought to you by the honest folks of the Nigerian Community.

    FOREX Scams is any trading scheme used to defraud individual traders by convincing them that they can expect to gain a high profit by trading in the foreign exchange market. Currency trading "has become the fraud du jour," according to Michael Dunn of the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission. [1]

    A New Scam Hits the Web .

    Get Paid To Boycott: All the Get Paid To Sites That Do Not Pay

    Sign Up Surveys

    A. I signed up for this product (Amazon Diet) from Momentum Direct under Panda Research which I joined through . I never received their product but they still billed me $49.95 after I had cancelled their trial offer. I will be writing an article about this on and posting it on 30,000 article web sites.

    Well, I called up Momentum Direct's Customer Support phone number ( 281-356-1400) 3 times last week and they very deceptively tried to get me to agree to accept the charges, but I insisted; well, I actually screamed into the phone that I was going to post the evidence on my website, file an FBI and FTC complaint and write an article about the whole situation to post on 30,000 article sites.

    But the reason I am writing this on November 1,2007 is that when I picked up the mail from my mailbox, there lo and behold was a USPS folder with a check reimbursing me for the trial amount and a full month's supply totaling $108.88. Hopefully,it clears.

    B. Free Trial of the Amazon Diet
    Health & Fitness – Lose 21 Pounds In 21 Days. "We give The Amazon Diet an amazing 9 stars (out of 10)!" - Weight Loss and Fitness Magazine
    Rating: +0 (+0/-0) | 2007-09-21 00:01:53 by emarie3
    It's a scam all they do is debit your checking account and not send any product. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY.
    There are lots of complaints against them.
    Bad Report,Add Comment

    I paid the intial $49 to have a SEO web page analysis, and to be analyzed every month for $9.95. I have emailed them but they tell me they do ot have a record of me paying the $49.95 and I did not make an electronic copy ut I do have my bank statement to prove I paid.I have not yet taken the time to find the payment in m y bank statement. Email me at support @ if you have the same problem and are not able to resolve your problem. I will publish this article on 30,000 article directory sites within 4 months fro March 200 and I'd like some other testimonies of their malfeasance. Thank you.
    This is an email I sent to an Affiliate of who was SPAMMING ME.
    "I am already a member:STOP ALL SPAM EMAILS or I will report you to the FTC,FBI,your webhosting provider,Attorney General of your state,, and write an article to be distributed to 30,000 article directories quoting this exact complaint." Please email at support at if you have the same problem and maybe the FBI or FTC will take some action.

    I signed up for Amateur Match and then they charged me for another $24.95 a month service that I never wanted and when I tried to cancel that they cancelled Amateur Match instead.

    Check out this other report on RipOff Report:

    US Grant Kits at Grants Dept.
    325 Pennsylvanis Ave.,SE,Washington,D.C. 20003
    Telephone Number: 1-800-505-0094 Mon-Friday 9a.m. to 6p.m.
    I have been ripped of by US Grant Kits at 1-888-207-9339 for the sum of $78.95. I ordered this book on April 28,2010 and I have called and left 5 messages but I get no return calls. Three people from their marketing department have called me in that time and have asked me for $5K-10,000 in order for them to do a custom search and will not contact the customer service department for me at the number above. I never received the book and no one has ever returned any of my phone calls.
    Subject: 3rd Directory Submission Report to 400 More Directories\
    Hello Jane,

    I KNOW this report is a fraud. In other words, you are STEALING FROM ME. When I used Directory Maximizer, they could show me exactly where my website links were. I CANNOT FIND ANY LINKS TO MY WEBSITE IN ANY LIST YOU HAVE GIVEN ME. I will be publishing these results on my blog, contacting the Federal Trade Commission,,, my bank , your webhosting facility. What do you intend to do to REMEDY THIS SITUATION ?

    This is only the 2nd Directory Submission Report. I searched a few of these directories and never found my website after looking in the Business section and using the website's search facility:
    i.e. = No valid search parameters
    In this directory these are the results in the category I should be in:
    India Business Directory » Business & Economy » Work At Home
    Links Sort by: PageRank | Hits | Alphabetical
    PR: 5 Worldwide Work At Home -
    Offers many resources for anyone seeking work at home employment. Find the companies that often hire home workers as well as current telecommuting job listings, freelance projects, home business ideas, and more. PR: 4 Part Time Online Jobs - Genuine work at home opportunities for teens, students, housewives and retired persons. Part-time jobs for people especially from India. PR: 4 Work At Home - Free tools, tips and articles to get started with your work at home career. Online home business ideas, free list of paid surveys, online jobs, work at home jobs and more.
    PR: 4 Make Money Online Reviews -
    Home Based Businesses Revealed. TheWebReviewer brings you in-depth information on today's hottest online money making programs
    PR: 3
    Home Business Opportunity directory -
    Home Business Opportunity directory-work at home make money ideas. Here you will find all for the home of the based business or work from home. The reselling e-books, resources making money online, free affiliate program and profitable marketing...
    PR: 1 Useful work at home jobs information -
    Help you get freelance online telecommuting jobs and work at homes opportunities worldwide via Internet. You can free post job opportunities and resumes here.
    PR: 0 New! Automated, Turn Key, Home Income System -
    Home Based Business launches EASIEST work from home system EVER!Create wealth, Earning THOUSANDS weekly with no skill needed! MUST SEE Automated system does 99%
    PR: 0 Internet Business Opportunity -
    FREE Internet Business Opportunity involves working at home on the Internet. Free quick courses show you how. We supply free training to start your business. There is no cost to you. Start part time and make money in your spare time
    PR: 0 Legitimate and ethical home based business -
    Great for stay-home Moms / Dads or anyone who wants work at home and still make a full-time income. Directors make $100,000+ /year, many earned $1000s during first few weeks. Have confidence, we are a BBB online reliability member, a legitimate home business that will help change your life forever
    PR: 0 Proven Home Business! - Make Money At Home. Simply Follow 3 Easy Steps To Earn Massive Residual Profits From Home!Your Fast Home Business Success!
    N/A Working From Home Strategy,Work At Home Moms -
    Working from home strategy site for work at home, work at home moms, work at home careers, part time work at home, work at home opportunities and computer work at home N/A Perfect Wealth Formula - Make a realistic $400-$1600 per day online with the Perfect Wealth Formula. Copy my exact methods. Please click Display Images button to view this image
    Hello Will,
    Some time ago you placed an order for our Gold Package. As was scheduled in Your SEO Friendly Link Building Plan, by today we have submitted your website to 400 more directories.
    Click here to download the report.
    Note: it's not your final report, the aim of this report is just to show you the progress.
    Note: in our Forum Link Building Reports we provide URLs to exact pages where your link is placed. However, we cannot provide a similar report for Directory Submission Service because of multiple reasons:

    1. After the submission is done, it takes some time before directories accept or decline your site URL. Some directories like DMOZ need up to 1 year to review submitted sites.
    2. Directories' owners may decide to place your site URL in different categories.
    3. Most directories don't provide URL search navigation bar. So this makes the process of your URL finding even more difficult and time consuming.
    4. Even if we check out each category where your site URL may be placed, many of the categories have subcategories and some subcategories have more than 1 page. So, in order to find your site URL, we would have to spend too much time, and this would make our service much more expensive. This wouldn't be profitable for you to pay for this additional service, so that's why we simply don't check whether or not each directory has accepted your site, and where your site URL is listed in it.
    Am I sending too many emails to you?
    Yes, you're sending me too many emails. Please send less. No, it's fine."
    Jane Sezer
    Your Project Manager


    TrafficTesters - We Take The Bullet For You! Get immediate access to in-depth test results and reviews of popular traffic and advertising sources! Who delivers ON their promises? Who delivers ONLY promises? Find out NOW!

    A. PayPal's Policy on Multi-level Marketing, Pyramid and Matrix Programs


    Get The Mike Filsaime's 7 Figure Secrets Report for Free -Over $590 in Awesome Bonuses

    B.1 Work At Home WatchDog has thousands of Reviews that Grade Popular Programs

    B.2. Doubling Stocks- This is a legitimate SUPER-STAR !

    I am a software engineer, systems administrator with an M.B.A. in Finance and Investments from one of the top 40 business schools in the world. I have traded for 30 years and have probably lost $14-16,000 trading penny stocks. Let me explain how this happens. A penny stock company hires a promotional PR firm that claims a great track record in investment recommendations. That promotional stock PR company makes its money by selling the stock of the company it is contracted to promote. It starts sending out promotional LITERATURE to people on lists who might be interested. It paints a very rosy picture about the company's market, management and future sales and profits. Then they tell you how they recommended a stock that went up 10,500 per cent in 9 months and they say this stock could be even better. So you do some research on that stock, if you are not an idiot,and find out that from December 2006 to say August 2007 the stock went from .015 to $21.50, for instance. The math here is incorrect. Forgive me but follow the story. Now if you follow that stock, you see it drop precipitously in price and within a year it may be back to $.20 a share. However, the promoters never told you when to sell. They sure as heck did not because they are the ones that started the sell-off at the peak so they could make the greatest profit. Ofcourse, if you were an experienced trader and had a Charles Schwab Traders account with Street Smart Pro or any Scottrade account and had put a TRAILING STOP of whatever percentage you were willing to risk, let's say anywhere from 8-25%, you would have had your stock automatically sold when that percentage decline occurred from the peak.

    Now how does this apply to Doubling Stocks, you may ask? Well, guess what Doubling Stocks is NOT a PR firm,NOT a PROMOTER. They are software engineers and they tell you not to buy the stock if you get the information more than 24 hours after they have given the recommendation. Use a TRAILING STOP ( and I can go into to more detail about exactly how to do that if you care to email me ) and you cannot lose. I cannot tell you much more, except that the first stock I witnessed went up 300 percent in 4 days and went back down to where it came from even quicker. They do not guarantee you will make money. You have to know what you are doing not to lose money trading;ie. the absolute use of TRAILING STOPS after you have bought. I would suggest you start by clicking here and by reading "Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom", by Dr. Van K. Tharp.

    Oh and by the way, pick up a weekly to semi-weekly email newsletter by Doubling Stocks by clicking Number 1 in Sales of Business to Business Programs in ClickBank : Doubling "Two Geeks From Miami Swear Under Oath Their Stock Trading Robot is Not Illegal!" ... Read About How You Could Use This Robot to Earn Thousands of Dollars !

    Check out the Finance-Investments section to sign up for Scottrade or find more free investment-trading education websites.

    B.3. HOST4PROFIT Webhosting

    I just want to thank you for brilliant technical support. Once again you have come up with a superb response, to the point, on target, with multiple options for a resolution in a very timely manner. If only one-tenth of all the sites I deal with came even close to your abilities, I believe I might be in cyber-heaven.
    1. I can't see that any one has been using the Odessa videos, but I will look again.
    2. What video editor do you suggest?
    3. I will save the videos in MPEG format. Maybe they are being seen a lot this month because I directed a lot of traffic to DiscountTravelandPhotography section.
    4. Feel free to quote this as a testimonial. I almost never give testimonials out of the thousands of sites I belong to but you guys are superb and worth the extra money over and above what I might be able to find on the cheap,even without the fact that I can get $10 commissions for everyone I recruit.
    5. I will post this verbatim in my Performance Review section of Scam Reports and Performance Reviews.

    B.4. Jenna - Evaluator on
    I wanted to take a moment and thank you very much for your very detailed reading of my article and the very specific,detailed and correctable comments you made concerning how I needed to change my articles. In the past, I have only received very vague ,general remarks that did not aid me in editing my articles. I wanted to take a moment and thank you for the excellent job you are doing. I will post this comment about Jenna on my under Top Rated Sites! I hope you do not mind. The other vague comments just were annoying. Yours were professional and productive.


    Comcast can expect a lot more customers to come calling armed with hammers after fans of file-sharing get a gander at this Associated Press report that describes how the service provider is indiscriminately blocking peer-to-peer traffic.

    And 'Net neutrality advocates will have a heavy new cudgel at their disposal, too, with which they are certain to pound the desks of lawmakers and regulators.

    From the story:

    Comcast Corp. actively interferes with attempts by some of its high-speed Internet subscribers to share files online, a move that runs counter to the tradition of treating all types of Net traffic equally.

    The interference, which The Associated Press confirmed through nationwide tests, is the most drastic example yet of data discrimination by a U.S. Internet service provider. It involves company computers masquerading as those of its users.

    If widely applied by other ISPs, the technology Comcast is using would be a crippling blow to the BitTorrent, eDonkey and Gnutella file-sharing networks. While these are mainly known as sources of copyright music, software and movies, BitTorrent in particular is emerging as a legitimate tool for quickly disseminating legal content.

    The biggest problem - I mean aside from the fact that they're doing it all - is that the method Comcast is employing is incapable of distinguishing between good (read: legal) peer-to-peer traffic and bad (read: music and video stealing).

    There is no question that the ISPs - and their customers - have a legitimate issue to deal with in the voracious bandwidth appetites of peer-to-peer technologies.

    The issue isn't a nail, though, and Comcast shouldn't be hitting it with a hammer.


    Sometime during the week of October 7-12,2007, I called BidFuel phone number: 1-866-407-1021
    and told the customer service representative that I wanted to cancel my trial subscription. I was not given a cancellation number, so I called again on Saturday, October 13,2007 to verify that I was cancelled. They tell me I was already cancelled. I have notes backing all of this up.
    On October 17,2007, I look in my business checking account and find that I have been billed $35.95 by I call the number above and they tell me they have no record of me cancelling and they ask me for a confirmation number which they never gave me. I tell them that they may not have a record of it but I do and if they do not give me a refund, I will file an FBI ,FTC and Attorney General's complaint about their deception. But more importantly, I tell them that I will write an article concerning their deceptive practices and submit it to 30,000 article directories to be spread around the internet. I received an email saying I would get the refund in 14 days. I would suggest asking for the customer service representatives name when you cancel and using the threats that you will file a FBI, FTC and Attorney General complaint and write the article about their behavior and distribute it to 30,000 article directories. You can do that with Dustin Cannon's web site which is the sponsor of Plug-In_profit-Site Co-op Advertising.

    On 10/18/2007, myoney was returned..... POS RETURN 026220 BIDFUEL $39.95
    ....BIDFUEL...........HENDERSON NV

    E. Hoodia Diet

    On 10/18/2007, after complaining that I had cancelled during the trial period and then was billed $89.90, Hoodia Diet returned the money to my account: POS RETURN 019316......$89.90
    HOODIADIE HOODIADIET.....800-617-5127

    F. Panda Research - This web site has many sign up opportunities and not all of
    the companies that you sign up for behave the same way. Also, it has been 3 weeks since I initially signed up for 14 different trial subscriptions and many of the trial subscriptions have been cancelled and the trial periods have elapsed after being cancelled and I have only been approved for $18:
    Payouts till Date : Accumulated : $ 187.0
    Paid : $ 0.0
    Pending : $ 169.0
    Approved : $ 18.0

    From Panda Research Terms & Conditions

    "PROVIDE CASH INCENTIVES. PandaResearch offers cash incentives to members in exchange for completing surveys and signup for trial offers. Members won't be eligible for cash incentives by only completing the surveys. Signing up for the offers, advertised by our partners, is necessary in order to be eligible for cash incentives. If you complete a survey and sign up for the corresponding offer, it will take upto 8 weeks to receive the cash funds from the advertiser. Please do not delete the confirmation emails you receive from the advertisers. These confirmation emails are required in order for us to investigate if your account is not credited in 8 weeks. The funds will be sent to the paypal e-mail address registered on file with PandaResearch. If your e-mail address changes and funds have already been sent to your e-mail address on file, PandaResearch cannot redirect the funds to your new address. You can change your paypal e-mail address in PandaResearch at any time. is a FREE service that allows you to instantly receive cash over the Internet. Cash payments will only be made after the member's qualification to participate in a particular survey has been verified by PandaResearch, the member completes that survey and offer. PandaResearch is not responsible if you lose, or misplace your funds via email. All cash payment amounts may be changed or modified at any time and at the discretion of PandaResearch. Members are responsible for any taxes due as a result of payments made for their participation in PandaResearch.

    *Note: Payments will be transferred to your PayPal Account. It will take atleast 90 days from the Requested Date, after verification.

    G. What the heck is "Project Payday?"'s thread about Project Payday
    "Unread 06-16-2008, 04:06 PM Propt12 Junior Member
    Join Date: Jun 2008

    Propt12 is an unknown quantity at this point Re: project payday?are they a scam? The whole idea behind this sight is to pay other people to be your referrals. You've seen those ads that say, "enter your info and get a free xbox!". Well to actually get the xbox u have to sign up for "free trials" that make you pay shipping and handling, and you have to refer 10 people to go to the site and buy products, and then they have to refer people for u to actually get the xbox.
    This site places people that are buying referrals with people that are selling them. Someone pays you 25-30 bucks after you sign up for the products, AND reach your referral quota, meaning you have to pay others on the site to be your referrals.
    Lets say someone pays you $30 to be their referral, after signing up for the offers and losing about $10 worth of S/H fees, you then have to pay $25-$30 A PERSON to get your $30.
    On top of that, if you cancel your "free trials" you must then RETURN the items at your own expense, costing you more money... LOL
    Long drawn out process that never stops pumping you dry."

    H. LinkDash Link Exchange
    February 18,2008 ......Dear Webmaster,

    I have spent 4 days trying to install your very POOR link exchange, always with this result: is down/not working properly!!!

    I have installed it in 2 different domains and/or subdomains and it never works. This is where it is now:

    1) Directory Found (check)
    2) Link on Homepage to Directory Not Found (X)
    Please correct and try Again
    *****It is definitely on the homepage: .............. on the left navigation section.

    I have emailed you before about this and I was never given any help nor did you activate it manually. Unless I get immediate positive support to activate this I will write a Performance Review of your link exchange that copies this email, so that everyone will know that "Link Dash does not work properly or is down" and that there is no technical support. Then I will publish an article about this on 30,000 article directories so everyone knows not to waste their time with your bad performing software.

    Thank you for your prompt attention,


    I. Viral-Link-Exchange

    Every time I go to Register,there is the same security code which never changes. When I click Register,the page returns with "Wrong security code". There is no Contact Us page to email them to tell them how stupid they are.


    Why did you even write that? Help me out? Look at my website first. You will see LinkAMatic listed twice on my front index page. All your .php code is perfect in the appropriate file. When I go to re-Register,it kicks out the Password and comes back with all the information. Also, when you look at LinkAMatic, it does not have any listings in it,so LinkAMatic is useless.

    Get something done, fix the proble and get back to me. My site is worth about $27,600- $30,221 depending upon how the search engines are working, I am ranked 231,221 on Alexa and have a PR2. I worth paying attention to, especially since there is only one link on your whole site as far as can be seen.

    For instance, look at this page: NO LINKS:
    It says there are 84 links but I can only find one.
    I will copy this to my Performance Review page until you get your site working.
    Thanks, Will Stewart

    K. Global Domains

    After 2.8 years at $10/month and massive advertising, I never made a cent off of Global Domains International, but when I tried to cancel my subscription, there was no place on the website to do that. I called them repeatedly after trying to create my own website, but you are allowed only 4,000 characters with their web design tool which is worse than bad garbage collection.

    I tried for 4 months to get into the URL where you can create your own web site with your own tools and the site was ALWAYS UNDER CONSTRUCTION or being MAINTAINED. I tried everything but could not get into that site. Then it took me 4 months of calling GDI headquarters to get them to stop billing me while they kept ripping me off.

    I have now joined the GDI Fast Track Team and am the Team Leader of the Web Success Group and I am experiencing great selfless teamwork by many members and am double-optin emailing 2500 leads a day and all my team members are being trained to do article writing.

    L. Free Link Exchange

    * submit websites with the following content:
    - adult, dating
    - illegal, offensive, copyright infringing
    - casinos, gambling, lottery
    - replica products
    - drugs
    - Applications for Financial Services or Loans
    * submit websites in other language than English
    * submit websites with excessive advertising and no content
    * submit the same website more than once
    * remove the link to after your site has been accepted
    Our system automatically checks for the reciprocal link on a regular
    basis and if the link to cannot be found your link will
    be automatically removed!
    Doing any of the above will result in your link being deleted
    and banned so please don't waste your time (or ours)!
    We reserve the right to delete any link that we, at our sole discretion, find
    When writing website title and description please:
    * Don't use excessive capitalization such as 'FREE' or 'MY WEBSITE.'
    * Avoid using generic superlatives. Links with titles/descriptions containing
    words like "best", "cheapest", "cool", etc will be removed.
    NOTE: To combat recent SPAM attempts we are forced to automatically reject links to
    websites with Google PageRankTM 0/10.
    After this IDIOT Link Exchange could NOT read its HTML in the index page
    of, this was the response I received:
    "You have been permanently BANNER from this service! "

    After emailing the webmaster, I was told I had excessive advertising. Duh, it's a work at home business site, moron. I provide well over 500 free resources, so you you think I could sell a few things.

    M. Safelist

    This site is perfectly sensible, but after 2 months of emailing the entire safelist of approximately 77,000 customers every other day, I received 68 clicks out of which 63 were unique and no sales for which I paid $19.95 per month. There was another feature of accumulating credits to get a one line ad posted that popped up that everyone would see that I did not really participate in. I was looking for maximum exposure and maximum results and I got none even though I was offering to pay people for their 3rd & 8th month. Someone else might do well, but I did not.

    Very good customer support. Easy to go back to being a free member where you can email 200 people a week.

    N. Legitonlinejobs

    "Legitonlinejobs teaches you how you can work for yourself in your own home and make more money with this amazing system than you ever could in your own job. And all it takes is 30-45 minutes per day! Sounds too good to be true? Well it isn't! You can even start in less than 15 minutes from now."

    "This is not a typist job. It's not possible to make this kind of money just doing normal typing. Legitonlinejobs will teach you the steps to the exact same system Ross (the creator) uses to make easy money entering ads for companies online. It runs virtually on autopilot. Once you type your ads, they provide you with a recurring income. It's all based on the Adwords system. But you cant make easy money with the Adwords system without the proper training. Legitonlinejobs gives you just that."

    " Blog Comments visited and signed up for lots of work at home programs before, but never have I found any one site that provides so much for so little. You also get a whole list of government grant opportunities. This is definitely the only resource you need to work at home."

    This is a review by Pete76uk at "Make easy money online with my free work at home guide"

    I,(the webmaster of this site), also bought and first, nothing in this software packages is anything close to being a job,in the normal sense of the term. You are not employed by anyone. These are all entrepeneurial opportunities with risk involed. Look at my Panda Research review to see what I mean by example. To date,I have not actually made money with this software,although I am owed money by quite a few companies.But I believe it is true that given the fact that this package includes so many opportunities,including how to get grants, that somewhere there is a very good money making opportunity.

    Although I have spent sometime using an AdWords campaign myself and have AdWords Made Easy ( although not in detail),their typing program is actually AdWords campaigns which involve a lot of testing and are quite time consuming. Email me with your experiences: support at April 6,2008

    O. Yuwie Vs. MySpace Yuwie Vs. MySpace Blog Comments


    I signed up to be a paid professional member and also paid to be the first one in my own downline which they approve of, but when I go to enter the BackOffice, it says I am cannot enter because I am not a Pro member but they are billing me every month. I have emailed them. They fixed the problem. They are completely legitimate, just a slight bit slow on customer service. UPDATE July 10,2008: They are completely down. Not ONLINE.

    May 30,2008 - The recruiting page they gave me NO LONGER WORKS AT ALL. I emailed the Contact Us page and have gotten a reply by a phone call. It seems that a web design consultant used one animated figure that was owned by a company that supplied the talking person on the recruiting page and has now sued FriendsWin quit billing paid members in March and is n the process of settling tis claim. In short,they got set up by their web design consultant and the talking figure company.The lesson here is,beware of web designers because they can try to take away or own your web site one way or the other. The owner is a perfectly honest businessman who did not use every precaution know to man.

    Please respond to this in the Web Success Forum at

    Q. Promo Stock Picks

    I need to say a positive word of encouragement about Jason Fuller,irregardless of the following evaluation. But before I do,I must say that it is very apparent by the following commentary made in under my evaluation) that they have no actual direct experience with Jason Fuller's Promo Stock Picks nor Doubling Stocks. Both sites are created by separate people. Now for my initial impression of the first stock pick I saw Jason make: it went up 29.6% in 2 days and very foolishly I did not sell. By the time I got back to be able to make a trade the price had declined back to where it was after the first day. So that is my fault, but his pick is also SUPER long-term investment. He gives a lot of great background about it and you can see where it came from in price during it IPO, so you can see it it will eventually skyrocket with what they have already contracted to do.

    Check back in 2 months to see what else I have to say. By the way, his stock has also been picked by a few other stock newsletters, so what he has picked is a STAND-OUT.

    Promo Stock Picks

    First there was DoublingStocks .com and now a new site promises to make investors rich from their stock picks. (It makes us wonder if it’s the same people that created the stock trading robot.) The sales pitch is actually convincing and so are the testimonials; unfortunately, it’s all one big blatant lie.

    “The following must be read in its entirety before purchasing and/or using any information contained on”

    We don’t have to say it in our own words because they do a good job telling you in their “disclaimers”. So go read it and save yourself $47. If that’s too much work, here’s an excerpt from the Information Warning and Investing/Trading Stocks section of the Disclaimer.

    Information Warning: …..Accordingly, you should assume that all such information has been completely fabricated. For example, all people, events, and dates (as well as all related subject matter) mentioned on this website are fictional. If you choose to access this website or purchase any of our products/services, you must understand that none of the information we disseminate is to be taken seriously. Is should also be noted that if you do choose to pay for a subscription to the fictional Jason Fuller’s email newsletter, the newsletter does occasionally accept compensation from publicly traded companies for advertising purposes. You should assume that all trading results featured on the website and/or email newsletters are based on hypothetical or simulated performance results that have certain inherent limitations. Unlike the results shown in an actual performance record, these results do not represent actual trading. …..You should not expect to achieve results as good as those described in the testimonials, especially since the testimonials are fictional.”

    Investing/Trading Stocks: ….Neither the fictional Jason Fuller, nor employees are registered as investment advisors, financial analysts, brokers, or dealers in any jurisdiction whatsoever….”

    Though they admit that it is all fictional, they know that a large percentage of investors will never read the disclaimers before subscribing. If challenged, they will say they have disclosed these facts and the buyers should have read the disclaimers. This has scam written all over it. It may be an elaborate hoax, but they are profiting from it which makes it unethical. These guys definitely got some balls. Once again, buyers beware and always read the fine print.



    You pay $50 to find out you need to pay $2995 ,plus $300 a month for marketing,plus $100 a year maintenance plus $298 a week minus air fare if you go on vacation. If you've got that kind of money to throw away, then 99% of the people in internet marketing would not even be doing internet marketing,i.e. trying to make money on the internet. ....... I'm the guru. Please take the time to thank me on for saving everyone their $50. Unless you have an extra $3000 floating around and an extra $300 a month you do not need or you already do not have budgeted already making money.

    S. Plug-In-Profit-Site CO-OP managed by Dustin Cannon
    PIPS Co-op Site REVIEW and FRAUD

    Dustin Cannon, who owns ,did reactivate the Archives for March, May, June and July of the Plug-In-Profit-Site Blog at so that my articles as well as other people's articles will show up. Also, all the articles that were posted at which is not on the internet anymore need to be reposted to the Plug-In-Profit-Site Blog. All the PIPS Co-op members paid to have them posted when they could have posted them on a high ranking article directory for free with certainty that after they were approved they would remain there.
    Thank you,
    Contact bizoppmarketing at To:;

    "The Plug-In Profit Site is the #1 sales tool used by the majority of the top earning affiliates in each of the core residual income programs that are part of the system. If you want to become a top affiliate in each of these programs, all you need to do is start sending targeted traffic to your personal Plug-In Profit Site sales page and let the system take care of the rest.
    The only problem is that sending *targeted* traffic to a website is difficult for some people. Some people don't have the time. Some people don't have the money. Some people don't have the knowledge.
    Whatever the problem may be, there is always a solution.
    In the case of driving *targeted* traffic to your personal Plug-In Profit Site affiliate link, the Plug-In Profit Site Advertising Co-op can be your solution."

    I spent approximately $1,000 for the annual Co-op fee and the external advertising that was to be done in magazines and I NEVER RECEIVED ONE SIGNUP IN ANY OF MY PLUG-IN-PROFIT-SITE businesses ,such as,GDI,Empowerism,Host4Profit nor HostGator.This may not qualify as a SCAM. But if it is not a SCAM,THEN IT IS ABSOLUTELY WORTHLESS WASTE OF ENERGY AND MONEY WHILE OTHER SITES AND PEOPLE USE GUARANTEED SERVICES and ACHIEVE MASSIVE SUCCESS.

    What they actually do is to have someone named Dustin Heath write an article with an article resource with your website URL and a rotating affiliate link from everyone other than yourself so that when someone reads the article they are directed to sign up with someone else. This is absolutely worthless. Not only that but it is a negative because after looking to sign up at your website they are driven away to sign up under someone else who will never visit your website again. That is FRAUD compared to what they claim.

    During that time on my own,I EARNED a #10 Ranking in for Sept. 2009 and am currently PowerRanked 26th in the world at My Web Success TEAMS in SFIMG, Global Domains International,Host4Profit, FreeWay2Success, Empowerism GUARANTEE 6 MEMBERS IN YOUR DOWNLINW and we DELIVER. And in many instances, it will not cost a member who joins any money at all.


    Two Dollar Click ( - SCAM

    * Reason For Review: November 2010 - Requests | Archive
    * Review Last Updated: ***November 28, 2010
    * Owner/Alias: "Jordan Welsh" aka
    * Current Whois:

    ****SCAM site, use caution ****

    We are adding TwoDollarClick to our Scam List and here are our combined reasons why:

    1. Owned by a Scammer - Their whois info shows "" as the registered owner. Google that email address and you will find it is the same owner of NeoDollar and TenDollarClick. Both are on our scam list.

    2. The Obvious - Like the old saying says, if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is. $2 per click is unsustainable and bogus. You are not going to get rich by clicking a link or an advertisement. 3. No Forum - Sites that don't have them don't welcome feedback about their program. Forums can be a excellent asset to many sites since proof of payment can be posted freely by members. This site does not have one.

    4. Fake Certificates - Site claims they are BBB accredited. Which is a lie.

    5. "Payments are sent out on a net 60 basis" - Way past when you can file a dispute with paypal or alertpay. Which is why they have you waiting that long. As soon as you realize you are not getting paid, it is too late to do anything about it.

    6. "All earnings listed and/or represented by are estimated value(s)" - Then why name the site twodollarclick? Basically what they are telling you is that you will not be paid.
    If they do not state this on their home page then they are false advertising.
    We would not recommend TwoDollarClick for the reasons previously described. We deem it as a scam. Use at your own were warned.

    If anyone would like to share their experience that they had with this site, whether it is good or bad, feel free to do so in our comment section at the end of this review.

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