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One way links take some work, but they are the best links you can get for promoting your website. The very best one way links are those that are included in the content of another website, directing visitors to your website. These are very hard to get and come only after you are established and found to offer something of value to another website's visitors.

Until that great day happens, you will have to pursue one way links through any credible means you can find. I feel the best and first way to get one way links is through directories.

Directories are different than search engines. Search engines use robots, and there is no need to submit to search engines, it is better to be found by them through links. Directories do not use robots, but rather are human edited, and you do need to submit to them. Some directories require reciprocal links and some do not. It is my preference to submit to those who do not require a reciprocal link, after all I am looking for one way links.

When seeking one way links, DMOZ is the first directory to submit to. All directories have rules, most are very similar, but you need to read and follow them. DMOZ in particular has rules that should be strictly followed. Read about DMOZ guidelines. Once you have submitted to DMOZ move on. Getting into DMOZ is really a leg up, but it won't happen for a long time, so just do the submission and move on.

As I said, it is my preference to submit only to those directories who do not require a reciprocal link. I am looking for one way links. Many directories are free and some require payment. Handle this in your own way. You may want to select a directory with a good rank and pay for inclusion, and make the rest of your submissions to free directories. It is up to you and your budget.

When submitting to directories, do a little homework first. Bring up notepad and make a list of keywords you want to focus on, and make up some descriptions for your website. Making up more than one description is good. Some directories encourage you to make your description more lengthy than others. But don't get carried away, describe your website in the third person and don't make it a sales pitch.

You can get a free copy of NoteTab Light . The advantages of NoteTab Light are many, but the reason I suggest it here is to save you time in your pursuit of one way links. You can enter your descriptions into NoteTab Light and under the tools section click on text statistics it will give you word and character counts which can be useful. Many directories limit words or characters. You can have several versions along with the word count, and you will know which one will be accepted by the directory.

Once you have brought up a directory, look at some of the listings. This will give you a feel for the directory and what they allow. Some are strict about site title and some are not. Be sure and follow their guidelines or you won't get listed. Choose the right category for your website. If possible choose a category containing one of your keywords. If they ask for keywords, list them in their order of importance in relation to your website.

This directory list gives you a variety of information. Here is another useful directory list.

Submit Your Website To Thousands Of Website Directories Instantly! or you can
Save time and effort on directory submissions by using a professional directory submission service! - Use Directory Maximizer !

Other lists can be found on the Internet. Before you list in directories, be sure your website is finished and functional. While it is true that you will always be working on your website adding content, updating content etc., before you put it on the Internet and start promoting it be sure it is functional. You need to have some good content, navigation, and anything required by law such as contact info, privacy policy and disclaimers if necessary. And make sure there are no dead links.

Directiories are a good source of one way links, but they are just one way to get them. Always be on the alert for other methods that will bring you one way links without upsetting the search engines.

Next you'll find information about another good way to bring your website one way links, traffic and credibility. Let's look at Submit Your Website To Thousands Of Article Directories Instantly!as a way to get one way links.

One unusual method very rarely thought of is to use Google Print Ads but even more significantly, Submit Your Website To Thousands Of Website Directories Instantly!

Find Hundreds And Thousands Of Themed Links In Minutes!

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"Back in the day" even an affiliate could just go to some website, sign up free to sell some product (such as with Amazon stores or the vast ebooks at ClickBank) and then just place a small 4-line pay-per-click ad, fine tune it, and then sit back and make money on autopilot.

But with rising costs this is getting much, much harder, and has literally seen the demise of many, many affiliate businesses go completely under.

Here's How to Get All Your Google AdWords Pay-Per-Clicks FREE!


  • BizMINT

  • GetResponse AutoResponder service

  • Website Wizard

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  • EBookGold

  • Dynamite Covers

    10 Ways to Increase Google Indexing

    For a while now webmasters have fretted over why all of the pages of their website are not indexed. As usual there doesn't seem to be any definite answer. But some things are definite, if not automatic, and some things seem like pretty darn good guesses.


    It depends a lot on PageRank. The higher your PageRank the more pages that will be indexed. PageRank isn't a blanket number for all your pages. Each page has its own PageRank. A high PageRank gives the Googlebot more of a reason to return.


    Give the Googlebot something to follow. Links (especially deep links) from a high PageRank site are golden as the trust is already established. Internal links can help, too. Link to important pages from your homepage. On content pages link to relevant content on other pages.


    A lot of buzz around this one. Some report that a clear, well-structured Sitemap helped get all of their pages indexed. Google's Webmaster guidelines recommends submitting a Sitemap file, too. Some recommend having a Sitemap for every category or section of a site.


    A recent O'Reilly report indicated that page load time and the ease with which the Googlebot can crawl a page may affect how many pages are indexed. The logic is that the faster the Googlebot can crawl, the greater number of pages that can be indexed. This could involve simplifying the structures and/or navigation of the site. The spiders have difficulty with Flash and Ajax. A text version should be added in those instances.

    Google's crawl caching proxy

    Any one of three indexes may crawl a site and send the information to a remote server, which is accessed by the remaining indexes (like the blog index or the AdSense index) instead of the bots for those indexes physically visiting your site. They will all use the mirror instead.


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