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Serrapeptase The New Miracle Enzyme?

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Serrapeptase The New Miracle Enzyme?
Twenty five years ago this naturally occurring enzyme captured the attention of the many biochemist studying in Japan. They discovered that Serrapeptase offered a variety of health benefits with virtually NOOO side effects. Since its discovery, many practitioners in the Asian and European countries have called it there most "favourite" form of treatment to all their patients, who either suffer from muscle or joint inflammation.

The United States only recently popularized the use of Serrapeptase, making its debut in 1997. Since then, the enzyme is now being favoured by many in the North American countries (Shellman, 2003) The Beginnings Where does Serrapeptase come from Serrapeptase actually comes from the larval form of the silk moth. The enzyme is produced in the intestines of silk worms to help break down cocoon walls. This occurs because the enzyme literally eats away at the dead tissue of the cocoon (Raskin, 1999 Serrapeptase falls under the category of a proteolytic enzyme, which are enzymes that either digest or break down protein debris from toxins or inflammation. In particular, Serrapeptase ingests non-living tissues such as blood clots, mucus, cysts, arterial plaque, scar tissue and inflammation of all forms Since the living tissue on one's body is not on Serrapeptase's menu, the enzyme is not a threat to healthy cells. (Shellman, 2003)

Functions of Serrepeptase in Humans
Applying Serrapeptase to muscle and joint inflammation Inflammation in muscles and joints is a byproduct of many factors. Such as aging, an unhealthy diet, and lack of or even over extensive exercise to name a few. Serrapeptase is a powerful treatment for pain, and reduces inflammation in three ways... i) By breaking down the insoluble protein by-products of blood coagulation known as fibrin ii) By thinning the fluids formed by inflammation and injury, followed by facilitating their drainage which speeds up the tissue repair process iii) By alleviating pain through inhibiting the release of amines, which are pain-inducing substances. (Shellman, 2003)

A very inferior alternative to Serrapeptase in treating inflammation is the use of (NSAID)'s. Which include ibuprofen, salicylates, aspirin, and naproxen as the most commonly prescribed medicines for inflammation. Annually, 76000 people are hospitalized from NSAID induces gastrointestinal complications. The American Medical Association estimates that 50-80 percent of those hospitalized for gastrointestinal bleeding, have been taking an NSAID of some sort. Consequently, at this stage of the medication to induced bleeding ratio, there is a 10 percent chance of fatality. (Raskin, 1999)

Instead of Serrapeptase Raskin, JB. (1999) Intelegen Inc. creative intelligence at work. Retrieved October 9, 2012, from Shellman, S. (2003). An Amazing Gift from the Silk Worm. Serrapeptase. Retrieved October 8, 2012, from measure, a., best, t., & available., m. p. (n.d.). Serrapeptase the Miracle Enzyme - Serrapeptase Information. Serrapeptase the Miracle Enzyme - Serrapeptase Information. Retrieved October 9, 2012, from Unknown, 2012

Download a Free Copy of The Miracle Enzyme: Serrapeptase

Download a Free Copy of Secrets of Enzymes- Enzyme Power eBook

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