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Hey everyone,I think that yuwie is a great site better than myspace.You get paid for everything you do on here.You have fun and you make new fiends.

And I'm starting to hate myspace.Not just only because of the errors,Because one of my friends is a music artist.And their myspace keeps on getting deleted and hacked by myspace for no reason at all.Because their is some dude on myspace who knows the myspace people really good.And if this dude wants someone's account.Then myspace will give them it.And if this dude wants to see someone's myspace deleted or no reason at all then myspace will do it.And my friend also had other myspace accounts deleted for no reason.And my friend has tried reporting the dude to myspace.But myspace says that they cannot do anything about it.Because that dude has friends who work for myspace.And if you ask me then that is pathetic and lame of myspace.

What is everyone's else opinion about this.This is 100% wrong.

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pathetic, lame and an abuse of power...
Reply | 3/14/2008 12:39:48 PM

That's the first time I have ever heard that. I have had friends and family who have been hacked. Tom has always handled it very capably and they just changed their passwords. Never heard of Tom allowing friends to have info. It would probably be quite illegal. Not sure. Would have to check on that. That could lead to identity theft. I think I will ask Tom.

Got to admit, though, I like the amount of action among users here much better then My Space. It can be very slow.
Reply | 3/14/2008 12:05:30 PM

that suxs to be ur freind, well i dont use myspace so just move on and stick with yuwie...its the shiet right now
Reply | 3/14/2008 3:09:14 PM

Yeah, thats a shocker. DOWN WITH MYSPACE!!!!!!!
Reply | 3/14/2008 3:18:07 PM

You are quite right Anthony. That is pathetic! I guess they think that because they're free and don't have to worry because they have multiple millions of users, they don't HAVE to follow the rules.

It sounds kinda like some of the famous actors or sports figures who think that they are above the law. . .special.

Well, give Yuwie a few years and we'll have most, if not all of their members here. I refused a long time ago to ever get a MySpace page. Now I'm glad I never did.
~ Joe ~
Reply | 3/14/2008 5:27:35 PM

that does suck! ive had my own music site and its gotten deleted.
its just myspace for you! we should just bring evreyone to yuwie! :)
Reply | 3/14/2008 11:46:57 PM
what annoys me the most is the endless's intolerable...
Reply | 3/14/2008 12:27:56 AM

That is awful!! I do have a myspace but I never use it.
Reply | 3/16/2008 4:18:00 PM

Well I have 3 Myspace accounts,and I have never been deleted.I'm very NEW to Yuwie,and thought I would try it out as someone told me that you get money.

But I'm glad that not all net-working websites are paying everyone,just like Yuwie,BECAUSE -

It seems that all people on Yuwie are trying to get friend adds,and clicks just so they can get the pot of honey at the end...
No one wants to know about there friend they have just added.I have read so many things today,on people Yuwie site,and its just basically 'Click here for more friends'.
At least with Myspace,people talk,and being in a band myself,you find many bands/musicians and people with the same interests.You can also find venues and places to play on Myspace.I have not seen one band on here yet.
Unless they are people I asked to join here in the last day.
The layouts are clearer,less advertising on Myspace than Yuwie.Its easier to use Myspace,although I know it just takes a bit of getting used to all of them.
Reply | 3/21/2008 8:26:41 PM

It just goes to show that I must be correct in my last comment,as no-one has even taken a blind notice to what I have said....
I have to go back a lot to Myspace,just to get 'SANE' again..this is a very crazy non-networking web-page,I'm sorry to say.
Now I have been here almost 3 days,and nothing really has changed.
Pleas add me,ha,ha,ha...
Reply | 3/22/2008 5:21:53 PM
Sorry to hear that people are not reading your statements. I have to admit I had a hard time reading it myself due to the font and background on the blog are both blue. As for your comment about bands. I do know there is a radio broadcast on yuwie called Y radio. I don't listen to it very much due to the broad cast is generally later in the evening when I go to bed. However when I have I heard talk that they are working on a section for members who are band members so they can play their music on the Y-Radio. I have met a couple other bands on yuwie as well, that use yuwie to try and promote their music. Well anyway I hope you have a great day.
Reply | 3/25/2008 9:07:09 AM

I didn't really read that, I just wanted to leave a comment here.
Reply | 3/22/2008 10:16:29 PM

Reply | 3/24/2008 5:54:04 PM

I dont know much about Myspace because i dont use it, but after reading all the comments id like to say that: Not everyones here only for PV.
Nice blog.
Reply | 3/24/2008 11:02:26 PM
Well said!
Reply | 3/28/2008 11:24:06 AM

Well I am glad I have never been in my space. Thanks I will take note and promise myself never to join it because I have friends who are trying to get me in . Yes I agree with you, Yuwei is great for making frineds.
Reply | 3/25/2008 6:31:40 AM

Anthony I'm with you on the my space . I really like Yuwie.
Reply | 3/26/2008 7:50:49 AM

Serious? I know every time i try to post a link it gets disabled or blurred, my contact table refuses to show, i cant access profile editor properly to disable the stupid purple background..why? because..still like 8mths later, they are not compatible with firfox..the Beta thingy or some crap anyway! Yuwie is easier to fiddle around and make it your own, yeah you make money (not alot) but i like it that you can make your page your own..if only facebook would too!
Reply | 3/26/2008 11:22:48 PM

Shay Alias C...
That its lame and they say they do not want you to spam but music artists spam all day feel me? It aint nuttin but a popularity contest. I almost got kicked from Myspace for advertising in a group and I didn't know the moderator for myspace was there. We had are words but I got to stay
Reply | 3/28/2008 7:23:47 AM

That is really pathetic! That is a prime reason why I am not on myspace any more. I was talking to someone in the forum section and the people got so abusive. They even went to the extent of copying and pasting my profile picture of me and my wife in the area I was posting and was making fun of us. I had to take all my personal pictures off the site.

Reply | 3/28/2008 11:23:10 AM

That is really pathetic! That is a prime reason why I am not on myspace any more. I was talking to someone in the forum section and the people got so abusive. They even went to the extent of copying and pasting my profile picture of me and my wife in the area I was posting and was making fun of us. I had to take all my personal pictures off the site.

Reply | 3/28/2008 11:26:05 AM

i agree
Reply | 3/30/2008 9:52:11 AM

When I was running a rather large gaming community, I never gave out others info to anyone else, and unless they provided adequate proof of wrong doing I never Banned/Deleted accts, just because others wanted me to. I made the choice on whether or not their complaints warranted the ban or expulsion.
Reply | 3/30/2008 12:39:11 PM
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