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Independent Media Center

The San Francisco Bay Area Independent Media Center is a non-commercial, democratic collective of bay area independent media makers and media outlets, and serves as the local organizing unit of the global Indymedia network.

Principles of Unity: San Francisco Bay Area Indymedia

1. We strive to provide an information infrastructure for people and opinions who do not have access to the airwaves, tools and resources of corporate media. This includes audio, video, photography, internet distribution and any other communication medium.

2. We support local, regional and global struggles against exploitation and oppression.

3. We function as a non-commercial, non-corporate, anti-capitalist collective.

San Francisco Bay Area Indymedia involves volunteer participants and allied collectives organized along anti-authoritarian principles of open and transparent decision-making processes, including open public meetings; a form of modified consensus; and the elimination of hierarchies.

San Francisco Bay Area Indymedia participants shall not act in a manner that endangers, intimidates, or physically harms any member of the group, including by sexual harassment or acts of violence. Indymedia members shall strive to act in a respectful manner to other members of the collective as well as the public.

Mission Statement

* To encourage a world where globalization is not about homogeneity and exploitation, but rather, about diversity and cooperation.

* To cover local events that are ignored or poorly covered by corporate media.

* To provide edited audio, video, and print stories of the above on the internet for independent media outlets and the general public.

* To facilitate the networking and coordination for the coverage of local events as well as gather information about events to cover.

* To provide links to alternative media, activist, and research groups.

* To seek out and provide coverage underscoring the global nature of people's struggles for social, economic, and environmental justice directly from their perspective.

* To offer community classes for training in internet and media skills.

* To encourage, facilitate, and support the creation of independent news gathering and organizations.

Get Involved

This is your independent media center. As an all-volunteer organization, we need you to get involved! Check our get involved page for info on meetings and e-mail lists.