Losing weight doesn't have to mean all water all the time. In fact, drinking Cinch Energy Tea will not only quench your thirst-- it will naturally increase your energy levels with T-Lift, Shaklee's unique blend of red, white, and green teas. This high quality green tea is as simple to drink as pure water-- the mix easily blends into hot or cold water for a refreshing burst of energizing flavor. 

In addition to its delicious flavor, drinking green tea offers a host of other benefits. Green tea contains high levels of polyphenol, which is associated with health benefits from normalizing blood pressure to lowering cancer risk. The Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database lists many of these, but the only benefit labeled "likely effective" is mental alertness, probably due to the caffeine content. Future research will likely clarify whether or not any of the phenols have disease-fighting effects.

Green tea is often associated with calorie-burning properties because it contains EGCG, which increases the body's rate of thermogenesis, or heat production. This indicates that green tea may help move along the metabolic process, meaning that if you're sitting at your desk drinking green tea you may be burning more calories than if you were sitting at your desk drinking pure water. In one study of EGCG, energy expenditure was compared in men who were given green tea extract versus caffeine or plain water. The green tea extract caused a 4% boost in metabolism. The amount of extract given was approximately the amount reported to be in a cup of green tea. 

If you enjoy drinking green tea and are watching your weight, you might already be getting a small boost in metabolism, but Cinch Energy Tea's patented blend of red, green, and white teas is truly unique. The next time you drink from your cup of hot or cold Cinch Energy Tea, it should taste a little sweeter knowing it's helping you fight cancer, normalizing your blood pressure, and even helping you melt away excess pounds.

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Finding the right skin care regime can cost hundreds of dollars and countless different combinations of products. But with Shaklee's Nutrition Therapy Skincare System, putting your "best face forward" is easier than ever. Shaklee's 50+ years of scientific research has taken the guess work out of finding great skin care products. It shouldn't be surprising that the same vitamins and minerals you derive from healthy foods that keep you feeling great are the same things that create healthy skin that is radiant and glowing. Everyone wants the appearance of flawless skin-- without having to apply so much makeup that you look like you're on the set of a feature film, and Shaklee's skin care products will give you the skin friends and family will ask the secret of, and strangers will envy!

Shaklee's Nutrition Therapy Skincare System is available in 2 formulas, normal/dry and normal/oily. The simple 3 step system is so easy to use you'll marvel at how simple your journey to beautiful is, and how soon you'll see results. In fact, Shaklee's clinical studies found that those using their skincare system experienced a significant evening out of their skin tone in just 84 days and a 46% increase in moisture in just 56 days. Even-toned, well-balanced skin is beautiful, soft, and the perfect combination of suppleness and firmness. For those with wrinkles on their mind (and maybe some on their foreheads and around their eyes and mouth), skin resilience and firmness increased 665% in just 28 days. This means that in less than one month you'll have begun to detect very noticeable changes in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on your face. How's that for results?

The three steps of the Shaklee Skincare System are: cleanse, neutralize, and repair. After washing your face gently with warm water and cleanser and patting it dry, toning your skin will further clean and neutralize it. In the morning you'll use Time Repair AM to moisturize, while in the evening you'll use C+E Repair PM. These 3 steps are only the beginning of the system's offerings for your skin. From Enfuselle moisturizer for a little extra moisture, to Refining Polisher for targeted treatment a few times a week, Shaklee offers the future of skincare conveniently in a box.

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Shaklee offers customers a wide selection of home and beauty products they can use without guilt, knowing they're not doing any harm to their homes, their bodies, their families, or their planet. But Shaklee's unique and time-tested products are only the beginning of the opportunities they have to offer. Shaklee offers Shaklee Independent Distributors the unique opportunity to work on their own timetable and toward their own unique goals with their own priorities in mind. Shaklee believes that spending time with your family and making enough money to pay your bills and live a comfortable lifestyle shouldn't be mutually exclusive, and Shaklee Independent Distributors are gifted with ability to work when they want so that play is a matter of "when," not "if."

Working as a Shaklee Independent Distributor is as simple as sharing the products you believe in with your friends, your family, and your neighbors. As your Shaklee business grows, you'll have the option of sponsoring other Independent Distributors, meaning that the more you share the more money you'll make-- and unlike some companies who place limits and caps on earnings, Shaklee doesn't. If you end up reaching the sky, there's your limit.

As Shaklee chairman and CEO Roger Barnett said, "The real opportunity isn't about making a better living. It's in making living better," and this vision is demonstrated in the way in which Shaklee provides a limitless amount of possibilities through their products and their encouragement of every person to act upon their responsibilities to themselves, their homes, their families, and their planet through sustainable products, ecological innovations and sponsorships, and the simple belief that family, a high quality of life, and a career are all within reach. 

William Stewart

Green Home Web Business
William Stewart, your Shaklee Independent Distributor


Green Home Web Business

How Clean Are Your Products?

When it comes to the most common brands of household cleaners, you may ask yourself how safe are these products for your home, your family, and your environment? The answer is "not very." Even "simple" cleaners like bleach contain harmful chemicals that are dangerous for you and your family to inhale, even while you're just cleaning. Bleach is the #1 most common chemical involved in household poisoning. Keeping a clean home is an act of love for your family, but in the same way, you should use cleaning products that won't harm you or your loved ones. With Shaklee's all natural cleaning products, you can clean with confidence, keeping you and your family away from breathing in the noxious fumes that have been linked to the rising rate of asthma in children.

Did you know that over 90 percent of exposures to poison happen at home? Just as you monitor the foods your family eats, taking all the necessary precautions to make sure you're cleaning with safe cleaning products is just as important, if not more so. In fact, children are even more vulnerable than adults when it comes to the toxins in the water they drink, the foods they drink, and the air they breathe. Shaklee offers products you can feel good about- they contain no hazardous chemicals or harmful cleaning compounds, and they're even hypoallergenic. Whether you're using Shaklee Dish Wash Concentrate to wash the dishes from your dinner party, using Fresh Laundry Concentrate to wash your bed sheets, or using any other Shaklee cleaning product, you can clean knowing that the safe, conscientious products you are using are brightening and cleaning without undoing all the good you've done.

Global Ambassador Program

If you're looking for ways to grow your business  as a Shaklee Independent Distributor, and have an interest and appreciation for other cultures, consider becoming a Global Ambassador. Globalizing your Shaklee business means benefits for you and the Independent Distributors you'll sponsor. When you sponsor a Shaklee Independent Distributor in one of the growing number of countries where Shaklee is sold today (Canada, Mexico, China, Japan, Malaysia, and Taiwan), you'll have the unique experience of getting to know Independent Distributors from around the world-- and when your groups sell products, you'll be compensated, too.

The Shaklee Global Ambassador Program is yet another way Shaklee provides infinite growing potential. Part of Shaklee's Internal Expansion Plan, Global Ambassadors will help Shaklee toward its goal of reaching 50 countries and over $5 billion in sales. You don't need a leadership rank or title within Shaklee to qualify for the Shaklee Global Ambassador Program-- it all starts with belief in the product and an interest in expanding your Shaklee business, and your experiences of the world.

U.S. Ski Team: Powered by Shaklee
Whether they're training during the summer or a few days away from the next Winter Olympics, the U.S. Ski Team trusts Shaklee products to fuel their bodies, keeping them healthy, strong, and award-winning. Because of their intense travel schedules, the team relies upon Nutriferon to boost their immune systems-- because a day sick in bed means a day away from the slopes. For endurance during their strenuous workouts in often severe climates, the team also uses Shaklee's Vita-Lea,Joint Health Complex, Shaklee Performance, Maximum Endurance, and Shaklee Sports Drinks.

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