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Cost of Commuting - Save Money by Buying a More Expensive House

Attention: Be sure to bookmark this exact page. The only way you can get this calculator for free is to fill out the form at the bottom of this page. When this page expires, you'll need to pay $297 for the use of this commuting calculator.

You have been referred to this page by kreick.com and, if you choose to download the calculator, the $297 fee has been waived - compliments of them.

Earn your clients' trust.

All across the country, buyers face the same dilemma -- "Do I buy the house 5 minutes from work, or do I buy the house 30 minutes from work for 25% less money?" 90 percent of the time, buyers choose the latter, and for fear of "steering", Realtors rarely try to convince buyers otherwise. However, if given the proper facts about what they spend in trade for "savings" on their mortgage payment, buyers would usually choose to buy the more expensive home that is closer to work.

Install our cost-of commuting calculator on your website, and you'll find that awkward conversation - about buying the more expensive home closer to town being a better value - to be a bit easier. Because of this tool, buyers will suddenly become aware of the fact that they're not actually saving money by buying a less expensive home if it requires that they spend an extra 45 minutes to an hour on the road. More often than not, after using this simple calculator,you'll find that clients will be able to put that commuting cost in perspective, and will be able to make an informed decision for themselves. Rather than wondering if you "talked them into" a more expensive home just to get a higher commission, you'll build the lifetime trust of your clients, and will likely increase your referral base as a result!

Spend less time driving clients around.

By educating your buyers on how expensive commuting to work actually is, you'll help them save hundreds of dollars a month (thousands of dollars a year). In addition, they'll stop robbing themselves of the hundreds of hours they would have otherwise spentjust driving to or from work. (Even if they use mass-transit options, they'll still spend a lot more than necessary, and they'll likely spend even more time on the road than if they just drove themselves.)

By simply directing your buyers to this simple little gadget on your website, your buyers will suddenly become aware of how little they're actually saving -- even when a home in "the burbs" is 20% or 30% less expensive. Suddenly, your problem of driving buyers all over town magically vanishes! Gone are the days of "Let's try looking in that area 20 minutes to the North" and then "OK, how about that other area 25 minutes Southeast?" We guarantee it.

Boost your website's rankings automatically.

If you're familiar with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) at all, you know that getting awareness about your site is almost more important than the content on the website itself. The more websites out there that "talk about" your site (link to it), the better your placement on the search engines. (If you're not familiar with this "link popularity" concept, simply go to Google and search for the very overused phrase "Click here". Why do you think Adobe comes up? Because every website out there that uses PDF documents (and there are a TON of them) includes a link that says "Click here to download Adobe Reader for free.")

Likewise, by simply installing our simple (yet revolutionary) calculator on your site, you will automatically generate a "buzz" about your environmentally friendly view on real estate. Environmental websites, bloggers, and other real estate sites around the country will start linking to you. This will especially be the case as long as gas prices are above three bucks a gallon. As a result, you'll be able to watch your search engine rankings soar!

Don't believe us? If you sell real estate in "Anytown USA", go to Google and search for the term "Anytown real estate" (without quotes, & replace "Anytown" with your town/city). Make note of where you are ranking. Now do the same for MSN and Yahoo. Then check back a couple months later and see how your rankings will magically increase!

Help save the environment.

"Urban sprawl" is a major contributor to environmental pollution, and even traffic accidents. By installing this simple little calculator on your site, you're not just helping your clients save money. You're not just earning more commissions by selling more expensive homes. You are helping initiate a movement toward reducing those enironmental problems. Watch out Al Gore! There's a new kid in town.

Add to your clients' quality of life.

Once you adopt the mindset of making people aware of how extremely costly commuting to work is (monetarily, time-wise, and environmentally, you become so much more than just an agent who helps clients find the best home for their needs... You are adding countless hours to your clients lives!

If your client buys a home 5 minutes from work vs 35 minutes, you will be adding over 200 hours a year to their lives! That's 200 hours they could spend working to earn more money, with friends or family, or however they like. That is -- unless they really like driving unnecessarily for an extra 200 hours a year.

Lifetime License - $297 Free

In an interest to spread this effort to help the environment, the next 3 users who place the calculator on their website can do so for free - compliments of kreick.com. Please note that this offer is only valid for those that install the calculator -- not just download it.

Even though you aren't paying anything for this (thanks to kreick.com), we want to stress the fact that you will still have a fully functional calculator. It's not a "demo" that you'll have to pay $297 for after 3 months of use, and it's not a less functional version than the paid version. You are encouraged to try it out and make sure you are satisfied with how it helps your buyers make more informed decisions. (And also see how it can help boost traffic to your site.) If you don't like it, simply remove it from your site.

Tell me more about how it works.

If you've got questions be sure to see our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Buying a home that is farther away from work may have a lower mortgage payment, but you'd be surprised at how much more you'll spend by driving to work. Try comparing a house in-town to a less expensive house out-of-town & see the actual cost of commuting for yourself.
Volume/Distance Units?
Current Cost of Fuel
Do You Plan to Buy or Rent?
Loan Amount of Home in Town A
Loan Amount of Home in Town B
Mortgage Interest Rate
Commuting Details (more info)
Add this calculator to your site. Download it here.

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  1. This calculator is the copyrighted material of CostofCommuting.com, LLC (Provider) and can be used free of charge only by consenting to the terms of this agreement.
  2. With the exception of changes to color, fonts, and/or background images (which can be changed to fit the look and feel of your website), alteration of the provided code may only be done with the written consent of Provider. Any alteration (including removal of any links) without the written consent of Provider shall be considered a violation of the Digital Millenium Copyright Act, and will be punished to the fullest extent of the law.
  3. Upon submitting the information below, user will be emailed instructions, and shall have license to use unlimited copies of this calculator on unlimited pages on the specified website.
  4. User has the option of placing this calculator on additional websites, but must submit this form once for each website.
  5. This calculator is for informational purposes only, and no buyer or seller should base a real estate decision on the output from this calculator. Placing this calculator on your website in no way holds CostofCommuting.com responsible for the actions of you as a website owner, or for the actions of any visitors to your website.
  6. By checking "I agree", you are agreeing that you are the authorized owner/webmaster of the website where the calculator will be placed.
  7. Checking "I agree" below shall be considered a digital signature, and shall be legally binding.

I agree to the Terms of Use stated above:
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If you would like to customize the default values that your installation of the calculator uses, fill out the form below. Customizing the default values to match the conditions in your area can be helpful to users who use the calculator on your site.
Volume/Distance Units more info
Fuel Cost
Commutes per Month
Distance to Home A
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Buy or Rent
Loan Amount for Home A
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Rent Amount for Home A
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Interest Rate
Annual Gross Income
Value of Car
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SPECIAL NOTE: As soon as you install your calculator, go to Google, search for that phrase and make note of exactly what position your website is currently ranking on Google. (This may take some time because your existing ranking may be in the hudreds. Then do the same for Yahoo and MSN.

Within a couple months, check those rankings again. We're sure you'll start to see an increase in your rankings for that phrase/those phrases.

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