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Aspartame and Advanced Scientific Health
Article Titles and Descriptions
Translation for 140 languages by ALS

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Aspartame - The Sweet Poison

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Aspartame Warning

    This page exists solely to try and spread the word about the numerous & serious dangers of regular aspartame (Nutrasweet, Equal) consumption. Currently the 100+ articles on this page contain facts & opinions from over 50 doctors & nutritionists, many of which have each "cured" their patients of many symptoms (including weight gain) simply by removing aspartame from their diet. These 50+ doctors strongly recommend avoiding all aspartame products. Numerous articles detailing the unbelievable history of the aspartame approval are also provided, along with thousands of testimonials from former users. Some info. on the new sweetener Splenda (sucralose) found in Diet Rite soda is also provided.

    The multi-billion dollar aspartame industry would like you believe that "aspartame kills" is an "urban legend" and that you'd have to drink 100 cans of diet soda a day to be harmed by aspartame. This is just simply not true. Their main claim is that the 3 components of aspartame are found in many natural foods and are therefore safe. This is kind of like saying carbon monoxide is safe because all it contains is carbon & oxygen, the same components of carbon dioxide. Methanol (wood alcohol), which makes up 10% of aspartame and is highly toxic (adult minimum lethal dose is 2 teaspoons), is also found in some fruits & vegetables like tomatoes. However, methanol is never found in natural foods without ethanol & pectin, its "antidotes" if you will (detailed facts below). Ethanol & pectin prevent methanol from being metabolized into formaldehyde (embalming fluid) & formic acid (same chemical as fire ant venom), both deadly toxins. An ethanol drip is even the standard emergency room treatment for methanol poisoning. Aspartame contains no ethanol or pectin, therefore the methanol is converted to formaldehyde and formic acid. Phenylalanine and aspartic acid, the other 2 components of aspartame, are amino acids found in natural foods but always as part of long chains of many different amino acids to form complex protein molecules that take humans 12 hours to gradually break down & assimilate. According to the doctors below, when consumed by themselves these 2 amino acids require no digestion and quickly enter the brain & central nervous system at abnormally high levels, overstimulating brain cells to death and causing many other health problems.

    "Pro" aspartame people point to industry sponsored short term tests, ignoring independant tests. They point to "reliable" health sites, organizations, foundations etc. that are sponsored, funded & fed "facts" by companies that profit from aspartame. And of course, the FDA approved it so "it must be safe", neglecting to mention that the FDA denied aspartame approval for over 8 years until the newly appointed FDA commissioner Arthur Hull Hayes overruled the final scientic review panel, approved aspartame, and then went to work for G.D. Searle's (initial owner of aspartame) public relations firm at $1,000 a day. Hayes has refused all interviews to discuss his actions. The FDA also urged Congress to prosecute G.D. Searle for "specific false statements or concealed facts" stemming from Searle's testing of aspartame. However, the 2 government lawyers assigned to the case decided against prosecuting G.D. Searle and then joined G.D. Searle's law firm! Even the National Soft Drink Assn. filed a strong protest letter (available below) in 1983 against the approval of aspartame for use in beverages, saying "aspartame is inherently, markedly and uniquely unstable in aqueous media." Also, the FDA still allows hydrogenated oils to be used, does that make them safe?

    Our suggestion: First READ ALL THE QUOTES provided below, then go back and read some of the articles. And remember, they're talking about the CUMULATIVE effects of regular aspartame consumption and that some people are more affected than others (but everyone is affected) due to a few factors including the condition of their protective blood-brain barrier. Bookmark this page and email it to everyone you know, especially pregnant women. .

    FOR MORE INFO - http://www.321recipes.com/aspartame.html

    Aspartame Alert!!!

    A pervasive POISON amongst US!
    Dear Members and Friends -

    This is being sent to you since I keep hearing of reports of people on various lists I am on that know NOTHING of the dangers of aspartame. Most are not even aware Aspartame (or Neotame) is in Flinestone children's vitamins, in Kool-Aide, in all breath mint strips from the regular store, and of course it's in Diet Sodas. Most restaurants and bakeries put Aspartame in their dessert products -- or anything that requires "sweetness".
    And for diabetics, aspartame is particularly deadly. Please read about Dr. H.J. Robert's experience treating diabetic patients who use aspartame and their marked improvement once they ceased using this deadly poison.

    In fact, research this topic for yourself at Mission Possible's website:

    Which brings me to the reason I found out that people in our networks are addicted to aspartame. I was sharing about our publication of The Artificially Sweetened Times and encouraging someone to read the text of it at

    SO... Please review it yourself and get this information OUT THERE!!!
    Following is the summary of what is in The Artificially Sweetened Times and how you can order it.
    Your order supports VacLib's continuing outreach efforts... AND SAVES LIVES!!!

    The Artificially Sweetened Times is a special edition, 8 page tabloid-sized newsprint publication designed to educate the public on the artificial sweeteners aspartame and neotame. Topics covered include:

    · the history of refined sugar(s) and its link to slavery
    · a timeline of aspartame’s discovery and the politics surrounding its approval
    · what we know about aspartame from scientific safety studies
    · what we know about the biological/physical effects of consuming aspartame
    · real life stories of the devastating effects of aspartame poisoning
    · resources for further research and networking
    · guidelines for activism

    We are projecting that this timeless periodical will be reprinted several times until these artificial sweeteners are eventually removed from the marketplace.
    The Artificially Sweetened Times is designed to be mailed for the cost of a 1
    st class 37 cent stamp. It MUST be folded in half and taped or stapled to meet both size and weight requirements. We also encourage you to put them in store fronts on consignment and distribute them at community meetings.

    You can view the entire text of The Artificially Sweetened Times on the internet at the following web link: http://www.vaclib.org/news/astimes.htm

    Price for The Artificially Sweetened Times newspapers
    Single copies: $.40 each
    Quantity prices

    100 copies -- $15 + $10 S&H (UPS ground) = $25
    200 copies -- $30 + $17 S&H (UPS ground) = $47
    300 copies -- $45 + $25 S&H (UPS ground) = $70
    400 copies -- $60 + $30 S&H (UPS ground) = $90
    500 copies -- $75 + $35 S&H (UPS ground) = $110
    1,000 copies -- $100 + $70 S&H (UPS) = $170
    5,000 copies -- $400 + $175 S&H (UPS) = $575

    Mail your check or money order to:

    Vaccination Liberation • P.O. Box 457 • Spirit Lake, Idaho 83869 • (208) 255-2307
    FAX: (208) 255-2607 • http://www.vaclib.org • vaclib@coldreams.com

    You can also order with a credit card via the internet through PayPal by going to the following web link:

    And if you need the REAL poop -- like how DID a poison get approved for mass consumption??? Then get the following CD:

    Mission Possible Maine has ALL U.S. Senate Hearings
    and Government Documentation on Aspartame’s Approval
    as a “Safe” Food and Beverage Additive on a CD

    $10.00 (postage included anywhere in the US and Canada)

    Great Falls Professional Services
    “Mission Possible Maine”
    362 Webster Street, Lewiston, Maine
    207-753-0180 / 207-786-8021 / 207-650-7938 (Cell)


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Advanced Scientific Health = Scientific Health Education

Discover the scientific facts about: Cancer, Heart Disease, Diabetes, HIV, Hepatitis, ADD,
Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS), Chelation, Toxic Heavy Metal Poisoning, Alzheimer's, Arthritis,
Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Flu, Chrohn's Disease, Lou Gehrigs Disease, Fibromyalgia,
Stroke, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Clogged Arteries and MORE...
Scientific facts from: Advanced Scientific Health

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Hundreds of thousands are fighting the war against Cancer, Heart Disease and other degenerative diseases. These diseases have already been prevented and stopped by those of us that took the time to educate ourselves. We have developed the Advanced Scientific Health Research Association in hopes that millions of families will now have access to this vital information. Our mission is to prevent and stop needless pain and suffering for millions of families. We are a group of "survivors" that are thankful that someone took the time to share this information with us. We are here to "Pay It Forward".

The information at Advanced Scientific Health (ASH) comes direct from scientists through their Nobel Prize winning research and discoveries made in Orthomolecular Science. The scientific facts are indisputable. These scientists, by looking at disease at the molecular level, have discovered that ALL disease can be prevented and stopped when correctly understood.

The Advanced Scientific Health Formulas will work to; oxygenate the cells; rebuild the collagen matrix; raise and balance the body's pH level; heal and clean out the arteries; regulate the production of hormones; protect the cells against invading viruses; increase energy; rid the body of heavy metals and other toxins; and much much more.

Please Note: Neither Advanced Scientific Health (ASH), or its members profit from the sales of these high quality formulas. These formulas from Advanced Scientific Health are sold at lab cost exclusively to Advanced Scientific Health members and researchers.

"Optimum health, disease-free living, increased energy and no medical bills or need for synthetic pharmaceuticals are just some of the benefits I have enjoyed since becoming an Advanced Scientific Health Researcher." - Scott Thurston

"Those who fail to take the time to be healthy will ultimately have to take the time to be sick."
~ Dr. James Chappell

Recorded Live
What Is ASH?
With Vickie Barker
May 31, 2006
How Do the
Formulas Work?

WIth Barney Folger
May 27, 2006

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