What is Google Print Ads?

Google Print Ads is a new extension of Google AdWords that makes it easy to run ads in newspapers across the U.S. whether you're buying space in one paper or a hundred.

Why newspaper advertising?

Newspaper advertising is a powerful display format for announcing sales and promotions, branding, targeting regional audiences, and generating leads.

How does Google Print Ads work?

The process is simple: you select the newspapers, enter a bid for available ad space, and upload your ads. Remember, Google Print Ads isn't auction-based instead, you suggest the price that works with your budget. Publishers will review your bids and either approve, decline, or negotiate your offers. After your ads run, you'll see a copy of the newspaper page where your ad was published, and can safely pay for the placement. Do all this in one easy online interface.

Participating Newspapers

We have hundreds of newspapers to choose from, everything from large metropolitan publications to small local newspapers. Here are just a few:

View the full list of newspapers [PDF]

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