LaunchPad™ Rewards
Launch your SFI business with a bang!

The four LaunchPad™ Rewards listed below are awarded to all* SFI affiliates who complete SFI's 30-day LaunchPad™ getting-started training. Links to each of the 30 editions are contained in LaunchPad™ e-mails that SFI sends to you during your first month in SFI. Each daily edition includes a simple, one-question quiz. Once you've completed all 30 quizzes, the four FREE LaunchPad™ Rewards are yours. It's that easy!

But, remember, we can't send you the LaunchPad™ e-mails if you haven't confirmed your registration. And if you haven't whitelisted, the e-mails may not get to you. So BE SURE you've completed these two steps!!

50 FREE™ Credits
$19.50 value!

TripleClicks Credits allow you to start listing your unwanted items for sale at SFI superstore A $19.50 value, but that can easily be turned into hundreds of dollars in cash! Soon, TripleClicks credits can also be used for posting resumes, "want to buy" listings, and more, too!
2 FREE Years Prestige Domain Name
$109 value!

Maximize your marketing with a prestigious domain that includes your name or other wording of your choice. Example:
FREE TripleClicks™ Grand Opening Kit

We'll send a jumbo-sized, full-color Grand Opening Announcement Postcard and a valuable free gift to up to 25 of your friends and family to help you launch your new business with a bang!

It works like this: You may enter up to 25 names and addresses of friends and family members that you'd like to invite to the grand opening of your TripleClicks store. You'll pay only for the postage stamps to mail the postcards. We'll take care of all other costs (up to a $155 total value including awarding 10 free TripleClicks credits to each person on your list).

The postcard looks like this (shown reduced size, actual size is 6"x9"):

Grand Opening Postcards Grand Opening postcard front Grand Opening postcard back

FREE entry in our Power Rank Cash Drawing
Win up to $1,500!

On the fifth business day of every month, SFI will draw one lucky winner from every* SFI affiliate who completed LaunchPad™ during the prior month. Example: If you complete your 30th and final edition of LaunchPad™ on May 27th, your drawing is held on June 5th.

How much money you win depends on how many Power Rank points you accumulate before completing LaunchPad™. If your name is chosen in our drawing, you will win $1 (U.S.) for each Power Rank point you've accumulated, up to $1,500!

Power Rank (PR) provides rewards in the form of "Power Rank Points" for taking important actions pertaining to your SFI business. For example, if you've confirmed your affiliate registration, you've already earned 200 PR points. PR points can also be earned for completing each LaunchPad™ quiz, for reading various SFI how-to articles, for generating sales, and much more. The more points you accumulate, the more cash you'll win if your name is chosen in the drawing. See the complete list of actions you can earn PR points from HERE.

PR also allows you to see how you stack up against your fellow SFI'ers. The more PR points you accumulate, the higher your rank can go. We rank you in three ways:

A. Your overall Power Rank tells you where you rank amongst ALL active SFI affiliates worldwide. Set your goals to become a "Top 1,000 Affiliate," a "Top 100 Affilate" or even a "Top 10 Affiliate!"

B. Your Country Rank tells you where you rank amongst the active SFI affiliates in your country. Show your fellow countrymen and women that you're an SFI superstar!

C. Your Class Rank tells you where you rank amongst the active SFI affiliates in your class (i.e. all SFI affiliates who joined SFI the same day you did). Work hard and you can be the #1 affiliate in your class!

You can check your current overall Power Rank, Country Rank, and Class Rank anytime by going to your Power Rank Personal Scoreboard.

Just for completing LaunchPad™, you'll earn one entry in the drawing. However, if your accumulated PR points upon your completion of LaunchPad™ places you in the top 10 in your CLASS, you'll get 10 entries in the drawing...increasing your chances of winning by 10 TIMES!

* Drawing eligibility is limited to affiliates joining SFI after 3/31/09.