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"Natural Cancer Treatments That Work" by Karon Beattie

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A. Aspartame Article and Advanced Scientific Health Triangle
B. My Testimony Using DMSO - Dimethyl SulfOxide
C. Wikipedia's Article about Resveratrol

D. Colon Cleansing

E. Cancer Linked to Graveyard Shift

F. Chemical Body Burden

G. The Toxic House

H. Graviola - The Natural Cancer Cure


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Free Health Newsletters

First,I want to offer you the opportunity to subscribe to 4 separate health newsletters for free:

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Through the HSI e-Alert you'll discover advances in natural and alternative medicine like...
An effective treatment for arthritis that could be hiding in your spice rack
A natural cancer-killing compound that was hidden for seven years by one of America's billion-dollar drug companies
The true culprit in heart disease (Hint: it is NOT cholesterol and it can't be treated with statin drugs)
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* Hard-hitting reports on toxic chemicals in your food, water, personal care products and home environment
* Action-oriented tips and recipes for living a healthier, happier and more environmentally sustainable life!
* The truth about what to avoid in foods, supplements and personal care products — it's the truth that food and chemical companies hope you never learn!!
Here at NaturalNews, we provide our readers with the information they need to practice whatever form of medicine they choose (naturopathic medicine, Chinese medicine, conventional medicine, energy medicine, etc.)

Xtend-Life BiWeekly NewsletterSample from 22 August 2002 Warren's Blog " A recent analysis of a range of staple foods in Canada including potatoes, tomatoes, bananas, apples, onion, broccoli etc, etc was commissioned by The Globe and Mail and CTV news. The results were predictable to some and a shock to others. Let’s use potatoes as an example. This is what the analysis found:
Over the last 50 years the potato has lost:
• 100% of its Vitamin A
• 57% of its Vitamin C and iron
• 28% of its Calcium
• 50% of its riboflavin
• 18% of its thiamine
Of the seven nutrients analyzed only niacin levels had increased. The results were similar for all the 25 fruits and vegetables tested. One of the worst results was from broccoli in which ALL nutrients had declined measurably including niacin with Calcium down 63%.

and suggest that you carefully look at Public Citizen's Health Research Group's website:

Public Citizen's Health Research Group

The first section is usually an editorial, such as "Bush Administration Plan To Privatize Medicare Would Limit Senior's Choice of Doctors." The second section is a book review, such as the one on "The Big Fix:How The Pharmaceutical Industry Rips Off American Consumers".The
third section is Product Recalls, the fourth section is
New Warnings and the final section is "Outrage of the Month".

Alternative-Health-Journal.......Dr. Johnathan V. Wright's Tahoma Clinic

Graviola & Eggplant- The Natural Cancer Cures

My Favorite Health-Nutrition Books

... Free Medical eBooks to Download

"Natural cures: "They" Don't Want You To Know About" Updated Edition by Kevin Trudeau,Alliance Publishing Group,
2004,Elk Grove Village,Il.

Free "More Natural 'Cures' Revealed" Book
Order the book that is breaking publishing sales records: More Natural "Cures" Revealed.
The revolutionary book that talks about the reasons you are sick and how the AMA, FTC, the FDA, and the Big Pharma are suppressing information about natural remedies and cures for virtually every disease. Learn how the food industry is purposely putting secret chemical ingredients in the food that can cause you to become hungrier, become fat, and become physically addicted, and not listing them on the label. And much, much more!
Price: FREE ($9.95 shipping and handling charge applies)

Prescription for Disaster: the Hidden Dangers in Your Medicine Cabinet By Thomas J. Moore


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For safe cosmetic and body care products, follow the advice at Dr. Clark's Body Cleanup Advice Do not use isopropyl alcohol because of Dr. Hulda Clark's findings – the site also provides a warning. Dr. Clark is a very successful therapist in the alternative cancer field.

"Young Again! How To Reverse The Aging Process" by John Thomas, Plexus Press,1995


"The Best Alternative Medicine:What Works,What Does Not" by Dr. Kenneth R. Pelletier,
Simon & Schuster,2000

"Edgar Cayce's Encyclopedia of Healing" by Reba Ann Karp,Warner Books,1986

"The Healing Herbs: The Ultimate Guide to the Curative Power of Nature's Medicine" by Michael Castleman,Bantam Books

"The Herb Bible" by Dr.Earl Mindell

"The Vitamin Bible" by Dr.Earl Mindell

"Prescription Alternatives" by Dr. Earl Mindell

""DMSO: Nature's Healer" by Dr. Morton Walker,Avery Publishing Group,1993 - Dimethyl SulfOxide- Medical Articles and References

"The Safe Shopper's Bible:A Consumer's Guide to
Nontoxic Household Products,Cosmetics and Food"
by David Steinman & Samuel S. epstein,M.D.

"Beauty To Die For:The Cosmetic Consequence" by Judi Vance, toExcel Press,2000

"Home Safe Home: Protecting Yourself and Your Family from Everyday Toxics and Harmful Household Products" by Debra Lynn Dadd ,Penguin Putnam,1997

"Don't Go To The Cosmetics Couter Without Me" by Begoun,6ht Edition

"Nontoxic & Natural" by Debra Lynn Dadd ;

"Nontoxic,Natural & Earthwise" by Debra Lynn Dadd

"The Nontoxic Home" by Debra Lynn Dadd ;

"Sustaining the Earth" by Debra Lynn Dadd

"SuperFoods:Fourteen Foods That Will Change Your Life" by Steven Pratt,M.D. and Kathy Matthews, Harper Collins Publishers, 2004

"Fit For Life" by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond, Warner Books, 1985

Top-10-Selling-Health-Fitness-Programs"No Harmful Chemicals"

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