Your Place at our Private Table

I'd like to invite you to join us at special kind of "round table."

At this table, you'll meet millionaire businessmen and best-selling writers, gold and currency experts, market historians and economists.

And you'll get to have a conversation with them unlike any you've had before.

Go ahead and be as controversial as you like...

Because I can guarantee you... the rest of us will. We'll hit the topics that seem so "taboo" to talk about these days in reactionary, "politically correct" America...

Like what's really immoral and wrong about health care reform... why our taxes really are too high... what's really wrong with our schools and our very ideas about education... and why nobody will admit that America is no longer the "Land of Opportunity" and hasn't been for some time. (Hint: the biggest troublemakers are the "fixers" we supposedly elected to protect those opportunities in the first place!)

Of course, we'll talk about solutions too...

But not in the way you're used to hearing.

For instance, our answers to all of the crises America faces today have nothing to do with government entitlements or handouts.

It's got nothing to do with voting for the right candidate either.

In our view, Big Government is an obstacle to the better life, not a solution. We much prefer answers that work for the individual.

Answers like: how to live "free" in an "unfree" world... how to build wealth, even in our new extractive society... what to do when the system collapses... and where to take your money before the dollar disappears.

I've got reason to believe you feel the same way.

Please be clear, at our "round table," we're not gathering together to "fix" anybody. Nor are we running for office or looking to control what others do.

Rather, we're here because we realize that being victimized by Big Government and their Wall Street cronies is no alternative either.

For too long, that's what most Americans have allowed. For too far into the foreseeable future, that's what most Americans plan to endure.

But not our group.

And not you, I hope.

Which is why I'm hoping you'll join us. I'm sure you'll recognize some of the high-profile names in our group. Effectively, you could call it a "brain trust."

I'll introduce you to them in just a moment.

But before I do, let me back up and tell you a little about how we first got this unusual idea. You could say it started in a small mountain chalet in 1947.

See, that was the year when another very impressive group of men came together, much like you and the rest of us will do today.

Like now, that was a very dark time in the world.

World War II had just ended and the creep of socialism was gathering pace. Government intervention was already strangling whole economies worldwide.

Many welcomed their own destruction.

But a few saw the potential of a different path. And one of them, a brilliant Austrian economist named Friedrich von Hayek, called them together to meet.

He invited some of the world’s smartest men to this emergency summit, including scholars and historians, political philosophers and economists.

Young Milton Friedman was there. So was Ludwig von Mises, often called the godfather of free markets. So were many more, including men who went on to win Nobel Prizes and to help shape the free market solutions we have today.

Those men had no interest in playing around with politics. They weren't angling for more power connections on Wall Street.

Instead, they had but one simple goal: To identify and explore the ideas that make people economically, politically and personally... free.

Today, we share that goal.

And as I said, I've got reason to believe you share it, too.

That's why I'm writing to you now with this special formal invitation. Because you share our interests, I'd like you to join us at our elite table.

It's that simple.

Now let me introduce you to some of the people you'll meet...

Author Image for Bill Bonner

First there's Bill Bonner, the New York Times best-selling author and founder of global market research powerhouse, Agora Publishing. Bill is widely regarded as an exceptional writer and the Bastiat of our time.

Author Image for Joel Bowman

You'll also see our own Joel Bowman, the erudite essayist for The Daily Reckoning and a daring world traveler who's probably been kicked out of more countries than most people will visit in a lifetime.

Author Image for Chris Mayer

You'll meet Chris Mayer, the world-traveling capital markets analyst and former banking insider who predicted the housing crisis. As you may know, he's got a shocking new forecast for the U.S. housing market.

Author Image for Douglas French

Speaking of housing, you'll also meet Douglas French. Not only did Doug write a controversial new book on the end of the home-ownership myth, he's also an expert on the money supply and market bubbles.

You'll also meet Stefan Molyneux, host of Freedomain Radio, one of the world's largest freedom-oriented radio show (with 25 million downloads and counting!). Stefan was just named one of the "Top 10 Most Influential People in Alternative Media."

Author Image for Robert Murphy

There's also Robert Murphy, both a top economist for the Institute of Energy Research and an adjunct scholar for the Ludwig von Mises Institute. Be sure to ask him for his radical take on why America's public schools are failing.

You'll meet N. Stephan Kinsella too. Stephan is an attorney and former adjunct law professor who revolutionized the theory of intellectual property. He's also a contributor to the outspoken website,

Then there's Wendy McElroy, one of the most widely-known critics of Big Government and a highly respected historian who's already written 12 well-received books on liberty.

You'll meet John Papola, too. John is the genius filmmaker who immortalized the battle between Keynes and Hayek in brilliant videos that you might have seen on YouTube. (If you haven't, let me know — I'll send you the link!)

Author Image for Addison Wiggin

Of course, you'll also meet me, Addison Wiggin. As you might know, I've already created two feature length documentaries and have written three New York Times best-sellers on the American debt crisis and over-regulation.

I’m the President of Laissez Faire Books. I'm also the founder and head of the $30 million research group, Agora Financial. I'll be bringing that knowledge to our table, too.

And then there's one very important person I'd like you to meet.

Author Image for Jeffrey Tucker

His name is Jeffrey Tucker, and he's going to lead our group. In fact, you could call Jeffrey our founder, since he helped us come up with the idea in the first place.

Not only is Jeffrey an author of three books on liberty and economics, he's also a journalist with over a thousand articles to his credit.

Jeffrey has also served as an editor for the Mises Institute and helped run, the largest, most trafficked economics website in the world.

In his earlier days, Jeffrey was close friends with the brilliant economist Murray Rothbard. He's also worked alongside the outspoken presidential candidate, Rep. Ron Paul.

Nobody knows more about the ideas we'll cover together. And for that reason, we've asked Jeffrey to be the guide for our special club.

Here's the best part:

Thanks to today's technology, we can convene our club at any time and any place worldwide. Because, what we're building is a private digital community. I'm certain this is the first community of its kind.

We're calling this community the Laissez Faire Club.

As I'm sure you know, "laissez faire" means "leave it be."

As in leave us alone by giving us less government... less regulation... and unhindered wealth creation. We are absolutely convinced, in our club, that this is the single best way to run a fair and prosperous society.

If I'm right about you, that's probably pretty close to what you believe.

By the way, you might also know that "Laissez Faire" was the name of a famous corner bookstore that ran for 40 years in Manhattan's Greenwich Village.

For those four decades, it was considered a beacon of "living liberty."

Agora Financial liked that bookstore and its philosophy so much, it bought the entire business as a separate subsidiary back in 2010. And that's created an interesting opportunity for you and the rest of our club members, too.

For one thing, it's given us the rights to a vast inventory of incredible resources that would thrill anybody who's serious about liberty and prosperity.

It’s so vast, we're able to give some of these essential texts away free to our club members. In fact, if you accept my invitation today, that's the first thing I'd like to do.

I'd like to send you what we call the Liberty Library.

What's in this library?

This is a beautiful box set of books by some of the most important free-market thinkers and philosophers in history.

As you might know, the financial research organization I run is world renowned for the quality of the recommendations it regularly shares.

Yet I personally believe the ideas you'll find in this library are more valuable than any stock recommendation my research organization has ever produced.

More valuable even than the gold in Fort Knox.

If that sounds like overstatement to you, then let me tell you just a little bit about what's included. Because I've personally handpicked four of the most important books we've acquired, all to include in the library I'll send you.

These same four books are among the most cherished in my own personal collection. And again, all four are included in this library I'll send you.

Here's what you'll find inside...

First, I've included A Tiger by the Tail by Friedrich von Hayek (143 pages)

In a year's time, this could be the most important book you've ever owned.

See, this is the book in which the great Friedrich von Hayek blows apart the myth of central government and "good" inflation.

If that already sounds like Greek to you, keep this in mind.

Hayek lived through Europe during the postwar currency crisis. He's easily one of most important "free-market" thinkers in history.

Reagan was reading him at the start of his revolution in the 1980's. Word has it that Margaret Thatcher kept a copy of his work on her desk.

It's also worth knowing that Hayek wrote A Tiger by the Tail in 1972.

Had leaders read it then, we might have ended the catastrophic inflation of the 1970s a heck of a lot sooner. If Ben Bernanke would read it now, maybe he'd re-think Fed policies today. I know you'll enjoy this book.

NEXT, I'll send a copy of The Law by Frédéric Bastiat (60 pages)

Famous economist Murray Rothbard once called The Law a "devastating demolition of protectionism and all forms of government subsidy and control."

In short, this might be the best argument against Big Government you'll ever come across.

Inside, Bastiat explains the facts all socialists ignore... he shows how governments steal... he finally reveals why some people just can't resist telling you what to do... and most importantly, you'll discover a smart way to deal with all these busy-bodies, too.

If Bastiat hadn't written The Law in the early 19th century, there's no doubt in my mind that government thugs would want to throw him in jail.

This is a truly timeless classic. It's important to me that you read it. I'm confident you'll find it just as valuable a set of insights as I do. And it's also yours free.

THIRD, you'll get Economics in One Lesson by Henry Hazlitt (178 pages)

Countless great and successful self-made men have had Economics in One Lesson on their bookshelves. Why? Because no book will show you better that there's more to free economies than making money.

Even more important than wealth is what limiting government and opening up the market can do for our future generations. No wonder this book has over 1 million copies in print.

Ayn Rand called it "magnificent."

Milton Friedman called it "timeless, correct, and painlessly instructive."

And Ron Paul says, "If you simply read [this book], you'll know far more than most people about economics and government."

I understand that not all people have what it takes to understand or even care about the essential truths inside a test like this one.

That's why I'm certain only a select few will even allow me to send them this prized edition. I fully believe you'll be one of those few.

Inside this masterpiece, you'll find out why stimulus never works... how taxes crush industry... and how Fed policy is designed to rob regular Americans.

Frankly, this may be the most eye-opening text in the entire set.

You'll receive a copy immediately, as reserved for club members.

And then...

FINALLY, I've included A Bubble That Broke the World by Garet Garrett (147 pages).

You may or may not know about this ground-breaking work.

But see if any of this sounds familiar...

In the years after a market crash, the U.S. is choking on debt... war costs and social program costs have piled up... and over in Europe, they're going broke, too.

That might sound an awful lot like now.

But it was also exactly the case in 1931.

And what did the Fed do then? I'm sure you won't be surprised.

They flooded the world with loose cash.

And it had exactly the wrong impact you might expect. Just like it’s doing right now, it forced an unraveling that would be misunderstood for decades.

But those who have read Garet Garrett's A Bubble That Broke the World about the Great Depression know too well what really happened.

And the thing is, Garrett could have been writing a forecast about our future.

If you've ever wondered what we could do differently, you'll want — even need — to see what he said... and what he says any smart man would do about it.

Altogether that's four timeless classics in the Liberty Library.

Each one is so important that we usually sell this box set for a minimum of $30. However, we're also going to make it available to our new club members, gratis.

It's there as a kind of primer to help further the mission we hold so dear.

Part of my invitation, of course, is for you to keep this set for yourself. Read it and enjoy it. See if it reveals to you what it has to so many before you.

In return, however, I must ask a favor of you.

I must ask you to try the other benefits of the club too —on a fully-guaranteed basis, of course — to see if our new and unusual special society is for you.

See, once you accept my special invitation to join our club, there are several other perks we've included.

All of these additional club member benefits are geared to reveal insights about how to live richer, more independently, and more freely than most Americans will ever experience.

Let me summarize these benefits for you now.

First, each week I'm going to send you another free book from the Laissez Faire catalog...

As I hinted, our special new club has over 800 books in its catalog, each of them a vital tool that could help you further your own liberty and prosperity.

Those titles include everything from classics to modern milestones, all chosen to provide you with the secrets to living rich and living free.

Because you're about to become one of our elite club members, I'd like to give you one of these classic books free each week. These will also be yours to keep.

Of course, we realize these are modern times and not everybody has the shelf space to take in this impressive library, week after week.

So we've invested an enormous amount of time and funds into fully digitizing the entire library. To be frank, this alone has taken over eight months.

We still have plans to digitize many more. But you don't have to wait until we're finished. You can start enjoying the results immediately.

See, every edition we send you arrives in electronic form and will be fully compatible with your Kindle, Nook, iPad, or whatever e-reader you prefer.

I think you'll really enjoy some of the classics we've already given away (you get access to the entire archive of past editions the moment you join).

Just as an example, one of the books we recently gave to club members was the heroic classic God of the Machine by Isabel Paterson.

Paterson never had it easy.

She pulled herself up from prairie life. At age 7, she was kicked out of a one-room schoolhouse for being too smart (she argued about currencies with her teacher!).

Then there's John T. Flynn's chilling account, As We Go Marching.

Flynn writes about fascism during World War II. But not in Europe. He talks instead about government tyranny here at home.

There's also the funny and sometimes frightening book Tax-Haven Tales, from legendary historian and offshore money expert Charles Adams.

Adams reveals how smart men escape taxes... what used to happen "offshore"... and where the wealthy go now to protect their money.

This is just a small sample.

In the first three months of the club alone, we gave our members over $138 worth of these e-books — and all of them free.

Of course, insights like these are worth talking about.

So you'll also get a free "video tour" of selected titles that we send. We affectionately call these videos "Tucker's Take."

The way it works, our host Jeffrey Tucker sits down in front of a camera and walks you through all the key ideas in each of the e-books and adds his own take. It's that simple.

Think of it like video notes for the busy reader.

This way, you'll discover the power of these ideas quickly.

You'll cover ground fast enough to keep up with your fellow club members. And you'll be able to discuss these ideas confidently with anybody.

Jeffrey also has access to authors and other experts.

As a club member, you'll hear these interviews too.

They'll show you how to take these big ideas and apply them in the real world... to live more "free," earn more from the markets, and just live better.

Only Laissez Faire Club members will have free access to these video tours.

And here's the part I'm really excited about...

You'll have full "live" access to the private Laissez Faire Club community...

We like to think of this as something Hayek and his friends would have loved. We also like to think of this as our own kind of "gated community" for like-mined thinkers.

See, unlike Hayek and friends, we've got the digital advantage.

As a member, you can "meet" with the rest of us from anywhere in the world.

You'll get members-only invitations to our live online seminars, where you can listen to our best experts and authors and ask direct questions. You'll also have unlimited access to our members-only Laissez Faire forum.

We keep all this private. No prying eyes are allowed in. And we don't share your name or other information outside of our inner circle.

This lets you form real friendships with fellow members, if that's what you want to do.

I love that we can offer this kind of online privacy and security.

And of course...

You'll also have special "club access" to the rest of our Laissez Fairecatalog, too...

With over 800 books in our catalog, I can almost guarantee you'll see other "essential reads." And maybe you won't want to wait until they appear as a weekly book club selection.

For instance, one of our most popular books right now is Bailout: An Inside Account of How Washington Abandoned Main Street While Rescuing Wall Street by Neil Barofsky.

Barofsky used to prosecute drug lords in New York.

He gave that job up in the middle of the 2008 financial crash to oversee how Wall Street's giant banks used the Bush and Obama bailout cash.

His stranger-than-fiction account documents epic fraud... stunning lies and waste... and a flat-out swindle of the American taxpayer... all from a government insider's privileged point of view.

Another top seller is Currency Wars by James Rickards.

Brace yourself for the biggest gamble in financial history. And according to Rickards, a coming paper money crisis that will make 2008 look like a sick joke.

Our "worst-case scenario" falls short of what you'll find here.

We also carry books like Ron Paul's Liberty Defined and his son Rand's book, The Tea Party Goes to Washington. You'll find life-changing texts like Wendy McElroy's The Art of Being Free too.

We've got blockbusters like Niall Ferguson's book on The Ascent of Money... Fooled by Randomness by Nassim Nicholas Taleb... and The Big Short by Michael Lewis.

Plus, we offer wealth-building books like Invest Like a Dealmaker from our own Chris Mayer... The Future for Investors by Jeremy Siegel... and Family Fortunes: How to Build Family Wealth and Hold on to it for 100 Years by Will and Bill Bonner.

And of course, you'll find all of my New York Times best-sellers too, including Financial Reckoning Day, Empire of Debt, and The Demise of the Dollar.

Others pay full price for all of these.

However, we consider these ideas so important to our "round table" of members, you'll automatically get to sheer 20% off the price of any book in our catalog.

And finally, you'll also get Jeffrey's daily e-letter, Laissez Faire Today.

You'll love Jeffrey's biting wit.

You'll also love how he breaks down what's happening with the markets, the Fed, and the relentless government assault on our lives.

Laissez Faire Today includes some of the most incendiary and flagrantly honest writing today about what's really going on in Washington.

I personally think Jeffrey is brave for doing it.

And I know you'll find it essential reading, if not the first thing you look for in your inbox.

In all I think this is a pretty amazing opportunity.

I hope you agree.

Just to see, let me show you again how these benefits add up:

  • First, you'll get the four free classics in your Liberty Library. This is a full box set just like the one I have in my own library. I'll have it delivered to you as soon as you sign up.
  • On top of that, we'll send you a free classic from our Laissez Faire Bookstore every week, in easy-to-receive electronic form. (Over a year, that's about $468 in value right there).
  • Jeffrey will give you a video tour of selected titles, to help you get up to speed quickly on all the best ideas and valuable takeaways.
  • You'll have members-only access to our private Laissez Faire Club forums and a standing free invitation to our members-only live online seminars. Come with questions, ideas, or whatever you like. Speech is still free here.
  • And then all our members also get an automatic free subscription to Jeffrey's daily e-letter, Laissez Faire Today and just to top it off, a free subscription to our parent company Agora Financial’s beloved 5 Min. Forecast letter.
  • Of course, you'll also get a whopping 20% discount on any book in our bookstore. There's no limit on when you can use this discount either. That alone could be worth $150–200 a year. This is for members only.

The "dues" for this special club are surprisingly small, just $10 a month.

That's less than the value of the first free book we'll send.

It's also a fraction of the value of the Liberty Library you'll get to keep.

Naturally, your club membership is backed by my personal guarantee.

All you have to do is try all these benefits for a single month — 30 days — and see what you think. You'll already get the full value of this first month back in spades, with your free book set of four timeless masterpieces.

And then, if you like being part of our inner circle and you're excited by the ideas, your membership will continue automatically. You'll stay a member and keep on getting more free books, free video summaries, and Jeff's daily e-letter.

You'll have full unlimited access to our online "round table" discussions and the club members private forum, too. Plus, your member discount on our entire inventory.

If you change your mind, no problem.

Just let me know and I'll cancel your subscription. There aren't any special hoops to jump through. You just call the number I'll give you and that's it.

I'll immediately end your membership and you'll get to keep everything we've sent — including the full Liberty Library no questions asked.

Doesn't that sound fair?

Oh, and there's one more thing...

Jeffrey has spent a long time battling the indignities of an intrusive government. And he's found some surprising ways to beat some of the many ways regulators make your life less pleasant than it has to be.

He's compiled the best of these secrets in a special research report he calls, Hack Your Showerhead. Why that very unusual title?

Well, it might surprise you to know, but one of the things regulators have done is to make your shower head work much less efficiently.

That is, they decided they know best and forced shower makers to cut the water flow. How can you fix it? As Jeffrey shows in your report, it's as simple as popping out a government-ordered rubber gasket inside.

It takes five minutes, and as one reader who tried it reported, it can "improve your quality of life by 1,000%."

Its' a small tip, to be sure. But along with Jeffrey's other findings, it adds up to something bigger. We call tricks like these a legal way to "starve the beast."

In short, Hack Your Showerhead can show you a "fix" for government meddling in everything from washer detergent to your wiper fluid.

I'm going to include Jeffrey's Hack Your Showerhead report along with everything else I'm sending out to club members, also for them to keep.

Again, I do think this is an exceedingly good opportunity for those who will join us. Not everybody will, because frankly, it's a bit too late for a lot of people.

However, I don't agree that it's too late for everyone.

I certainly don't believe it's too late for you, me, or those who have the foresight that I hope to see in our new digital "community."

In case it's not clear enough to you already, I haven't been this excited about something we're doing in a long time.

Mind you, we've devoted nearly two years to pulling together the pieces for this club. That's meant countless hours of work with our web development team, and many more hours of management time, just working all the details.

Of course, none of that comes cheap.

Acquiring the books alone was a $100,000 investment. And we've spent about $150,000 more developing the private Laissez Faire Club community.

So I do hope you'll consider this very direct invitation seriously.

Everything we've invested in this new venture will be worth it, in my opinion, if you'll simply agree to look everything over to see if it's for you.

All you have to do is let me hear back from you before we fill up at our "round table" or I have to extend this membership invitation elsewhere.

Since this is the first time we've done anything like this, I cannot be certain when any of those limitations on membership might take place.

But I do know for sure that our next distribution of another members-only free book goes out this coming Friday, just days from right now.

So I certainly hope you'll have an answer for me before then.

Yours for Living Free,

Addison Wiggin

Addison Wiggin
President, Laissez Faire Books

P.S. If you're still here, let me share one more thing. Jeffrey was telling me recently that he stopped into a small museum in Grand Rapids, Mich.

On the wall, they had a 19th-century poster that began...

To those who yearn to be free to decide their own destiny... There has never been, in the History of Mankind, a time of Better Opportunity for anyone who wishes to cast his lot to improve his condition.

My point to you is this: Just like back then, we also live in interesting times. Uncertain times. Even unnerving times, for many.

And just like then, you can also be sure that many Americans will not be able to live up to the challenges or ideas set before them.

But that does not mean that all of us have to resign ourselves to that same fate.

If you're willing to decide your own destiny, this is precisely what I intend for our brand new Laissez Faire Club to help you do. It's really that simple.

Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to play patsy to meddling bureaucrats for the rest of your life. You do not have to let them tell you what you're allowed to do at every turn. And you do not have to trust them with your entire financial future. Certainly, it might seem that way. But I can show you, there's another solution.

Join us and I'll show you what it is.

Simply click the button below for more details...

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