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The Largest Economic Opportunity of the 21st Century

“The World’s First
100% Green Super Material
Strong Enough to Replace
both Plastic and Steel”

This new Super Material promises to help reduce our
dependence on Middle Eastern oil… clean up our oceans…
clear our darkened skies… and make early investors rich!

Invest in the radical new MIT start-up that created it and it’d be like
investing in DuPont in 1939 just before it sparked the plastics revolution

100% Unbiased


Dear Reader,

      Imagine having the opportunity to invest in steel, copper or plastic before they became an essential element in practically every item we use, touch, drive, or operate today!

      These industrial materials gave birth to global Goliaths like DuPont, BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto. An early investment in any of them would make you a multi-millionaire many times over today.

      I’m about to offer you the same opportunity: A start-up David that is about to take on the Global Goliaths.

      But don’t think for even a moment that this investment is risky.

      CBS Market Watch recently told investors:

      “This is not just an R&D lab experiment… you can play this one with confidence.”

      Not only that, they predicted that this company could be “leaders on the ground-floor of an entirely new industry.” And that their “market disruptive technology…” has “tremendous upside potential.”

      Good news for you is: It just went public!

      And the customers are lining up. In fact, just this past Christmas, Target was their biggest customer. It began using this new Super Material to create 100% biodegradable, environmentally friendly greeting cards!

      But greeting cards is just one of the many markets that this new material will infiltrate in a major way in the next few years.

      Soon almost every company in every industry across the globe will be using it in some form… from Neiman Marcus to Tate & Lyle… Glad to GE… Pottery Barn to Prada… Kodak to Toyota… Sony to Microsoft… Woolworth’s to Eddie Bauer… Toshiba to Matsushita…

      Hell, even the Navy wants it!

Getting Rich off the Need to Be Green!

      In a dramatic effort to reduce carbon emissions and conquer global warming, hundreds of governments the world over now have put forth new initiatives. These initiatives demand the reduction of greenhouse gasses from all types of industry. This drive for industry to be green and clean should only help further catapult the demand for this new material. But even without these global initiatives, the material is so revolutionary that it would stand up on its own anyway!

      For example, this new Super Material is far more versatile, flexible, stronger – and above all cheaper to produce – than almost all of its dirty polluting industrial age competitors.

      What’s more, this new Super Material promises to:

Check Mark Reduce toxic chemicals in the waste streams by up to 80%!
Check Mark Give off 66% less greenhouse gasses than its competitive materials!
Check Mark Help clean up the oceans, preserve the forests, clear our darkened skies, and green the industrial landscape!
Check Mark Increase our energy security by reducing our dependence on Middle Eastern oil. (In fact, the only oil used in the production of this new green material is in the transportation of the raw goods!)

      But best of all: It promises to drive down the costs of many of your everyday appliances and technical gadgets. While prices of oil, copper, lead and zinc are going through the roof, and making all kinds of things more expensive, this new green Super Material is getting cheaper and cheaper, and promises to drive down the costs of all types of products from Chinese toys to kitchen appliances… from cars to computers… from toilet seats to Tupperware…

      I’ll tell you the name of this new Super Material in a moment and the best way to invest in it… but first, let me tell you why this opportunity is so exiting right now…

Riding the Unprecedented Profit Potential of an “S Curve”

      While this material may sound pretty new to you, the companies who have been working on it have been doing so for over two decades now. Problem was, they could never produce it cheaply or efficiently enough in order to compete with other industrial materials like steel or plastic.

      What’s more, the material did not have the flexibility, versatility, or strength of its competitors. Even worse, it still wasn’t that environmentally friendly. It still produced carbon emissions, and polluted our skies, soils, and oceans. While it’s enjoyed incremental improvements over the decades, they weren’t enough. At least not until this one little radical new MIT start-up came along and revolutionized the way it was produced.

      Now this one little start-up David is ready to take on the Global Goliaths!

What’s so exciting is that this new material is at the very same place the TV was at in the early ‘50s, and at the same place the Internet was at in the early ‘90s – before they embarked on their exponential growth curves.

      There’s a name for this economic phenomenon. The world’s leading futurists call it the “S Curve.” The S Curve is the usual trajectory that the evolution of a game-changing technology will go through on its way to success. For example, it starts off slowly at first – even sometimes suffering a few set backs and false starts. Its growth is generally flat at this stage. Then the technology hits an inflection point where the growth is so great, it’s almost vertical. Finally, when the technology matures, the growth rate levels off. The progression of these stages looks like the letter S.

      But getting in on these technologies before they go into their exponential growth curve is the quickest and surest way to becoming a millionaire - many times over!

This Technology is where TV was at in 1954…
And where the Internet was at in 1990…

      For example, the television was invented in 1934. But it wasn’t until 1954, when they had discovered a way to mass-produce it cheaply and efficiently, that the craze took off.

      The same happened with the Internet. It was invented by the Department of Defense in 1968 as a military tool, but it wasn’t until the late ‘80s when computers had become cheap enough that the Internet really started to take off. The same is true of many technologies and products that come out of Silicon Valley. There is generally a few decades lag time between the birth of a new innovation, and the inflection point at which it starts to become mainstream.

      This is where we believe we are at today with this new Super Material.

      For over two decades now, many companies have been working on perfecting it. But it was only recently that this small MIT start-up made the breakthrough that everyone’s been waiting for. They were the first company to be able to mass-produce the material cheaply and efficiently, and in a 100% environmentally friendly way! In short, they’re the first company to ever produce a 100% green industrial material.

      I’ll tell you more about this extraordinary company in a moment. But first let me tell you why I’m writing to you today…

3, 137% Profits on Game-Changing Technologies


      My name is James DiGeorgia. I am the publisher and editor of SuperStock Investor. For many years now, I have been intrigued by radical new hi-tech innovations that have the power to disrupt old industrial orders and become game-changers.

      For example, in the fifties, the electronics industry was completely turned upside down by a game-changing technology. At the time the industry was dependent upon the vacuum tube. But vacuum tubes often overheated and burnt out. While the leading vendors worked on ways to enhance the existing tubes, a small group of scientists at Bell Labs research went in an entirely different direction. They focused on semi-conductors like silicon. Within a year the transistor had been created: An event that turned the vacuum tube industry on its head and sent many investors broke, while at the same time made a handful very rich. Intel was born. And within a decade this company had effectively wiped out all the leading vacuum tube vendors from Sylvania to RCA.

      The same happened again when Owens Corning created fibreglass and almost wiped out the entire wooden ship building industry. It happened again in 2001 when the digital photo revolution dealt a fatal blow to Polaroid: the age-old company who’d given us instant pictures.

      I realized that getting in early on these game-changing technologies was one of the surest and fastest ways to becoming a millionaire in this business. It’s why, in the mid-nineties, I started 21st Century Investor and managed to rack up a fully documented cumulative profit of 3,137%.

2,950% on these Game Changers!

      For example, in 1997 when the Internet was still in its formative stages, I noted that data and the speed at which it could be delivered was the key to big profits… so I began investigating companies that looked set to become market leaders. I ignored the hi-flying companies who promised to deliver kitty-litter to your door, and instead invested in the companies that put DSL into your homes… that made cell-phone data transmission possible… and that miraculously compressed the terabytes of information that are now being shot through the world’s fiber-optic cables.

      In the years that followed I enjoyed a series of sweeping profits like:

Check Mark 550% on Globespan
Check Mark 480% on Extreme Networks
Check Mark 1,980% on Legend Computer
Check Mark 748% on Ciena
Check Mark 2,950% on a European Telecom

      I did it again in the late nineties when I reported on another game-changing technology that was about to sweep across the world. I told our readers about a new form of home video that came on a disk the size of a CD, and that you never had to rewind, and whose picture quality was twice the resolution of a standard video cassette. I told them how it would have up to 8 different language tracks, and subtitles in up to 32 different languages. I told readers that huge fortunes would be made from this new technology, but that it wouldn’t be made by those who invented it. My readers were among the first to cash in on the DVD revolution!

      Then, in the years leading up to and following the mapping of the Human Genome Project again we made enormous profits on break-through biotech companies… like 160% on Human Genome Sciences… 110% on IDEC Pharmaceuticals… 290% on Protein Design Labs… 304% on U.S. Oncology… 1,260% on Biomira…

      No wonder a well-respected and large Wall Street private equity fund came along and made me a huge SEVEN figure offer for 21st Century Investor that I simply couldn’t refuse.

      While I was sad to sell, I have now recreated much of what I did with 21st Century Investor with SuperStock Investor. But this time, I have greatly refined my focus and my stock-picking criteria. With SuperStock Investor, I look for what I believe are game-changing technologies which are about to launch into their exponential growth curves. The first game-changing technology super stock I want to tell you about today is the small MIT start-up who’s just created the world’s first 100% green industrial material. I believe the opportunity to make profits in this emerging industry will eclipse even the giant profits my readers and I made on the Internet, DVD, and biotech revolutions! And I believe, like MarketWatch, that you can play it with confidence!

The World’s First Freeze-Tolerant, Flame-Resistant, 100% Green Plastic!

      This remarkable new Super Material belongs to the burgeoning new industry known as BioPlastics. These BioPlastics go by many names including Ecoflex®, Mater-Bi™, PLA, Nodax, Nylon II, Mirel and more. But there’s one BioPlastic that simply outdoes them all…

      You see BioPlastics have been around in some form for many decades now. But it has taken the industry years of tinkering to get them right. For example, the original BioPlastics came with all sorts of problems. They used to melt in the sun, crack in the freezer, fry in the microwave, and droop in the dishwasher. And they still weren’t all that green. Oil was often used in their production. And some pundits even argued that they were actually dirtier than conventional plastics!

      On top of all that, they were expensive!

      Over the decades, though, many of these wrinkles have been ironed out. Even still, it wasn’t until this little MIT start-up (who were pioneers in genetic engineering) actually made the breakthrough everyone was waiting for. Through their unmatched expertise in genetic engineering, they recently were able to develop the very first 100% green industrial plastic. This new breed of BioPlastic is freeze-tolerant and flame-resistant. It’s also glossier and can boast a tensile strength up to 10 times greater than other plastics!

      What’s more, it is 100% biodegradable – meaning it’s not polluting our oceans or our soils one iota! In fact, the range of this company’s BioPlastic plates, cups, knives and forks (which the Navy is now buying up by the ship load) dissolve in the ocean like sugar in coffee – meaning because they’re made of 100% natural substances, they cause no harm whatsoever to the marine environment – nor to humanity’s number one food source – the fisheries! They also completely biodegrade in soils and landfills – leaving no toxic residues whatsoever!

Watch as it Takes Over the $379 Billion Plastics Industry

      This company’s radical new breed of BioPlastic will soon be in everything from diapers to DVDs… disposable cups and plates to pins and screws… backyard furniture to medical devices… and they’re about to take over $379 billion dollar global plastics industry (America’s 4th largest manufacturing sector!).

      In fact, at the recent global BioPlastics conference in Paris, 360 delegates from 29 countries gathered around to hear all about this radical new BioPlastic. In fact European BioPlastics (the world’s leading organization on this new BioCommodity) has now predicted that BioPlastics production will sextuple by 2011! It accounted for 12% of global plastics production in 2007. But they expect it to steal 40% of the entire global market share by 2011.Article

      What’s more, many countries have started to ban the use of many types of oil-based plastics. The most significant being China, which as of June 1st, 2008 placed a ban on the use of plastic bags! Italy, France, Australia are following suit. This will only further fuel the BioPlastics Boom!

      The industry is truly poised for lift-off. And I believe that this MIT firm’s breakthrough was the inflection point for it. And now, I expect BioPlastics (and this firm’s stock price) to climb up the almost vertical segment of the Bio- Plastic’s S Curve! Get in on the MIT start-up that invented it and it’d be like investing in Dupont just before they sparked the first plastics revolution.

      In fact, for just agreeing to take up a risk-free 6-month trial subscription to SuperStock Investor, I’ll send you a hotoff- the-press special investment alert on this MIT start-up. It’s called The Best Way to Profit From the BioPlastics Revolution.

Riding The Next Great S Curve
All the Way to the Top!

      But BioPlastics is not the only revolution you’ll learn about in SuperStock Investor. Another great revolution we’ve begun to follow is robotics.

      “Robotics?” you might say. “The promises were great, but they never came to fruition.”

      This is one of the great secrets to finding technologies whose growth may be about to launch into the almost vertical segment of their S Curves: Look for technologies that once had great expectations placed on them, but for which now the market seems to have given up on.

      The thing with most new technologies is that people tend to overestimate them in the short-term and underestimate them in the long-term. When robotics first became a craze in the late ‘70s, everyone expected that human-like robots would soon be walking among us, and that these robots would be seeing to our every need, vacuuming the floor, washing the rugs, keeping us company, diagnosing our diseases, fighting our wars, and answering our many questions. These huge expectations gave birth to the first robotics boom. A rash of companies IPO’d, but when the profits and promises never followed, they soon went bust, and along came what pundits called the “AI Winter.”

      Decades rolled by, and everyone was down on robotics. But then something remarkable happened… and investors barely noticed it. But I believe it was the inflection point for the robotics revolution…Article

      You see what the market has never understood, is that robotics have been held back by one main obstacle: They require Artificial Intelligence to make them work, which requires an immense amount of computing processing power! Until recently, we had nowhere near this kind of computer processing power.

      But that’s all starting to change now – and it’s changing at lightning speed.

      In fact, AI has already started to infiltrate systems all around us. For example, when you land in an airplane, your gate gets chosen by an AI-scheduling system. When you drive your car or climb in a taxi, an AI-powered GPS system tells you where to go. When you use a piece of Microsoft software, an AI system can correct your spelling and grammar.

      But the true inflection point for the robotics revolution crept into many American households a few years ago with the arrival of the world’s first domestic robot. One might even be sitting in your home right now!

The New Man in Every Housewife’s Life!
(Make Room for the Roomba!)

      At first, everyone thought it was just another fad. A smart vacuum cleaner the size of a pizza pan that promised to bring an end to the dull, dirty job of vacuuming! But then sales started to grow. Housewives, working mothers and businessmen started courting them – even to the extent of giving them their own fond little names. People started to take them on vacation with them. Some liked to show their new companion off at cocktail parties. Pretty soon millions of these little domestic robotic friends were being sold the globe over.

      Trust me, my friend, this is just the beginning. I believe these little robotic helpers and friends are about to proliferate in a major way, and that they will be greeted with the same wide-eyed surprise and investor enthusiasm as the rise of the PC in the ‘80s and the Internet in the ‘90s – and it’s largely thanks to the exponential growth curve that computer processing power is about to embark on.

      As Dr. Rodney Brooks, the Director of MIT’s AI Lab recently said:

      “I am convinced that robots are today where computers were at in 1978. That’s about the year that computers started cropping up around us in the same way that robots are today.”

      And according to the Japan Robotics Association, robotic market growth is expected to leap from around $13 billion a year today to $66 billion a year by 2025. And I think even these estimates are conservative considering the breathtaking exponential growth curve we shall see in computing power in that time. But there’s one company that I believe will take the lion’s share of this growth. While many new players are starting to emerge in this lucrative field, this one’s been around for almost two decades. But it’s only recently that it went public, and only recently that it became profitable! Now its growth curve is truly poised for take off.

The World’s #1 Domestic Robot Producer Just Went Public!

      Get ready for the next generation of robotic buddies and household helpers to pour forth from what is probably the world’s most innovative and prolific robotics company. This little MIT start-up, whose laboratory floors are sprinkled with geniuses, is about to make our lives a little easier and offer us more quality time with our families! Its new robots will perform many of life’s dirty, dull (and even dangerous) missions for us, like cleaning the gutters, sweeping the pool, mopping the floors, scrubbing the tiles – and even going to war!

      What’s more, this company boasts a team of the world’s leading entrepreneurs, marketers and AI experts to ensure that they do it. Their founders, directors and engineers have won numerous awards and accolades. Harvard University and US News World and Report named its Co-founder “One of America’s Best Leaders.” Technology Review Magazine named the Chairman “Innovator for the Next Century.” They’ve been invited to the World Economic Forum as “Global Leaders of Tomorrow.” And they boast one of MIT’s finest AI teams. No wonder the very first robot they created back in 1990 now sits proudly in the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum.

      And no wonder their robots have already explored more interesting, hostile and dangerous terrains than the average human could ever hope to! Their robots have explored everywhere from the surface of Mars to the unexplored corners of Egypt’s great pyramids… from the war zones of the Middle East to the rubble of the World Trade Center. They’ve disarmed bombs, searched inside caves, marched over landmines, investigated hostage situations and saved many soldiers’ lives! And the company just won a staggering $286 million contract from the U.S. Army.

      And now their little robotic heroes are about to sweep through your life, and help make it a lot better (and richer) too!

      You’ll learn all about this company and 4 others like it in another special investment alert you’ll receive when you try a 3-month risk-free trial subscription to SuperStock Investor. It’s called:

The Game Changers: 5 Start-Up Davids Taking on the Global Goliaths!

      In addition to this robotics company, you’ll also learn about a number of other companies that I believe have created game-changing technologies, and which are about to launch into the almost vertical slope of their S Curves, including:

Check MarkThe Leader in Next Generation BioFuels! BioFuels is another technology that’s been around for a number of decades, but which has only recently begun to launch into the vertical slope of its S Curve. But there are many problems with these first generation BioFuels. They’re not all that green, nor are they all that energy efficient, and some believe they are adding to global warming not reducing it. That’s why there’s a race to make Second Generation BioFuels. And the winner promises to reap great rewards. And, though few know it, the small industrial biotech pioneer you’ll read about in your special alert already has a Second Generation BioFuel Plant online. They are the first to do it on American soil, and may prove to be one of the greatest BioFuel investments around!

Check MarkThe Company that Discovered the ‘Holy Grail of Genetics!” Imagine having the knowledge, ability (and technology!) to be able to make any gene do what you want it to do… to turn bad ones off and good ones on… to make plant genes grow faster… to transform cancerous cells into healthy ones… the possibilities would be endless. This company owns the patent on a technology that can do just that. It’s probably the most important genetic technology ever invented!

Check MarkThe Only Drug Company So Far that’s Proven to Reverse the Aging Process!

Check MarkThe Company Forbes Named “One of the 6 Most Promising Biotech Stocks to Watch.” This company has created a breakthrough platform technology that is helping us speed up the search to find the essential molecular triggers involved in the inflammation process. Inflammation is now believed to be the root cause of many epidemics sweeping the world today from diabetes to dementia… from cancer to heart disease. It’s been called “the trillion dollar scourge.” And this company will play a key role in conquering it!

      You’ll learn all about all these Superstocks in The Game Changers: 5 Start-Up Davids Taking on the Global Goliaths!

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      Now, here’s what you’ll get:

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      In fact, by applying unique investment strategies like these, SuperStock Investor has been able to rack up a series of impressive gains year after year. It’s how I recently enjoyed gains of 199% on Dover Downs Gaming Entertainment Inc… 163% on Arbor Drugs… 117% on Komag Inc… 77% on Ionics… and 156% on Frontier Corp…

      And it’s why SuperStock Investor made the FRONT PAGE of the Sunday New York Times. And why Fortune Magazine has hailed us for our “solid track record.”

      Why not join us today, and starting riding these S Curves all the way to the top!

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James Sig

James DiGeorgia
Executive Editor
SuperStock Investor

      P.S. The miraculous new Super Material I told you about in this letter is about to work its way into almost every area of your life… from your music to your garden furniture… from your computer to your car… And as far as I can see, it is truly one of the most exciting S Curves to ride in the markets today. We are talking about the taking over of a $379 billion global industry. This is no small change. And the little MIT start-up David I told you about in this letter is poised to take the lion’s share. Buy it today!


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