Inside Strategist - U.S. Govt. Circulates "USG-4 Tipsheet" detailing stocks that will rise in next 3 months

Dear Growth Stock Wire,

Most people know the FBI's central purpose is to help protect the United States from foreign intelligence threats...

But there's one FBI insider we know who does something else... and by learning full details about his story, you could collect as much as $98,750 by July 1st.

See below to learn what he's doing...

Good Investing,

Brian Hunt
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U.S. Govt. circulates
"USG-4 Tipsheet"
detailing stocks that will
rise in next 3 months

A one-page form published every week by a
Federal office in Washington, D.C. is making
a small group of investors rich.

Dear Reader,

At a glance, the "USG-4 Tipsheet" looks like any other Government form.

At the top is a Washington, D.C. address, and at the upper right are a series of letters and numbers identifying the Federal file number.

But the information detailed in it could make you rich...

  • Take the "USG-4 Tipsheet" for August 2006. It detailed a little-known firm called Synchronoss Technologies (SNCR). 3 months later, the stock was up 102%. 9 months later it was up 266%.
  • That same month, the "USG-4 Tipsheet" detailed Sequenom (SQNM). Just 3 months later, the stock was up 120%. After 4 months it was up 267%.

What's amazing is that the U.S. Government publishes these little-known "stock tips" for every kind of stock you can think of. Biotech... technology... oil... gold...

And each different type of stock typically goes up within 3 months of being published on the "USG-4 Tipsheet" (as I call it and explain below). It's that simple. Take the 2 stocks below, for example.

One is in electronics, the other's in advertising... One trades for pennies, the other trades for around $10. They have basically nothing in common...

But in June 2006, BOTH companies filed "USG-4 Tipsheets." Take a look:

As you can see, BOTH made big gains within just 3 months of the Government  publication, then climbed even higher...

Stock #1 rose 192% and Stock #2 rose an incredible 348%.

Sometimes "USG-4 Tipsheets" tip you off to a stock you'd never even consider... like Syntax Brillian (BRLC). Take a look:

It appears to be in awful shape, crashing for 7 straight months...

Then the "USG-4 Tipsheet" is published on May 24th, 2006...

You could have made a 385% gain in 8 months with that information. That turns a $5,000 stake into $19,250 – on a single trade.

Numerous independent studies have measured exactly how successful the "USG-4 Tipsheet," as we call it, has been over time.

But until recently, this little-known Government form was incredibly hard to access...

It was made available in only a single Federal office in Washington, D.C. The trick to using it for yourself was simply knowing how to obtain it.

The good news is: In this letter, I'll show you how to receive "USG-4 Tipsheets" at your own home – without ever having to visit Washington, D.C.

In fact, I'll show you how to take advantage of this Government-published Tipsheet beginning next Wednesday – less than 7 days from now. Including how to potentially make a fortune on each "tip" before most people even hear about them.

In other words: This Tipsheet will tell you which stocks are ready to go up... and which are not. You just have to know how to get it...

How do the "USG-4 Tipsheets" know these stocks will go up? And why don't more people know about this opportunity?

Let me give you the full details...

"USG-4 Tipsheet" Step #1:
Little-known details can make you rich

Most people don't know this, but every publicly traded U.S. company is required by law to report its most critical information to the Government.

This information is collected from doctors, scientists, inventors, engineers, CEOs, software programmers, and any other company executive who is directly involved with the company's most important inner workings.

The official paperwork is done at a small building at 100 F Street in Washington, D.C., 3 miles from the White House.

Here, the Securities and Exchanges Commission (SEC) analyze every single piece of information they receive, one company at a time.

Because these are publicly traded companies, all details MUST be made public by the Government. That's why the "USG-4 Tipsheet" is published. 

The details for the "USG-4 Tipsheet" are taken from a number of different U.S. Government publications, including SEC Forms 3, 4, 5, 13F-HR, and DEF-14A.

Here's a recent example...

Take a look at this chart for Halozyme Therapeutics (HTI)... Notice how the stock barely moved for 16 months. It looked like any other biotech company...

At the time, Halozyme was negotiating a deal with biotech giant Roche, to license its proprietary technology "Enhanze."

Of course, nobody knew if the deal would go through.

But on September 13, 2006, biotech pioneer and chief executive Kirk Randal gave the U.S. Government extremely valuable, previously unpublished details.

Immediately, a "USG-4 Tipsheet" was published. Take a look:

Remember – this Tipsheet was published by the Government in September.

Look what happened just 3 months later...

3 months after the Tipsheet's publication, the stock jumped 242%. You could have made $12,100 in profits off a single $5,000 stake in that tip.

How do you take advantage of tips like this?

The Government-based "USG-4 Tipsheet" tells you which stocks are going up. You just have to know how to get it...

"USG-4 Tipsheet" Step #2:
Isolate the Most Successful Stocks

What makes the "USG-4 Tipsheet" so effective is that it reveals the specific actions taken by people directly involved with a company's success. I'm not talking about the mailroom clerk or a secretary... but the Ph.D. researchers developing a new drug, for example – or an explorer looking for gold...

In short, when these high-level employees believe their stock will rise, they take advantage of the situation. And to do so they must notify the U.S. Government.

Immediately, details are reviewed and published in full as the "USG-4 Tipsheet." Let me show you how this works...

Consider Rural Metro (RURL) – a penny stock in the medical industry.

In 2004, CEO Jack Brucker began an aggressive campaign to land business deals throughout the U.S. to expand operations.

It was a penny investor's dream: What he wanted to do, simply, was turn a Mom-and-Pop medical outfit into a nationwide chain.

Naturally, nobody knew what would happen.

But on September 14th, Brucker gave the Government exciting details – indicating that RURL was about to get really big – very quickly.

The "USG-4 Tipsheet" was published immediately...

And sure enough, the NEXT day – less than 24 hours later – RURL announced it was the exclusive provider of ambulances in a major part of the U.S.... the first of over 25 contracts throughout the country, in over 400 different communities.

What happened next made some people a fortune... Take a look:

Exactly 4 months after the Tipsheet's publication, the stock jumped 286%. That turns every $5,000 stake into $14,300 profit...

By now you're probably wondering how to receive these tips.

As I'll explain, "USG-4 Tipsheets" are published once to several times per week by the SEC. Anyone can access them.

But NOT everyone knows how to use them.

That's because you have to know how to interpret the data to take advantage of the situation. "USG-4 Tipsheets" contain a lot of extraneous information. But if you know exactly what you're looking for – it's quite simple to figure out which companies have the potential to go up in the coming weeks.

So how do you interpret the "USG-4" data, and take the Government's "stock tips" to the bank?

Let me explain...

How to Get Rich with the
"USG-4 Tipsheet"

My name is George Rayburn. I'm the Publisher of Stansberry & Associates Investment Research. 

We started this business with one goal in mind: To find the most outstanding, little-known investment opportunities in the world... opportunities you'll simply never hear about from mainstream media or Wall Street brokers.

And for the past 10 years, we've done exactly that.

But the fact is, the Government-published "Stock Tipsheet" I've been describing here is by far the most powerful opportunity we've ever uncovered...

Quite simply, the U.S. Government, by publishing these "USG-4 Tipsheets" for the public, is giving away "stock tips." To my mind, anyone who isn't taking advantage of these tips is walking out on free money. Consider:

  • A study published by Univ. of Michigan finance professor H. Nejat Seyhun found that you can substantially increase your returns by purchasing stocks with what I call the "USG-4 Tipsheet."
  • And a Fortune magazine study revealed that investors who bought stocks detailed in what I refer to as the "USG-4 Tipsheet" earned, on average, annual total returns that were significantly higher than the S&P 500.

Other respected financial journals have reported similar findings, including The Journal of Finance... The Journal of Portfolio Management... and a Ph.D. study conducted at the London School of Economics.

Unbelievably, the kind of gains I've been describing in this letter are actually among the smaller gains you can expect to make...

The truth is, some of the gains you can make using the "USG-4 Tipsheet" are astronomical. You could have made:

  • 2,085% gains on GlobalScape (GSCP) after it appeared on a Tipsheet for October 31, 2003. That turns every $5,000 stake into $104,250.
  • 1,975% gains on Titanium Metals (TIE). "Tip" publication: May 5, 2004. That turns every $5,000 stake into $98,750 profit.
  • 599% gains on Exegenics (EXEG). "Tip" publication: Sept. 18, 2006.

Bottom-line: The "USG-4 Tipsheet," as I call it, can make you rich.

That's why I've hired an analyst who is well-informed on the "USG-4 Tipsheet" to work for us full-time, right here in our Baltimore office.

His name is Brian Heyliger.

And for the past 7 years, Brian's been involved with the U.S. Government on 5 separate confidential projects. He's worked for the FBI. The U.S. Army. NATO. The U.S. Marines. The State Department. He's on a first-name basis with about half a dozen government insiders.

The "USG-4 Tipsheet" is Brian's newest government-based project. He devotes
literally 8-10 hours every single day to nothing but "USG-4 Tipsheets."

He's analyzed tens of 1000s of them...

His research is perfect for us. We've published over 500 pages of financial reports based on the "USG-4 Tipsheet"... and have already been quoted on the subject by over 10 major news sources, including a media outlet run by a New York Times  bestselling author with an audience of over 500,000 people worldwide.

What he's discovered is remarkable. As I'll explain – Brian has a secret strategy that lets you make an absolute fortune from these "stock tips."

Let me explain...

"USG-4 Tipsheet" Step #3:
How to Make More Money, FASTER

There's a remarkable phenomenon that occurs with the Government's "USG-4 Tipsheet"...

As I already mentioned, the Tipsheets can tell you which stocks are poised to go up in the coming months. But here's the thing...

"USG-4 Tipsheets" are typically released about 60 days before the company's share price rises.

For example...

  • The "USG-4 Tipsheet" for April 28, 2006 detailed biotech penny stock AspenBio Pharma (APNB). 58 days later... it began a 220% jump.
  • On March 14, 2005, "USG-4 Tipsheet" detailed Smith & Wesson (SWHC). 59 days later... it took off on a 350% run.

This gives you a short, specific time to take advantage of this price action...

And to make the most of this short window of opportunity, we usually recommend an options play.

Options, as you probably know, allow you to control thousands of shares, with just a few hundred dollars.

And with options, you can make 5 to 10 TIMES the return that you'd see on the regular stock trade – in just a fraction of the time...

In other words: By using options for "USG-4" picks, you get the biggest bang for your buck. Here's a recent example...

Consider this chart for Titanium Metals (TIE).

As you can see, a "USG-4 Tipsheet" detailed this tiny metals stock on November 1, 2006.

You could have made money on this tip in one of 2 different ways:

PLAY #1. Buy the Stock  at $32.

This is the regular stock play.

PLAY #2. Buy the TIE March 35 calls (TIECG.X).

This is a call option (an option that makes money when stocks rise)... This is what we recommended. At the time, we wrote:

"Any move above $32 should kick off a strong rally. We could easily see a quick gain here."

Sure enough, TIE made a quick 13% move up on the Tip's publication... And PLAY #2 returned 88% in 8 DAYS7 times the regular stock trade.

Take a look:

In other words: When a "USG-4 Tipsheet" is published, you can make even MORE money using options – much FASTER than the regular stock play.

"USG-4 Tipsheets" are published at least once per week. So by using options – you have a chance to make money every single week of the year...

How do you find out about these options plays?

The "USG-4 Tipsheet" tells you which stocks are ready to go up. You just have to know how to get it...

"Stock Tipsheets" from
the U.S. Government

Most people have never heard of the "USG-4 Tipsheet."

Why? Because until recently, the only way to get them was by visiting the Federal office in Washington, D.C. where they're published.

You had to arrive early in the morning... pass through a metal detector... and then spend the entire afternoon sorting through 100s of metal cabinets...

But on July 30, 2002, all that changed when the U.S. Congress passed a new law (No. 107-204) requiring each Tipsheet to go public within 48 hours of completion.

After 73 years... the "USG-4 Tipsheet" was finally easily accessible to everyday Americans like you and me.

Still – even the most effective tipsheet in America can't make you rich if you don't fully understand how to use it.

You need a smart, experienced analyst who can analyze the "USG-4 Tipsheet" once it's published – to spot the best picks and the best-performing plays.

That's where Brian Heyliger comes in...

Brian knows more about inside Government secrets than anyone I know. From 2001 to 2007, he worked side by side with FBI agents on 2 projects worth $15.5 million combined, managed an International Narcotics and Law operation, and directly assisted an entire Okinawa-based U.S. Army platoon.

Put simply: He is the only person you should pay attention to if you want to make money off the "USG-4 Tipsheet." After analyzing 1000s of Tipsheets, he knows just how to spot the perfect "tip"... and the perfect play.

How effective is our research?

Just look at what our readers are telling us:

"I've made 393% gains in 4 months... 255% gains in 5 months... 218% gains in 6 months... and 114% gains in 3 months... ALL on your recommended tips."
– Bobby Henderson, Salt Lake City, UT
"I made $58,000 profit off a single tip. Keep up the good work!"
– Chuck Ayers, Deep Creek, MD
"I can honestly say I have never lost money on any of your recommended tips."
– Brian Branam, Chicago, IL

That's just a small sample. The fact is, we've already received 100s of notes just like this regarding our Inside Strategist research.

So what is Brian recommending right now?

As I'll explain, it could be the biggest trade you make all year...

The U.S. Government has just published a new "USG-4 Tipsheet" detailing a single company on the verge of becoming one of the best-performing trades in the market.

Brian has the full details – including a secret way to make more money off this
recommendation than anyone else in America.

Let me explain...

How fast can a single stock  
tip double your money?

Brian has just received a new "USG-4 Tipsheet" detailing a little-known stock he believes could double your money, beginning immediately...

The 60-day trading window just opened... He's already analyzed it...

And he's about to issue a huge, fast-moving options play to take full advantage... Can it turn every $5,000 stake into $10,000, in a matter of just weeks?

Only time will tell. But based on what's happened before – I certainly wouldn't bet against it.

Let me explain why...

Consider this chart for American Capital Strategies (ACAS)... another "USG-4" pick we recently found...

As you can see, the "USG-4 Tipsheet" detailed this stock on March 7 – and it jumped immediately. It's STILL climbing even now...

But we DID NOT recommend this stock.


Remember... Because when "USG-4 Tipsheets" come out, you could make MORE money on a single options play than by simply buying the stock.

So we issued an options play...

And it took off almost instantly. See for yourself:

On March 14, we trigger an email alert...

The stock jumps, and our recommended option play saw gains of 61%!... 8 TIMES the regular stock play.

And that's on only a 3-POINT jump in the stock.

So consider this: If a 3-point stock jump can make you 61%... what do you think could happen when the new tip comes out and the stock EXPLODES???

Make as much as 100% Gains
in Less Than a Month

Brian Heyliger has been closely analyzing the "USG-4 Tipsheet" for his upcoming play for the past two weeks now... preparing for next Wednesday.

That's when Brian will send out an email alert – giving you full details on a single play he believes could double your money in less than a month.

But let me make something clear...

To profit from this play, you MUST be an active and willing investor, fully prepared to execute a trade within a couple days notice from Brian.

Brian's email alerts will arrive in your inbox each Wednesday afternoon. So if you go an entire week without checking your email, you could easily miss out on Brian's options play for this company.

In other words: You have to be ready.

If you're comfortable with this kind of week by week trading... then you have the right mindset to take advantage of the "USG-4 Tipsheet."

And you should learn everything you can about Brian's investing strategy...

That's why we've just finished writing a Research Report outlining his strategy in full detail.

It's called: The "USG-4 Tipsheet" – How to Get Rich off "Stock Tips" from the U.S. Government.

Inside, you'll learn everything you need to know:

  • 3 steps for spotting the perfect "tip"
  • A secret way to get in early...
  • When to buy options, and what kind you should purchase
  • How to make money even if it's "too late"

I'm going to give you access to this report, free of charge.

How can I do this?

Because we have an agreement with Brian that gives you complete, weekly access to his best picks.

You see, every week Brian compiles a stack of the most recent Tipsheets published by the Government... and analyzes each "tip," one by one...

Then he pinpoints the perfect pick... and sends out an email alert to a small group of our readers detailing the best play for the biggest gains.

Brian's next "USG-4" recommendation goes out less than 7 days from now...

As soon as you sign up for Brian's research service – Inside Strategist – you'll immediately be on the list to receive his alert for this pick...

You Could Turn $5,000
 into $98,750

By becoming a new subscriber to Inside Strategist, you'll receive a "USG-4 Tipsheet" alert every single week...

You'll have access to the kind of plays that made:

  • 200% gains in 7 months on Transcend Services (TRCR)
  • 152% gains in 3 months on 8x8, Inc. (EGHT)
  • 125% gains in 4 months on Consortium Service (CTUM)
"Over $100,000 in Gains!"

Here's a sample of the hundreds of letters we have received from Inside Strategist readers...

"This is the best advisory I have ever used. My broker may as well have an unlisted number."
– Paul Madison
"I made 250% and 100% gains on two of your picks!!!"
– Hal Green
"With Inside Strategist I have already made back the cost of my subscription at least 25 times."
– Tim Pinkerton
"I made 100% gains in 4 days on your last options trade."
– Rick Carmichael
"Inside Strategist is a steal. I made a 101.4% gain on a single trade."
– Richard Dunbar
"Using your research, I recently sold some options for a 110% gain. Thanks."
– Albert Simonson
 "This is the finest research service of all I subscribe to."
– Jim Hammel
"This is one of the most reliable ways of making money."
– Ron Thompson
"Your research has more than paid for itself. Keep up the good work." 
– Manny Gabriel
"I sold options on your recommendation
recently for a 192% gain."
– Jerry McDouglas
"I'm quite happy with Inside Strategist. It has repaid my subscription fee many times over."
– Winston Jameson

What makes Inside Strategist so successful is that Brian knows exactly when the Tipsheet is published... when it'll affect the price of a  stock... and how to find the best option for the BIGGEST gain.

He tracks the publication of each new Tipsheet every week... carefully analyzes it... and immediately recommends an options play.

All you have to do is execute the trade as soon as it's recommended. It's that simple.

I can tell you it doesn't get any better than this in the investment world. The "USG-4 Tipsheet" is U.S. Government-based. If you want to make a fortune trading stocks and options, this is the way to do it.

If you'd put $5,000 in just one of the picks profiled by Inside Strategist – Titanium Metals (TIE) – when it was first detailed on the "Tipsheet," you could have $98,750 in gains by now.

The fact is, Brian's weekly research on the "USG-4 Tipsheet" is among the most
thorough of any research service we publish.

Brian is one of our most well-informed financial editors. He's been to Japan, Germany, Thailand, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Portugal, Peru and Chile, among half a dozen other places around the world.

He's worked for the FBI. The U.S. Army. NATO. The U.S. Marines. The State Department. He's on a first-name basis with over a half a dozen government insiders.

And the Inside Strategist track record is phenomenal. Just look at the sidebar to the right to see what subscribers are saying...

So how much does Inside Strategist cost?

Well, what would you pay for U.S. Government-based "stock tips" that in the past have returned as much as 500% in a matter of weeks?

One full year of Inside Strategist is $1,000. If you think that's too much, just look at what one of our subscribers recently told us:

"Your recommendations have helped me rake in over $100,000 in total gains. I made over 100% on two of his picks, and doubled my money on three different occasions due to options."
– Gerry Winston, Dayton, OH

What You'll Get as a
New Member

By becoming a member of Inside Strategist, you'll receive a "USG-4 Tipsheet" email alert each Wednesday afternoon, directly from Brian.

He'll give you the full details on his weekly trade recommendation... what stock to buy... and when to use options.

At that point, it's up to you to take action.

But you won't be on your own. Throughout the week, Brian will monitor the pick and stay in constant touch...

You'll receive email updates as necessary, letting you know exactly when to lock-in your gains... when to add to your position... and when to sell.

The best part is, you'll receive Brian's "USG-4 Tipsheet" alerts EVERY WEEK for an ENTIRE YEAR...

In other words: You'll have dozens of chances to make a killing in stocks this year – all thanks to the "USG-4 Tipsheet."

In the next few hours you'll also receive your password to the Inside Strategist website, and access to the exclusive report I told you about in this letter:  

  • Special Report: The "USG-4 Tipsheet" – How to Get Rich off "Stock Tips" from the U.S. Government.

Make sure you read this report carefully right away. It will take you just a few minutes.

You'll also receive access to another Special Report:

  • Special Report: The Inside Strategist Guide to Trading Options 

This report tells you everything you need to know about trading options... how options work... how to buy and sell them... what to say to your broker... how to limit your risk... make the most money... and more.

If you consistently follow Brian's advice... I believe you'll make more money in the next year – with less risk – than you've ever made before.

And one more thing...

"Inside Strategist is the best research service I get. I've bought all your recommendations to profitable results. Keep up the good work."

 – Paid-up subscriber Fred Sorbello

Our guarantee: If you're not happy with our research... if you're
not making huge gains following our advice... let us know within the first 90 days of your subscription... and you can get a full refund.

Every last penny. No questions asked. That's the only way we'll do business.

Please keep in mind: Inside Strategist is a trading research service. Brian will deliver these picks every Wednesday. He'll be recommending fast-moving plays. You should be able to execute the play, if you choose, within 1 day of receiving it.

To secure your spot, click here.


George Rayburn
Publisher, Stansberry & Associates Investment Research

P.S. Remember – on Wednesday, Brian will send out an email alert for his next "USG-4" pick. The last time we were this excited about a "USG-4" tip some of our readers made 100% gains in 4 days. If you're interested in making that kind of super-fast profit, I encourage you to sign up for Inside Strategist today. Brian's upcoming alert will go out by 6 p.m. Eastern time.

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