Whiskey & Gunpowder December 10, 2008 By Gary Gibson
Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.A.

Gold Set to Double in a Day?

Dear Whiskey Shooter,

Did you hear the rumor? During the month of December, some experts think that the Comex (the Commodity Exchange in New York) will be forced to deliver more gold than it has...

Let me restate that again…one of the world’s largest trading platforms for gold could very well run out of physical gold.

Remember all of the stories over the past weeks about coin dealers running out of gold coins? Well that scenario is playing out...and could end up at the doorsteps of the COMEX this month.

Will this rumor hold true? I’m not sure. But I do know that if it does happen, it will happen before December 31 (the last day of physical delivery for the COMEX). That’s 21 days from now.

And if a “raid” of demand for physical gold hits like some experts say it will...gold could double in a day. Do you want a piece of the profits? In the report below, you’ll find five specific ways to make gains in gold...

But if I were you, I’d act quickly…this spike in gold could happen overnight. Read below to learn more…

Gary Gibson
Managing Editor, Whiskey & Gunpowder

From Hulbert's No 1-Ranked Advisory Letter Over 5 Years, Our Most Shocking Forecast Yet...

"I'm so sure gold will soar higher I'll even make you a guarantee... plus, I'll give you five entirely new ways to play the trend..."

"Including one hidden way to snap up gold... for less than one penny per ounce..."

How can that be possible? Give me the next four minutes and I'll show you how...

Dear Fellow Levelheaded Reader,

Over the next two years, you'll witness the greatest surge in gold prices in market history — at least 100% above where gold sits today as I write.

I'm so convinced, I'll even make you a guarantee. More on that guarantee in just a second. But even better, I've just discovered a way for you to sneak into the soaring gold market for next to nothing with what I call "penny-per-ounce" gold.

That is, doing this is a "backdoor" way to owning as much of a position in gold as you like... for the equivalent of paying a single cent per ounce.

There's no alchemy involved. And no trick. It's just a gold market "loophole" most investors know nothing about. I'll show you how it works here in this letter.

It's no skin off my nose if you opt not to do this. I'd just hate to see you miss out. And even if you decide it's not for you, you'll still want to know about the astounding silver stock I'll name for you. You can it pick up right now for a 40% discount to what it should be worth on Wall Street... plus, in this same letter, I'll show you the best way to play gold using the powerful new efficiency of gold-backed exchange-traded funds (ETFs)... not to mention the single best gold stock to own right now and possibly for the next several years, if you choose to own only one.

Here's the clincher...I'm going to give you all four of these recommendations... and all the information you need to act on them... FREE.

The symbols, the buy and sell targets, and specific step-by-step instructions on what to do. No charge. Why would I do that? You'll see. But first, let's dig in and get started...


What if just before the biggest gold price surge in recent history, you could get your hands on a large stash of the yellow metal... for less than one penny per ounce?

There's no alchemy involved. No secret technology. And no smoke and mirrors. But a small upstart new mining company is doing exactly that. Its technique is simple.

But it’s just about the only company across the entire mining industry that's able to do this right now. In 2005, it mined about 100,000 ounces this way. For 2006, it quadrupled that haul, using this same technique. Now it’s on track to be a million-ounce producer... with at least 12 million ounces of gold still in the ground.

The math is simple...

Four Times Your Money Even if Gold Prices Don't Budge Another Inch

Think about it. Anybody who can get gold out of the ground for a penny... And sell it for even $500 per ounce or $400 per ounce stands to make a handsome return. And so do their shareholders.

What I'll show you here is gold hitting as high as $700... $1,000... or even $2,000 per ounce... over the next 12—24 months. Owning shares of this company could mean at least a 400% gain in that time period, even if only half of what we're calling for comes through.

So here's how this works. For most miners, getting gold out of the ground is done in pretty much the same way across the industry. But not for this wily little company I've been telling you about.

What it’s done is invent a way to mine the gold — and rich veins of raw copper — at the same time.The copper mining is so lucrative the profits more than cover the cost of pulling the gold out of the same hole. And that means close to 100% upside potential on the gold, no matter the current spot price on the market.

Any way you slice it, it’s booking massive profits. At Least 2 Years of Locked-in Value,No Matter How High Gold Actually Soars

Right now, this "little" undiscovered, new mining company already has five mines up and running. Plus, one more under construction. And three more projects after that heading into development. It also has enormous land holdings with lots of undisclosed mineral potential. Plus, it just swallowed whole another holding with as much as 2 million more ounces of gold in the ground. Add that to measured and recorded reserves of 12 million ounces... plus another 14 million ounces that are either "inferred" or "proven and probable." Sounds rich? Don't forget, I haven't even said anything yet about the nearly 2 billion pounds of copper tucked under this company's territory. And copper is the key to this whole secret. Because it's the steady flow of cash from the copper — remember, this company has innovated a way to get both the copper and gold out of the ground at the same time — that's making the gold production, in relative terms, possible for less than one penny per ounce. Here's the best part... This little company's savvy management had the foresight to hedge the entire copper reserve by making deals that locked in its copper sales at record levels for essentially the next two years. So even if the global economy keels over and copper prices, in general, fall, this company will keep on raking it in on its copper discoveries... which means it keeps on getting the gold out of the ground for next —to nothing at the same time. Did I mention? This company has no debt. It’s also sitting on a massive pile of cash. And that pile just keeps getting bigger. This is partly why the stock not only has huge upward potential, but it also pays a dividend. This is a powder keg waiting to pop. With gold prices creeping higher... and then accelerating... this isn't going to stay off mainstream radars for long. You'll need to make a move on this soon. I want you to have everything you need to make the call, as educated about the pros and cons of this as possible. So I've commissioned the best experts on my team of analysts to write it up in a FREE special report I want to send you. It's called Bullion and Beyond: Five Stunning Ways to Get Richer on the Epic Metals Boom Ahead! I'd like to get this into your hands as soon as possible. At no charge. Inside, you'll find out everything you'd want to know about "penny-per-ounce” gold. You'll also discover even more brilliant and innovative new ways to get in on the sudden new surge in the yellow metal, inside this same free report. But maybe you're already asking yourself... Why Gold and Why Now? Before I rush you that FREE report, let me ask you this... Do you remember the last time gold sold for over $2,000 per ounce? Of course you do. Maybe you didn't think of that way. But actually, gold has already sold for more than $2,000 per ounce. Let me show you. First, you have to think for a moment as if it's 1971. Gold is selling for $35. This is the year Nixon breaks it from ties to the dollar. Gold prices start climbing. By 1975, it's hit $196. And by 1980, we're talking $850. Sure, you say, that I remember. But maybe you also remember back then you could you could also make $27,700 per year and it was a pretty decent living. About as good as making $100,000 per year today. You could also buy a house for $50,000 then and, just on an inflation basis, it would be worth $250,000 today. (In real estate terms, it might sell now for $500,000 or more.) And back then, you could retire on $270,000 in savings... and it would be as good today as being a millionaire. So you can see, trying to compare yesterday's gold price to today's — on an even basis — is like trying to compare apples and armadillos! Take a look at this chart... In today's dollars, 1975 gold at $196 is more like $750 in the current market. And 1980 gold, the peak year at the historical price of $850, would now clock in closer to $2,176. And remember, this is what you get using only the most conservative market calculation of gold's worth. There are other, even more telling ways to value gold. Try this on for size... $38,349 per Ounce! Remember, for a good part of America's history, every dollar in your pocket was a dollar backed by gold. So it's not so crazy to ask yourself... if America has 8,180 tons — nearly 261.7 million ounces — of gold in reserve... how many dollars does that buy?

The answer will shock you. When dollars became unhinged from gold, the printing presses at the Fed cranked up. By 1980, for every ounce of gold in America, the financial system carried $6,966 in cash. That's $1.8 trillion total. But get this — by the end of 2005, the total real money supply shot to over $10 trillion. That's $38,349 in circulation for every ounce of gold in reserve!

Of course, it's even higher now. The printing presses are still cranking, well into 2008. Only now, it's much harder for you to know how fat the actual money supply has gotten. See, by March 23, 2006... the number had gotten so embarrassing... the Fed actually "retired" a number, "M3," which was the most broad-reaching measure of how much cash floats around in the system.

Yep. Instead of fixing the problem, the politicians just stopped talking about it. Is that any surprise? Fortunately, you don't need Washington's help to get the real picture of what's happening today in the economy... or to find out what's next for the price of gold.

Because you can just read on and see for yourself...

Precious Metals Megatrend: 3 Charts and the Truth I'm about to show you three charts.

Take a look at these first two side by side... A hundred different snapshots could show you the mess we're in. Soaring personal and government debt. A plunging savings rate. Record-high mortgages as a percentage of GDP. Plunging yields on 10-year Treasuries. Soaring but "hidden" unfunded government liabilities, to the tune of $53 trillion...

But none show it better — and more plainly — than these two charts I'm showing you right here, above. The first is our skyrocketing money supply. The second is our plummeting purchasing power. That's about as plain as you need to get.

How so?

Because this is the starkest vision you'll ever get of the absolute carnage that's piling up in a "secret war" Washington's fighting right now... and has fought, unsuccessfully, for the last 20-plus years. No, not the war in Iraq. Or Afghanistan. Or even some possible future conflict with Iran.

This is another kind of war... right here at home.

The enemy is a dark nemesis — a dead and stagnant economy. And the Fed secretly fights to hold it off desperately every single day. This is a worse enemy than recession. It's the enemy called deflation, an economy in which nothing moves and nobody buys a thing.

The weapon of choice in this ongoing secret war is flooding the market with cash and easy credit. Because regular cash and credit injections make everyone feel rich. The theory goes, when you've got cash and low-priced credit, companies borrow and expand. Consumers borrow and spend. Families borrow and buy homes.

This is why, since 1950, the total amount of money in circulation has soared well over 3,000%! And it's all good... or seems good... until it goes all wrong. See, the trouble is even money can't escape the natural law of supply and demand. When there's too much of it floating around, each dollar is worth that much less relative to the whole. Suddenly, you've got price inflation. Suddenly, every dollar you have in the bank is worth less. Hemingway called it the "first panacea of a mismanaged nation." And in our case, it's helped plummet the purchasing power of our dollars by a mind-blowing 96%. The dollar's worth today is just pennies compared with what it bought a century ago. In fact, its worth is just a fraction now — as we just demonstrated — compared with the last time gold prices boomed, in the 1970s and early 1980s. Only now, unlike then, the "wiggle room" we have left now between us and a complete dollar implosion is so thin it's practically transparent. Could total implosion actually happen? Absolutely. Take what relatively new Fed Chairman professor Ben Bernanke famously said in a speech at the National Economists Club in Washington, in November 2002: Like gold, U.S. dollars have value only to the extent that they are strictly limited in supply. But the U.S. government has a technology called a printing press (or, today, its electronic equivalent) that allows it to produce as many U.S. dollars as it wishes at essentially no cost... We conclude that under a paper money system, a determined government can always generate higher spending and, hence, positive inflation. In other words, if you want to juice an economy... turn on the printing presses and make it as easy as all get-out to borrow money at a low, low rate of interest. Bernanke and others in the Fed think that's no problem. They think they can handle it, just so long as short-term interest rates don't go to zero. But a brilliant and famous colleague of mine — someone I'll introduce you to in just a second — completely disagrees. Flooding the market with easy money, he recently told me in private, is more like burning your furniture to keep warm. It cannot last as a stopgap measure. It's courting disaster. He and I both like to think an even smarter economist, Ludwig von Mises, got it right instead, when he said: There is no means of avoiding the final collapse of a boom brought about by credit expansion. The alternative is only whether the crisis should come sooner as a result of the voluntary abandonment of further credit expansion, or later as a final and total catastrophe of the currency system involved. See, thanks to all that Fed-driven loose credit, consumer debt has soared. It's never been higher. In 1987, when Alan Greenspan first took his job in Washington, consumers were in the hole by about $10 trillion. Where are they now? An unbelievable $37.3 trillion in the red — or nearly 350% of GDP! Think about that. As a whole, Americans owe 3½ times more than the entire U.S. economy — the largest in history — produces in a year. If you or I owed that much on a personal level, we'd be suicidal. Meanwhile, the government doesn't seem to worry. It spends money even faster. It borrows even deeper. Even this administration now, with full knowledge of the implications of a credit disaster, has already borrowed more money since 2000 than every White House since the time of Washington! By 2017 — says the Heritage Foundation — our federal deficits should be soaring by at least $1 trillion per year. After that, it will jump to $2 trillion. That's not how much we'll owe. It's how much we'll add to what we owe... every 12 months, for as far as the eye can see. Doesn't that sound to you like we're at a turning point? "This Isn't 1979." Then, they had Paul Volker, who crushed inflation. Today, we've got Ben Bernanke, who embraces it. Then, they had a national debt of just $845 billion. Today, it's between $8.2 trillion and $53 trillion, depending on whom you believe. Then, we had a hostage crisis in Iran. It ended. Today, we've got Iraq, Iran, North Korea, Nigeria, Afghanistan... and an unending "war on terror." Plus bin Laden still hiding in caves and Chavez mouthing off in oil-rich Venezuela. Then, you paid 78 cents for gas. Last summer, it hit as high as $3.20. Oil cost $38 per barrel. Today, it's closer to $70. Then, the oil shortage was political. Today, it's physical — supply just can't meet higher demand. Then, the weak dollar still bought more than the dollar today. And our only real economic competitor was Japan. Now we’ve got China, India, the euro... and a resurgence in Japan. Brace yourself. Because while this might spell doom for most Wall Street stocks, it virtually guarantees a global resurgence for resource investments, silver and especially gold. Protect your wealth and grow your riches with the cutting-edge resource recommendations in Outstanding Investments. Read on for more details... If There's a Crossroads on the Way to Catastrophe... This Is It! Here's the third chart I promised you. And though you might not know it at first glance, this one is a doozy... This is what's called a "yield-curve inversion." The one you're looking at above first happened on Dec. 28, 2005... And stayed that way for several months. It inverted again on July 31, 2006... and stayed that way until May 2007. That's a 41-week yield-curve inversion — the third longest out of nine inversions since 1962. Maybe that sounds like econo-gibberish to you. But this is bad. How bad? Think dynamite and a tripwire. See, normally, a yield-curve inversion should be an extremely rare event. But here's the thing. Over the last 46 years, six out of seven recessions happened an average of 10.3 months after a yield curve inversion. Only once, in 1966, did the yield curve indicator "get it wrong." Even then, only massive government spending cuts helped prevent disaster. And there was still a massive slowdown. This is so precise an indicator of recession, in fact, one study published by the New York Federal Reserve pegged it as a better measure of what will happen to the U.S. economy than the U.S. stock market or any other general index of other leading indicators. Translation: When the curve flips, we'd better listen. Right now, as I write, we're 20 months out from the beginning of the last inversion. And Bernanke is trying desperately to prevent another inversion by slashing interest rates to the bare-bones minimum. But he's trapped between a rock and a hard place. See, slashing the rates further means an even bigger dollar collapse than what we've already suffered. And even higher credit debt at a time when most Americans can least afford it. It also means losing the last shred of overseas confidence in the U.S. economy. And that alone could spark a whole new wave of disaster. When all those overseas bondholders out there see the United States disintegrating its economic base, that's all she wrote! They'll start dumping the dollar and our debt investments with abandon. I'm sure you're smart enough to see where this is headed... That kind of unraveling is the perfect recipe for $2,000 gold. Which is why I want to make sure you're in a good strong position before this next radical power move in gold unfolds... Epic Boom Opportunity #2: "MORE GOLD THAN FORT KNOX..." AND THE WORLD'S EASIEST 94% GAIN This next move is easily one of the best ways anybody can double their money in 2008. You rarely see something this close to a pure play. At the center is a town so tiny it may as well be at the end of the world. And what, just seven years ago, used to be one of the tiniest junior mining companies in the industry. Today, both are suddenly sitting on what could be $27 billion worth of unprocessed gold — "That's like finding more gold than the government stores in Fort Knox all in one location," says one of my smartest investment research colleagues. Nobody imagined it was down there. At best, they all thought, they've got just 7 million ounces. Not only were they wrong, but suddenly this junior miner doesn't look so "junior" anymore. Because it now owns one of the largest single gold deposits in the world, with as much as 33 million ounces underground. Thanks to a partnership with one of the world's largest senior mining companies, this once-undiscovered firm can get that gold out of the ground for about $233 per ounce. At today's gold prices, that's pure profit of as much as $700 or more. Here's what's truly incredible... The $40 Billion Treasure Wall Street Forgot This same firm has another 13 billion pounds of copper tucked underground, just south of the border of the Yukon, deep in the north of British Columbia. Until recently, it cost too much in water and electricity to get that copper out of the ground. And that knocked the wind out of this firm's share price when investors figured costs would spiral out of control. I don't know if you've paid attention, but copper demand — and prices — have exploded in recent months. That's completely changed the equation. One of the massive gold miners — I can't say which one, because it would give away too much — offered $16 per share just to buy this company and its options on these two mineral-rich properties outright. If it just made that offer again, without any other changes in the company's outlook, you'd be talking an instant 94% gain in the shares just since the start of this year. That alone is enough to nearly double every dollar invested. Before the end of 2008. But feel free to expect a much bigger move this year, especially as those 33 million ounces of gold and 13 billion pounds of copper come online. While you can't wait too long on this second move, you can still read the full story for yourself before you decide. Its' all in the FREE copy of Bullion and Beyond: Five Stunning Ways to Get Richer on the Epic Metals Boom Ahead! that I want to send. All I need is your permission to put it in the mail... or you can download it yourself, five minutes from now, from a link I'll give you at the end of this letter. But before I show you how... Allow Me to Come Clean: Why I'm in Love... With Gold My name is Addison Wiggin. I'm sure you've guessed gold is more than a "fad" investing idea for me. I've followed these market forces behind the yellow metal for years. I've even written about it, in a New York Times best-seller that maybe you've read, Financial Reckoning Day. I wrote about these forces again in a second New York Times best-seller, Empire of Debt. And again in a quick little book, also a best-seller, The Demise of the Dollar. This is not, in short, new territory for me. I've hit the radio circuit to talk about this, too, appearing on over 350 local and national interview shows. Maybe you've also seen me talking it up on television, from ABC News and Forbes on Fox to Bloomberg Television. I've even just put the wraps on a new feature-length documentary called I.O.U.S.A. — with a team from Hollywood — to get this message out to the public. It debuted at Sundance just recently. And should be in theaters very soon. And at least part of that documentary shares even deeper proof of all the reasons I'm giving you here about why a major move into gold will be essential for growing and safeguarding your wealth over the years ahead. I don't say this to brag. I just want you to be clear that this isn't coming from out of the blue. In fact, I also head a multimillion-dollar international research organization that's very much focused right now on the exactly the same opportunities we've just talked about. And really, that's why I'm writing to you today. See, finding and assembling the world's best experts in this field is what I do. It's my life’s calling. I've been at this for the last 15 years. And in that time, nothing has made me more proud than what we've managed to do with one of those ventures, a powerful, major force in the resource advisory industry, called Outstanding Investments. Maybe you've heard of it... Nationally Ranked as the #1 Advisory Letter in America Over 5 Years Outstanding Investments was ranked by respected and impartial industry watchdog Hulbert Financial Digest as the No. 1 performing advisory letter over a five-year period in 2005 and again in 2006. That's quite an honor. Here's a glimpse at how we did it, and how we’re still keeping the gains coming... In 2002, our readers locked in 84% gains on Corner Bay... 96% gains on EOG Resources... 75% gains on American Water Works... 136% gains on R.J. Reynolds... and 137% gains on KeyWest Energy.... plus another 151% gain on Wheaton River Minerals... 162% gains on Intrepid Minerals... a solid 332% gain on Glamis/Francisco Gold... and 668% gains on Metallica Resources In 2003, our readers socked away another 88% gains on Northgate Exploration... plus 105% gains on Gentry Resources... 151% gains on Tocqueville Gold... 235% gains on Niko Resources... and 249% gains on Coeur d'Alene Mines... just to name a few In 2004, Outstanding Investments readers closed out PetroChina with a solid 174% gain... plus another 55% on Atacama Minerals... 116% gains on Cameco... 24% gains on the Canadian Oil Sands Trust... 32% gains on Southwest Water... and 270% gains on the July 2005 silver calls... plus a slew of small and fast winners In 2005, we took in another 43%, 44% and 45% gains on Harmony Gold, Schlumberger and PetroKazakhstan Inc. and posted 50% gains on CONSOL Energy just a few weeks later. We hit with a fat 55% gain on both Suez SA and Petro-Canada... and 73% gains on Wheaton River Minerals and Anadarko Petroleum Corp., plus 85% on Precision Drilling... 86% on Kerr-McGee... 88% on the INVESCO Energy Fund... 101% gains on the ICON Energy Fund...107% gains on Norsk Hydro... 108% gains on Anglo American PLC... 160% gains on Western Oil Sands.... and an impressive 179% gain on Talisman Energy In 2006 and 2007, we hauled in another 83% on Placer Dome...another 147% on BG Group PLC... 78% gains on OMM... 87% gains on Walter Industries... and a hefty 177% gain on Coeur d'Alene Mines... in fact, in 2007 alone, we averaged 79% gains across the board and a cumulative gain of 317%. And so far in 2008, we're already up 123% on Foundation Coal Holdings... 144% on Goldcorp... 156% on Newmont Mining... 253% on EnCana Corp.... 396% on Valero... 540% on American Century Global Gold... 645% on Suncor Energy... just to name a few. I'd like to send you a FREE report so you can see what I'm recommending you do right now. Read on for more details... then click the button at the end of this letter to send for your FREE report. As I said, I couldn't be more proud... Mark Hulbert, the no-nonsense industry watchdog, ranked Outstanding Investments as the No. 1 performing investment advisory letter over a five-year period in 2005. In 2006, he put us among his top-ranked performers yet again. And it's no wonder. Especially with the winners you could have found in Outstanding Investments over these last several years... Like the 332% we logged on Glamis/Francisco Gold... 668% gains on Metallica Resources... 249% gains on Coeur d'Alene Mines... 83% gains on Placer Dome... 156% already on Newmont... and 540% gains already on American Century Global Gold... Plus plenty of nongold gains, too. Like 137% on KeyWest Energy... 174% on PetroChina... 270% gains on the July 2005 silver call options... 160% gains on Western Oil Sands... and 179% gains on Talisman Energy... One of the biggest reasons for our success is the string of brilliant analysts we've been able to entice on board to lead Outstanding Investments readers to that top-performance position. Maybe you've already heard of our current top analyst, Byron King. When it comes to gold and other metals, oil, gas, energy — even the politics and trends that move resource markets — there's a good chance nobody is as qualified as Byron. See, unlike most market analysts, Byron actually has in-the-field experience. He's even what you might call a "rockhound." Byron's a geologist with a degree from Harvard. After graduating with honors in the 1970s, he broke into the oil industry. Byron worked as a geologist in the exploration and production division of a major oil company — one of the Fortune Top 20. When he got tired of that, he did what no other analyst would do — and joined the U.S. Navy, logging over 1,000 hours flying Navy bombers as a tailhook aviator... including more than 127 death-defying carrier landings. (Ask your broker if he has that on his resume!) Not one to sit still, after leaving the Navy, Byron worked as a practicing attorney in Pennsylvania for 17 years, during which time he became one of the most sought-after resource experts in the country. He's been invited to give speeches across the U.S. and Canada, he's written countless articles for major publications, and he's been interviewed by even more, from small-town journals to national newspapers like The Globe and Mail and the Los Angeles Times. Byron once even met with M. King Hubbert himself, the genius who discovered the Peak Oil crisis that would plague world petroleum... 20 years before it actually happened. Again, that's not a claim your average energy market analyst can make. You couldn't ask for a better pedigree. What's Byron Saying Right Now? Byron and I are both pretty excited about the future of most commodities. But we're very excited, right now, by the future of gold. In your FREE copy of Bullion and Beyond: Five Stunning Ways to Get Richer on the Epic Metals Boom Ahead!, you can see what Byron and his Outstanding Investments team are recommending right now to readers. Just give me permission to send you a copy. And then I'll ask you to do something for me. With your permission, I'll ask you to let me also start sending you — at no risk to you — up to a full year of FREE issues of Outstanding Investments, too. Inside those issues, you'll read about all kinds of ways to make money — not just on gold, but on surging new alternative energy investments, oil and gas, corn, sugar, soybeans and the China-driven resource boom... plus plenty more. All FREE for up to a full year. You can find all the details at the end of this letter. The thing is, however, Byron and his readers are already moving on these opportunities I'm telling you about. So time is of the essence. Let me at least rush you a FREE copy of this groundbreaking report, Bullion and Beyond: Five Stunning Ways to Get Richer on the Epic Metals Boom Ahead!... so you can look over these simple recommendations and see for yourself. All five picks are geared for 2008 and beyond. And you'll find all the information you need on each of them packed into the report. Which is, as I've said, yours free just as soon as you tell me you're ready. Just follow the steps at the end of this letter. But don't wait too long. If only because the pressure behind gold prices just keeps increasing by the hour. For instance, take a look at this... Precious Metals Megatrend: China's Secret Endgame Fan Gang, director of China's National Economic Research Institute, stood in front of a standing-room-only crowd at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. In halting English, he said: The U.S. dollar is no longer, in our opinion… a stable currency. It is devaluating all the time, and that's [making] troubles all the time. So the real issue is how to change the regime from a U.S. dollar pegging to a more manageable reference, say, euros, yen... those kinds of more diversified systems... And it's not just China. Malaysia is also shifting from the dollar. So is Indonesia. And Thailand. And possibly Japan. But who could blame them? China and Japan alone own about $906 billion of the $1.1 trillion of U.S. Treasuries held overseas. But a weak dollar is a wasting asset. To the Chinese, it's starting to look like a giant pile of liabilities. Yu Yongding, who sits on the Chinese central bank’s monetary policy committee, told the China Securities Journal he was worried America would drop interest rates in 2006, putting pressure on the dollar and the yuan. "More seriously," he said, "China's economy would take a big hit if the U.S. dollar weakened sharply due to such factors as a bursting of the U.S. property bubble. The loss for China's foreign exchange reserves would be extremely serious." They won't hang on for long. Publicly, the talk is of China moving more of its currency reserves away from the dollar and to the euro. And that might happen. But the euro is only paper too, backed by its own debt problems at home. The real story is China quietly converting those dollars into... you guessed it... GOLD. China just recently cashed in about 2.4% of its dollar reserves to buy gold. It has a better track record than the dollar. In fact, gold has a better track record — historically — than any paper currency. On Dec. 28, 2005 — the same day as the first in a series of recent U.S. yield curve inversions that we just talked about, an economist at China's biggest brokerage firm, China Galaxy Securities, quietly hinted China's central bank should quadruple its gold reserves in the very near future. Japan's central bank has also talked about cranking up its gold reserves. So have the central banks of South Africa, Argentina and Russia. In November 2005, Russia said it would hike up its gold reserves from 5% of total financial reserves to 10%. That's double what it's already holding now. To get it, Russia would have to absorb its own entire gold output for the next three years. That's a long time for the rest of the world to go without Russian gold production. Any more whispers on the news about this and the China gold reserve hike could send gold prices skyrocketing overnight. You'll want to be ready to profit on this surge as soon as you can. Here's another way most investors will miss... Epic Boom Opportunity #3: THE "BLUE CHIP" GOLD MINING SHARE NOBODY'S TALKING ABOUT When gold takes off, major "blue chip" gold producers like Newmont, Barrick and AngloGold grab lots of headlines. But there's another of the top 10 producers that's not getting nearly as much attention — yet. Now is your chance to grab it before soaring gold prices push it higher. This company owns one of the five largest inventories of gold deposits. Plus, it owns nine operating mines in five different countries, including the U.S., Canada, Brazil, Chile and even Russia. But here's where it has its biggest "undiscovered" edge. This major miner has three very promising projects in development that could easily up its output to levels 60% above where they are right now. That's a lot of new gold. And coming online over the next two years. What's more, this company does it all with an extremely tight rein on costs, with profit margins running an impressive 18%. And by the way, this company is also one of a few beneficiaries of a 131-year-old federal law that literally gives it the U.S. land it mines and all the deposits underneath for only $10 per acre. That's given this company more mineral-rich land holdings than 99.5% of its competitors. At the same time, this company trades for $174 of market capitalization per ounce of gold reserves, which is one of the lowest premiums among major mining companies. Call it "cheap gold." Especially considering what you would have to pay for those other major gold stocks I mentioned. It's no wonder this one company recently attracted some of the top talent from every corner of the industry. It's also no wonder that more than 57% of this company's shares are in the clutches of institutional investors. And that trend is only going to speed up, given the top-quality deals and acquisitions this company has already cooked up, which should send its total gold production soaring even faster over the next three years. You can read all about this "undiscovered" mining major, along with all the other opportunities we've already talked about, in your free copy of Bullion and Beyond: Five Stunning Ways to Get Richer on the Epic Metals Boom Ahead! Here's something else you'll find inside... Epic Boom Opportunity #4: THE SAFEST WAY TO OWN GOLD What's the safest way to own gold today? It has to be the new gold-backed exchange-traded funds (ETFs). These did not exist two decades ago, the first time legal gold investing in the United States set the markets on fire. And now they've completely revolutionized the market for gold, in more ways than one. The way they work? You buy shares, just like you would in a mutual fund. Each share is as good as holding a title to real gold. When you put money in, the gold ETF buys physical metal and stores it to back your shares. As if you had the gold itself in your own safety deposit box. Only the ETF saves you the trouble of ever storing, transporting or insuring the metal. I recommended my Outstanding Investments readers get in the more liquid of the two main gold ETFs on the market. And I've got some recommendations to share with you on how to get started on this yourself, in your FREE copy of Bullion and Beyond: Five Stunning Ways to Get Richer on the Epic Metals Boom Ahead! But here's something you might not know about ETFs. By cracking open the gold market to more marginal metal investors, all the fundamentals of gold investing have changed forever. Suddenly, pension funds, young investors and retirees who want to dabble in metals can do so. More easily than they ever could before. But all these millions of dollars in new electronic gold transactions have to be backed — by law — with real gold. So the success of the gold ETF is a self-fulfilling prophecy. The more investors it attracts, the more gold it buys. That cranks up pressure on the rest of the gold market. And gold prices tick higher, making the ETF look even more attractive all over again. Take the ETF we have recommended in our Outstanding Investments portfolio. It first came out in October 2004 with a float of about $200 million worth of gold holdings in its portfolio. In the first year, the total float ballooned to $1 billion worth of bullion. Now it's over $9.94 billion! That's $9.94 billion worth of physical gold that has to come off the market, just to back the fund's investors. The bigger that fund gets, the higher the gold price rises. And around we go. If you don't own a chunk of this ETF, now would be a good time to get in. Meanwhile, we're tracking another gold fund right now — not an ETF — that you should also own. Since it was first added to our Outstanding Investments portfolio, it's already up 540%. But you can still get in now and watch it go still higher. This select fund has averaged 77% gains over the last seven years. In one recent year, it soared 81.2% in less than 12 months. Buying it now may be the simplest and safest way for you to take up positions in all the biggest gold shares — like Newmont, Barrick and Placer Dome — without paying commissions on all those separate trades. Plus, this particular fund also takes a stake in physical gold. So this is a way for you to safely take a position in bullion too. Read all about it upcoming issues of Outstanding Investments. But be sure first to send for your FREE copy of the report Bullion and Beyond: Five Stunning Ways to Get Richer on the Epic Metals Boom Ahead! I can drop this report into the mail for you immediately. Or you can download it for yourself right now, just by following the steps at the end of this letter. No charge. But first, here's something else most investors don't know about... Precious Metals Megatrend: The Hidden Cost of Terror The Milken Institute did a study that estimated the short- and long-term costs of Sept. 11. Outside of the loss of human life, the immediate hit was about $53 billion. In the weeks that followed, another $47 billion disappeared thanks to lost economic output in the U.S. economy. Plus another $1.7 trillion that disappeared from the U.S. stock market. Then the costs REALLY started to add up... Airlines and aerospace, tourism and travel, hotels and motels, restaurants, the Postal Service and the insurance industry all suffered. Just in the first month, at least 125,000 people lost their jobs. Another 1.6 million jobs evaporated over the next year. And businesses retooling for the new "terror economy" had to spend an extra $151 billion. This is when what's called the cost of distortion comes into play — the ripple effect from a shock event like this can cause people to behave in strange ways for a long time to come. Think about it. Governments wasting billions they otherwise couldn't have, because every new security bill gets passed. Nations fighting battles they otherwise wouldn't have, because every conflict suddenly looks connected to the war on terror. Individuals and businesses not spending money in ways they otherwise would have, because they're afraid to take the risk. Air travel falls. Tourism falls. Trade suffers and foreign investment dries up. In 2002, 29 ports on the U.S. West Coast shut down for two weeks. Two hundred ships, carrying over 300,000 shipment containers, just sat in the water. Waiting. Rail cars and warehouses all over the country waited too. Along with freezers and grain elevators and companies that had to shut down their production lines. More jobs disappeared. And the added insurance costs against security shutdowns tacked on another $30 billion to the cost of doing business in America. You might remember pundits having plenty to say about how we recovered so quickly from the attacks. Yet new estimates put the uncovered costs, so far... at close to $2 trillion! And remember, this is only one event we're talking about. You and your family pay roughly $450 extra every year in taxes to cover the cost of a bloated Homeland Security agency. The same agency, by the way, whose air marshals have been caught sleeping on planes... and that holds up flights with huge security lines... and whose airport inspectors still let weapons and even dummy explosives slip through security. You can never know how much a "war on terror" will cost. Because fighting terrorism is like fighting a hurricane. You can see it forming on the radar screen. You know when it's headed your way. But you don't know what to expect when it lands. Or how much it will cost you over time. Every enhanced cockpit door on a plane costs $30,000—50,000. Screening every bag carried by airline passengers will cost taxpayers an extra $4.7 billion just for this year. Ten million dollars to teach bus drivers how to deal with terrorist passengers. Twenty-two million dollars to teach terrorism safety techniques to truck drivers... Two and a half billion dollars for highway security. Seventy million dollars for a student Homeland Security fellowship program. Twenty million dollars to renovate Homeland Security headquarters. As I said, it all starts to add up. Along with the undetermined future costs of Iraq... Afghanistan... and now maybe Iran... over the next decade, it could set us back as much as $5.7 trillion! Nobody knows for sure. But the true hidden cost is the risk premium this creates for the foreign investors who lend us money for all this extra spending. This is how instability destroys faith in the dollar. It's also why, in unstable times, the value of hard assets like gold, oil and other real resources are even more likely to take off. Here's one more way for you to get rich on that reality... Epic Boom Opportunity #5: THE SINGLE BEST GOLD STOCK TO OWN IF YOU'RE ONLY BUYING ONE Which gold stock would you buy if you wanted to own only one? Well, so far our Outstanding Investments readers have already seen 235% gains on Newmont Mining. They've seen another 249% gain on Coeur d'Alene Mines... 332% gains on Glamis Gold... and 668% gains on Metallica Resources. Just to name a few. But these opportunities have already sailed by. Your best bet is the gold company I'll tell you about right now. It's not small. In fact, it's one of the mega-producers I'm sure you already know by name. What you might not know is this one gold producer will land leagues beyond competitors in 2008 and beyond... Turn Every $1,000 Into $30,000 See, just a couple years ago, this company was on its back. Mines were dying. Gold production had collapsed. Then this company did something. With just a little under $600,000 invested in a whole new wave of gold exploration technology... it took the entire mining industry into the innovation age. Applying new discoveries in applied math, advanced physics and computer graphics... to the age-old business of digging holes in the earth and calling them mines... it got its payoff. Within months, this company discovered 110 new pockets of undiscovered gold on property its own geologists had once given up for dead. A shocking 80% of those new deposits turned out to be jammed with gold. Enough to crank out over $3 billion in new discoveries over the years that followed. Once again, you can do the math. Any way you slice it, turning half a million dollars in R&D costs into over $3 billion is stunning. But that wasn't all of it. The shares in the company also took off. Every $1,000 invested in this company's stock soared, over that same period, to a stunning $30,000. That's impressive. But here's why this one innovative little mining company is just beginning to hit its stride... Ten Steps Ahead of Every Other Gold Producer There's already the usual stuff going for this company that you'd imagine for any world-class mining share. For instance, it has no company debt. Zilch. It also has $300 million in cash sitting in its bank accounts. But it's this company's surprising move to "new tech" mining innovation that's really given it the edge. And quietly put it ahead of just about all of its mining competitors. Take what it costs this company to get the gold out of the ground — just half what major mining companies like Newmont, AngloGold, Barrick and Harmony pay for the same product. Meanwhile, this company is also producing gold faster than its competitors, too. More than 10 times faster than Newmont...triple the production rate of Newcrest... and better than five times the rate of AngloGold or Gold Fields. In short, this one company crushes the nearest competitor. Which makes it a perfect share for you to own as gold soars over the 12–24 months ahead. Political risk for this company is minimal. And all its gold is what you call "unhedged" — which basically means it’ll start reaping even greater rewards as gold values go up. And did I mention this stock also pays a dividend. Annually, 18 cents per share. And the company promises to hike up that rate even higher as the gold price goes up. It's like getting paid to own one of the best and safest gold stocks in the entire industry. Just send for your FREE copy of Bullion and Beyond: Five Stunning Ways to Get Richer on the Epic Metals Boom Ahead! to find out more. So now let's get to brass tacks... 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