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The Monthly Dividend Program - John and Helen Scott's "Drive-thru Retirement Project" turns Ordinary Americans into Millionaires

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There's a new breed of millionaires in America today.

And they owe their fortunes to a California couple who designed a unique way for you to get paid large dividends... every single month.

The full story, which could benefit you immediately, is detailed below.

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John and Helen Scott's
"Drive-thru Retirement
Project" turns Ordinary Americans into Millionaires


It's the most reliable way in America to get an extra paycheck EVERY SINGLE MONTH. (They've never missed a monthly payout in... 38 YEARS).

And the returns have trounced the stock market by more than 300% over the past decade.

Dear Reader,

For decades, Americans have flocked to California in search of sunshine, palm trees... and miles of sandy coastline.

But today there's an even better reason to pay attention to "The Golden State."

That's because in a small town, 20 miles south of Los Angeles, a couple named John and Helen Scott have found a unique way for you to pay for retirement, beginning immediately, with as little as $25.

Already, more than 40,000 regular Americans like you and me have taken advantage of the situation, according to government records.

It's really very simple. Just ask retired Florida resident (and former chemistry teacher) Mark Finley, who learned about the Scott's years ago from a colleague:

"It's the best thing I've ever done with my money. I've made tens of thousands of dollars... and I've been paid every single month since then... For years I used the payouts to buy stocks, like Carolina Copper and Navteq... which paid me even more money.

"Now, I use the monthly income for everyday things like bills and other expenses. I'd definitely recommend this investment to others... it's the best one I've ever been in. Over the past three years, I've collected about $9,000 in monthly dividend payments. And I still get a check... every single month. It's never failed me."

In fact, John and Helen Scott's "Project" has turned some lucky Americans into millionaires...

65-year old Karen Kunert spent years running shops at a local mall in Dallas. She is now worth more than $1.1 million thanks to John and Helen Scott.
73-year-old Paul Munson worked for years at a big bank in New York. He is worth more than $2.2 million thanks to the Scotts.

And 45-year-old accountant Gary Munoz from San Diego is now worth an incredible $3.4 million thanks to John and Helen Scott. He's used some of his money to buy a boat... a 1971 Chevelle SS... and a BMW.

What's amazing is that John and Helen Scott's "Drive-Thru" Retirement Project has delivered reliable income checks for 453 consecutive months (that's 38 years!)... without missing a single payment... and has returned well over 2,000% since becoming available to the public.

Even more incredible, the MONTHLY payouts are now bigger than they've been in 40 years, and you can begin collecting immediately, no matter what your age or income.

So what is John and Helen Scott's "Drive-Thru" Retirement Project, exactly? And how could you take advantage of it to get paid EVERY SINGLE MONTH for as long as you choose?

The answers and more (including interviews with Americans who have taken advantage of Scott's Retirement secret over the years) are revealed in this letter...

California couple creates
unusual way to retire rich

When John and Helen Scott first developed their "Drive-Thru" Retirement Project nearly 40 years ago, they had no idea it would change the lives of so many ordinary Americans.

It's a pretty extraordinary feat, delivering a paycheck EVERY SINGLE MONTH FOR THE PAST 38 YEARS. Just consider what's happened in America during that span...

The end of the gold standard in the early 1970s... the Watergate scandal... the Savings and Loan crisis... several big stock market crashes including Black Monday (1987) and the bubble... wars in Vietnam and the Middle East... 5 official recessions (counting today's)... terrorist attacks on U.S. soil... two periods of skyrocketing oil prices (1970s and today)... dozens of business and accounting scandals (Enron, Worldcom, etc.)... and most recently a real estate and sub-prime meltdown...

"Do you know of any other investment that's delivered a monthly check for 38 straight years?"

Even so... John and Helen Scott's "Drive-Thru" Retirement Project has NEVER failed to deliver a monthly paycheck.

If you want more income that arrives like clockwork every month, there's simply no better way to get it.

That's why many Americans are so happy to have discovered this retirement secret...

Take Martin Tucker, for example, who heard about the Scott's Project from a family friend 14 years ago. As Tucker told us recently...

"I first got involved in 1994. I heard about it from my parents. I've collected a check every month for the last 14 years. It still comes to my mailbox every single month.

"What's great about this... is that I've never seen [anything] so consistent in increasing their dividends, and paying those dividends, without fail, on the same day every month. Now... the annual income is over $5,000 per year. This is one of the best investments I ever made. I've recommended it to friends and family over the years, absolutely."

Or look at Bill Taylor, from Chicago, who has made well over 2,000% gains from the Scott's Retirement Project over the years, and has pocketed a monthly income check from this investment for the last 19 years... 228 checks in all!

As Taylor recently told us: "How can you go wrong? It's very good for a person interested in income. I've recommended this to a lot of people over the years..."

So how does the Scott's "Drive-Thru" Retirement Project work?

It's actually a remarkably safe, simple, and lucrative investment idea... that could only have gotten its start here in America...

The Secret to a "Drive-Thru" Retirement

If you spend any time driving around America, you've certainly noticed the incredible number of fast-food and "drive-thru" restaurants that populate the highways.

The numbers are staggering.

Did you know that there are now 160,000 fast food restaurants in the United States... which serve more than 50 million Americans each day? Incredible.

Well, the interesting thing is that these fast-food restaurants are now offering a unique solution that allows savvy Americans to retire rich.

Don't worry, you don't have to get a job flipping burgers or operating the drive-thru window... and you don't have to buy stock in any fast-food restaurants, either.

You see, thanks to a moneymaking secret John and Helen Scott figured out nearly 40 years ago, more than 40,000 regular Americans like you and me are getting paid amazing amounts of money every month thanks to fast-food restaurants, for simply... well... doing nothing.

Let me explain...

In short, John and Helen Scott figured out a financial secret of the fast-food industry, which pays an absolute fortune over the long run.

They started nearly 40 years ago, with a local Southern California restaurant you've almost certainly heard of: Taco Bell.

Essentially, the deal went like this...

Back then, Taco Bell was a young business. They were doing well, and wanted to build more stores. To expand, they needed cash.

So the Scotts offered a simple proposition: In exchange for ownership of the Taco Bell building, the Scotts gave the Taco Bell owners the cash they needed.

As part of the deal, the Taco Bell owners agreed to lease the building back from the Scotts for a period of 15+ years. And... get this... the Taco Bell owners agreed to pay for EVERY SINGLE BUILDING EXPENSE: maintenance... taxes... insurance... upkeep... plumbing... everything from changing a light bulb to repaving the parking lot.

In other words, the Scotts did nothing more than set up the deal. Then they never had to worry about it again.

Taco Bell got the cash they needed... and the Scotts got a low-risk stream of income thanks to the long-term lease, for many years to come.

It was a win-win deal for both sides.

So the Scotts invited their friends, family, neighbors, and other regular investors to get in on the deal. We spoke recently, for example, with David Becker, who was invited to get in on the Scott's "Project"—and has made more than 2,000% gains as a result.

Next, the Scotts worked out similar deals with other fast-food and chain restaurants around the country: Hardee's... Pizza Hut... Sizzler... Golden Corral... and more.

And since their first deal with Taco Bell, the Scott's company has paid a distribution EVERY SINGLE MONTH to shareholders... and they're still going strong today.

This April, 2008, will mark the 453rd month in a row they've sent out a MONTHLY check to participating Americans like you and me. That's 38 straight years... without missing a single month!

Incredible... that something so simple could be so lucrative for regular American investors like you and me...

 What's amazing about the Scott's monthly dividend checks is that not only do they arrive like clockwork, every single month... they've also grown bigger, every single year. Look at what's happened in just the past 14 years...

Now you can see why we call it John and Helen Scott's "Drive-Thru" Retirement Project.

By helping America's "Drive-Thru" restaurants get the cash they need to expand, the Scott's have created a lifetime of income, for themselves and regular people just like you and me.

There's simply no better way to get regular monthly income in America.

In short: A simple investment in the Scott's operation today could pay you every single month... for as long as you choose.

What's interesting is that the Scotts' business has expanded to cover not only fast-food companies, but many of the best-known retail businesses in America:

● Rite Aid
● Barnes and Noble Bookstores
● Office Max
● Jiffy Lube
● Best Buy
● CVS Pharmacies
● Staples office supplies
● Pier 1 Imports
● Linens 'n Things
● Wawa convenience stores
● Dairy Mart
Circle K convenience stores
The Sports Authority
● Children's World Day Care
● Fas Mart
● National Tire and Battery
● Midas Car maintenance and repair
● Friendly's Restaurants... and many, many more.

All told, the Scott's investment group has a deal in place with almost every type of profitable American retail business you can think of: from shoe stores, health clubs, grocery stores and daycare centers... to gas stations, restaurants, movie theaters, and auto-repair shops.

Roughly 2,000 different American stores in total.

The Scotts have made deals in 48 states... in big cities like Los Angeles, Dallas, and Denver... and in tiny little towns, like Peachtree City, Georgia; Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania; and Delafield, Wisconsin.

Even better, as part of their expansion, the Scotts have brought in thousands of ordinary investors like you and me (about 40,000 to date) to join them. And they've even listed their unique organization on the stock market, so it's super-easy for you to participate.

Again, this is the easiest way we know of to get reliable monthly income...

And it gets even better...

Tax-free short cut offers you
2,000% more gains than stocks

You can safely retire with a steady income stream for life by taking advantage of the Scott's Retirement Project.

● If you had invested with John and Helen Scott over the past 5 years, you could have collected total gains of 94%... including a dividend income check EVERY SINGLE MONTH.

● By investing with them over the past 12 years, you could have received total gains of more than 708%... which is about 600% better than the stock market during the same period.

● If you had invested back in 1994, you could have pocketed gains of 2,104%. This is about 2,000% better than the stock market during the same period.

And as I mentioned, the payouts are BIGGER today than they've ever been in the history of the company.

One of the reasons the Scott's organization pays out so much money to shareholders is because they have found a U.S. government law that allows them to pay NO TAXES on the Federal level. This means all of the profits get passed on directly to you and other investors.

Another reason these deals are so profitable for you and me as investors is because the people running the Scott's business today are fanatical about paying out huge income checks to investors, month after month... year after year.

As the Scott's Chief Operating Officer (COO) said recently:

"The philosophy of [this company] is, quite simply, to provide all of its shareholders with increasing monthly dividends, every month, year after year, for the rest of their lives."

It's pretty extraordinary, when you think about it. You've got a unique investment that is very conservative, very safe, and could pay you every single month, for as long as you choose.

You just have to know how to get started...

How to get 120 extra retirement checks in 2008

My name is George Rayburn. I'm the publisher of Stansberry & Associates Investment Research.

Over the past 12 months, we have undertaken one of our biggest research projects to date. It began as a simple question: "How can we help subscribers collect more income, more often?"... and turned into a major endeavor, involving a half-dozen equity analysts, a half-dozen researchers... hundreds of hours of time... and tens of thousands of dollars.

The result of our efforts?

We have found what I believe is the ultimate way for you to get paid more income... more often... from your investments.

And the solution I want to tell you about is unlike anything we have ever done before.

Here's what I mean...

"There's an amazing collection of 139 investments that will each pay you EVERY SINGLE MONTH of the year. . ."

During the course of our research, we found that there are 139 stocks easily traded in the United States that will pay you a dividend, EVERY SINGLE MONTH. One of them is the company I just told you about—John and Helen Scott's unique business, which has been quietly operating for nearly 40 years.

But John and Helen Scott's business is just the beginning...

There are 138 OTHER monthly dividend stocks, which are easy for you to buy.

The remarkable thing is, almost all of these businesses are obscure and lucrative operations you've likely never heard of.

And many of these business owners are as dedicated as the Scotts to making sure shareholders get paid EVERY MONTH. For example...

Land royalties that pay 2,338%: In Dallas, a guy named Ron Harper runs a remarkable business. It has literally NO employees... but simply collects landowner royalties on oil and gas properties located in Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas.

Harper's business started making monthly dividends back in January 1988--and they've never missed a monthly payment (240 consecutive) since then. During that time, the stock has gone up an impressive 2,224%... and that doesn't even include the monthly dividends... which have totaled another 2,338% in gains. Incredible, isn't it?

Ditch digging that pays you 375%: A guy named Ted Winslow runs a business with operations in the U.S. and Canada. It's incredibly simple and lucrative. What Winslow's business does, in a nutshell, is dig ditches in hard-to-reach places (for new construction, utility lines, pipes, etc.) with something called a "hydrovac extractor."

Like I said, it's a very lucrative business... especially for shareholders, who have been getting paid EVERY SINGLE MONTH for the past four years... and since the beginning of 2004, have earned 375% gains, including 45 monthly dividend payments totaling more than 100%.

Assisted Living gains of 388%: In California, Andrew Dent started a business that owns senior assisted living homes.

Again, it's a little-known but lucrative field. Dent's company started paying monthly dividends in March 2005. They haven't missed a monthly payment since... and have returned 388% in the past five years... including $4,360 in dividends for every 1,000 shares owned. 

Rentals that pay 502%: A fellow named Mike Bilger runs a little-known company that provides equipment rental and other services for big oil companies like Conoco Phillips and Devon energy.

Bilger's company started paying a monthly dividend in January of 2004. Since then, they've sent a check to shareholders every single month. The total return for shareholders in that time has been a nice 502%... which includes 133% in dividends.

The point is, these companies treat their shareholders better than any other companies we know of.

They PAY YOU... every single month.

By owning just a few of the best monthly dividend paying stocks in the world, you can earn an absolute fortune.

For example... If you owned just the 4 companies I mentioned above... plus John and Helen Scott's "Drive Thru" company I described at the beginning of this letter, you could collect 60 Dividend Income checks every single year—that's an average of more than one a week!

Over the past three years, if you owned 1,000 shares of each company, you would have collected:

●● More than 180 monthly dividend checks—that's an average of more than one a week. Payouts from these monthly checks would have totaled more than $26,450.

●● Additional capital gains on these shares of about $20,950

●● That comes out to an extra $15,800 a year... for doing nothing more than making a few simple investments.

I don't know about you, but most people I know could use an extra $15,800 a year.

And just think, if you put your money into 5 more monthly dividend payers that did just as well, for a total of 10 (as I'll show you, it's a lot easier than you think), you could have received more than 360 income checks in the past 3 years (that's one every three days), and you could have doubled the amount of annual income to $30,000 or more... totaling nearly $100,000 over the three year period.

Think about what a difference it would make in your life if you could collect an extra $100,000 or so every few years in additional income.

"Most people I know could use an extra $15,800 a year. . ."

One thing's for sure, you'll never look at going to the mailbox the same way again... because twice a week (or more) you'll be collecting handsome dividend checks.

As John D. Rockefeller, one of the richest men in U.S. history famously said: "Do you know the only thing that gives me pleasure? It's to see my dividends coming in."

We believe learning how to collect big MONTHLY dividends will change your life.

And we believe that if you need more income, and you need it on a timely basis... there's nothing better than getting paid by a handful of the companies that offer huge monthly dividend checks.

That's why we recently created a brand-new investment resource that will help you do exactly that.

It's not an investment newsletter, however.

Instead, it's unlike anything we've ever done before. After you use it once, it will benefit you for the rest of your life.

Let me explain...

90 minutes that could dramatically
improve your retirement

After studying monthly dividend stocks for the past decade... we know you can benefit big time by owning just a few of these stocks in your portfolio.

And what we found in our research is that by knowing just a few simple secrets about how these monthly dividend companies work, it's not very hard to select the best ones.

So we thought... "What if, rather than simply giving you a list of the best monthly dividend-paying stocks available right now, we could instead teach you how to select the best monthly dividends on your own?"

Then, you'd have an easy way to get all the income you need... for as long as you need it.

In other words, if we could show you the few simple tests and secrets that would allow you to select the best monthly dividend payers on your own... you could do it any time you want. And you'd never have to worry about having enough income... ever again.

Well, that's the purpose of our brand-new, first-ever S&A Investment Course, called The Monthly Dividend Program.

It's a simple, step-by-step investment Program that will show you an easy way to get all the income you need, for as long as you need it, by owning the best monthly-dividend-paying stocks in the world.

Don't worry, this is unlike any "course" you've ever taken before. There's no homework. No studying. No boring lectures or books to read.

It will take you a total of about 90 minutes to learn the secrets we've spent years figuring out.

Then, whenever you need an income paying stock... it should take you no more than 20 minutes to find the perfect investment.

Think of it like a "Monthly Dividend University."

After you enroll, we show you EVERY company that pays a monthly dividend... and a simple way to evaluate these companies to put a handful of them in your portfolio every year. This ensures you'll always get paid... every single month.

Of course, unlike a regular university class, The Monthly Dividend Program will take you only about 90 minutes to learn... and will benefit you for the rest of your life. Believe me, I'm no financial expert... and if I can follow these simple steps, I'm sure you can too.

The great thing is, once you know these secrets, you can use them to collect tremendous income, whenever you want.

So what, specifically, is included in The Monthly Dividend Program?

Let me quickly walk you through it...

4 Steps to getting all the income
you need for the rest of your life

After studying monthly-dividend stocks for more than a decade, we've figured out an amazingly easy system, which can help you quickly determine exactly which monthly payers will offer you the biggest and safest monthly payouts.

In The Monthly Dividend Program, we'll walk you through this simple system, step by step...

Monthly Income Step #1: Focus only on monthly-dividend-paying stocks.

Sure, there are thousands of companies that will pay you a dividend twice... or maybe four times a year. But if you want to get paid every single month, there are only 139 easy-to-buy stocks to chose from.

This is actually a good thing, because it makes it easy to find the best investments.

Are MONTHLY dividends
right for you?

   We interviewed dozens of ordinary Americans over the past few months, to find out how collecting monthly dividends changed their lives. Here's what a few of these folks told us:

 ● "My main source. . ."
 "I love it. It's my main source of income... It has paid me tens of thousands per year."
-- Tom Ainsworth, Fort Worth, TX
"Try for $4,000 a month. . ."
"I try for $4000 a month in income. I was forced to take early retirement...I had to replace my salary. I've made my living doing this for 25+ years. I've paid off my mortgage... and it allows me to replace my Lincoln Town Car every 3-4 years if I want to."
-- Bernard Bass, Memphis, TN
●  "Best place for my money. . ."
"I think the monthly dividend stocks are the best place for most of my money... and for several years, I [have] made thousands of dollars in dividends."
-- Jane Tolker, Cincinnati, OH
"More time. . ."
 "I discovered stocks that could pay me a monthly dividend... and this strategy allowed me to retire early, spend more time with my family, travel and most of all the security of knowing a steady income stream would be coming  each month... I am generating in excess of $1,000 a month. I would highly recommend safe monthly income stocks as part or all of a portfolio."
-- Bert Joost, Ann Arbor, MI
"If they don't pay me. . ."
"If they don't pay me back and only pay the CEO'S I don't buy."
-- George Epperson, Santa Cruz, CA
"$27,000 this year. . ."
"I live off the income from my brokerage account and use the IRA income to buy more investments... about $27,000 this year."
-- Jerry Haddock, Phoenix, AZ

In The Monthly Dividend Program, we'll show you the complete list and ticker symbols of all 139 stocks that pay a monthly-dividend. And we'll also show you the best-performing ones, and how to find them.

The way we look at it, if you want to get paid more income, more often, there's simply no reason to look beyond these companies—because within this 139 stock universe, there are dozens of absolutely great opportunities to choose from.

For example, I already mentioned a California company that has paid a monthly dividend for 453 consecutive months. Well, there's an Arizona company you've probably never heard of that has paid a monthly dividend for 237 consecutive months... and a Dallas company you've probably never heard of that has paid monthly dividends for 240 consecutive months.

And it's not just the number of dividends you can collect from these companies that makes them so appealing. The overall returns are incredible too:

One company on this list has paid 1,342% over the past five years

Another company on the list has returned more than 500% over just the past 4 years

And yet another has returned a whopping 2,224% over the past decade

The point is, you can reliably get paid tremendous dividends if you simply focus just a small part of your portfolio on companies that pay monthly dividends.

And if you need income on a timely basis, there's no better way to do it than these stocks. One nice thing about these investments is that by having a monthly dividend requirement, it forces them to stay focused on the goal of generating cash for shareholders. That's the kind of stock I want to own, especially when the market is as crazy as it is right now.

And that's why The Monthly Dividend Program focuses only on the 139 stocks that pay you EVERY MONTH.

Monthly Income Step #2. Focus only on companies that pay BIG dividends.

I don't know about you, but I have no interest in a company that pays a measly 2% to 3% annual dividend... especially when there are really great businesses out there willing to pay you as much as 10%... 12%... even 14% a year.

Yes, believe it or not, these companies exist. And the dividends are very safe. Right now, for example, one of our favorite Monthly Dividend Stocks is paying a whopping 14.7% dividend. Another is paying a fantastic 11.8% dividend... and yet another is paying a reliable 10.5% dividend.

The reason you've never heard of these opportunities is because they are relatively obscure stocks. But if you know where to look, there are lots of companies that have reliably paid these large monthly dividends for a decade or more. We'll show you exactly how to find them.

The Monthly Dividend Program details exactly where to find companies that have reliably paid BIG dividends for a long, long period of time.

Monthly Income Step #3. Learn how to reliably predict the biggest monthly dividends. . . for years and years to come.

This is the nuts and bolts of The Monthly Dividend Program, and it's actually a lot easier than it sounds...

You see, we've found after nearly a decade of studying these stocks, that there are just 3 simple things to look for to determine whether or not a stock can reliably pay you a monthly dividend for a long period of time.

First, you need to make sure a company continually generates enough cash to keep paying you big dividends. This is a simple calculation, if you know where to look.

Second, you need to know exactly when to buy monthly-dividend stocks in various sectors--again... it's pretty simple to figure out if you know the secrets of how these companies work.

"Need an extra $25,000 a year? We can show you what's required. . ."

Finally, you need to make sure a company is going to continue paying out big monthly dividends, over the long term. Most people don't have a clue about where to find this information, but it's spelled out in every company's public filings.

That's it. You just need the three simple tests we'll show you, and about 10 minutes of time... and you can quickly and easily determine how reliable any monthly dividend will be.

Of course, we'll walk you through it, step-by-step, to show you exactly how to do it. I think you'll be amazed at how easy it is, once you know the simple steps to take.

Monthly Income Step #4. Determine how much money you need and when you need it.

The final step in The Monthly Dividend Program is to determine how much money you need... and how often you want to collect it.

Need to get paid an extra $15,000 over the course of the year, delivered to your mailbox every other week? We'll show you how to do it.

Need $25,000 a year, sent to you in the form of two paychecks every single week? We can show you what's required.

No matter how much money you need... or how often you need it... there's likely an easy solution, using Monthly Dividend Stocks.

Of course, these four Steps are just the beginning of the things you'll learn in The Monthly Dividend Program.

For example...

Which monthly dividend stocks pay the biggest dividends in the world right now.

How to know the exact investment amount required in each company to get the income you need... plus, the best time to buy each stock

Our 2 favorite monthly dividend stocks of all-time

How monthly-dividend-paying stocks differ from ordinary stocks. We'll show you the unique corporate structure behind most monthly dividend stocks, and how it differs from ordinary stocks...and what this means for you as an investor.

And much, much more...

In short, our new Monthly Dividend Program is the most complete resource I've ever seen on how to make extraordinary returns, thanks to stocks that pay a monthly dividend. It's really all you will ever need to get as much timely income as you need... for as long as you need it.

But does The Monthly Dividend Program make sense for you?

You'll have to decide for yourself, of course. But I think it's a salvation for people who want more income, more often... and simply want to know the best way to do it.

What's great is, you only need to learn these monthly income secrets once... and you can use them for the rest of your life, to get all the extra money you need.

Contributing to this program are some of the best analysts in the business:

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud is a former stockbroker, hedge fund manager, mutual fund Vice President, and head of several investment research departments.

Tom Dyson is one of the world's foremost authorities on generating income. Tom's formal training came on the trading floor at Citigroup – the largest bond-trading firm in the world. Tom is also a member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants – Britain's rigorous accounting certification program.

Porter Stansberry is responsible for building the largest investment advisory publishing organization in America. His work has been written about in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Barron's, and many more.

The Monthly Dividend Program is headed up by Sean Goldsmith, who has quickly become one of the most-followed investment analysts in America.

So what is included in The Monthly Dividend Program, exactly, and how much does it cost?

Here are the details...

What you'll receive. . .

When you decide to have a look at The Monthly Dividend Program, you'll receive:

#1. The List: Complete details and rankings from top to bottom on all 139 monthly dividend paying stocks you can buy right now, including stock-market symbols, and current yield.

#2. The Secrets of Finding the Best Monthly Payers: We'll walk you step by step through the process of finding the best stocks in the world that pay a monthly dividend.

This process is divided into 5 easy chapters. After learning these techniques, which we estimate will take about 90 minutes of your time, you'll have a short-cut technique to get all the income you need for as long as you need it.

We'll also show you how other investors have made a fortune using monthly dividends, and how you can do the same.

By owning just 3 of these companies, you could get paid 36 times in the next year. Own just five of them and you could get paid an average of More than Once a Week. Most people I know could use an extra paycheck every single week.

#3. The Income Plan: You decide on how much money you want to collect, and how often you want to collect it... and we'll show you the best way to do it. How many stocks to own... how many shares of each... when to buy... when to sell... and more.

Oh... and I almost forgot to mention...I haven't even told you yet about what might be the best part of The Monthly Dividend Program...

The "Top 10" Monthly
Dividends right now. . .

When you take a trial look at our new Monthly Dividend Program, we'll also send you, every quarter for the next year, our thorough report on the current Top 10 Monthly Dividends in the World.

In other words, not only will we show you exactly how to select the best monthly dividend paying stocks on your own... we'll also hold your hand, every step of the way for an entire year, to make sure you know exactly how everything works.

Each Quarter (in January, April, July, and October), we'll send you a thorough write-up on the current Top 10 Monthly Dividend stocks in the world.

So every three months you'll get a write-up on the current Top 10 monthly dividend paying stocks in the world... plus the full rankings of the other 129 companies that didn't make the Top 10.

We'll also give you access to our subscribers-only website, where you can check these rankings any time you want. And we'll provide you with a subscribers-only "Hotline," where we'll answer any questions you have about how the Monthly Dividend Program works.

Right now, in the current Top 10 Monthly Dividends, for example, you'll find:

● One company in the Top 10 is crucial to delivering the energy we need in the United States... which has been paying a monthly dividend since December of 2000. Since then, the company has sent out monthly checks for 87 consecutive months. If you owned just 1,000 shares you would have collected more than $31,490... and total gains of 826%.

● Another stock in the Top 10 is integral to keeping the U.S. infrastructure in working order, has been paying monthly dividends for 45 straight months... and since the year 2000 has paid investors total gains of 513%.

● Another stock in the Top 10 makes it possible for Americans to get many of the clothes and home goods we take for granted. Since the beginning of the year 2000, this stock has paid out a monthly dividend for 98 consecutive months (never missing a payment), and has returned gains of 298% during that period.

So how can you get started collecting as many monthly dividend payments as you want? It's easy...

How to get started

To get started with the Monthly Dividend Program, simply let us know you would like to give it a try. We'll rush you:

1) The Monthly Dividend Program Course, which teaches you, step-by-step, how to easily pick the best monthly dividends, on your own.

2) The Top 10 Monthly Dividend Paying Stocks in the World. You'll get a write-up on the current Top 10 as soon as you order. This Report also details exactly how much to invest in each stock to get the income you desire. Then, every three months for the next year, you'll get an updated Top 10 Report.

3) The List. This includes not only the Top 10 Monthly Dividend Stocks... but also all 129 other stocks that didn't make the Top 10. And they're all ranked from top to bottom. You'll receive The List as soon as you order... and also every three months for the next year.

4) Subscribers-only Access to the Monthly Dividend Website, so you can check on the best Monthly Dividends, any time you wish. Plus access to the Monthly Dividend "Hotline," where you can get any questions answered about how the Monthly Dividend Program works.

Then, take the next six (6) months to decide for yourself whether or not collecting monthly dividends is right for you.

If The Monthly Dividend Plan does not live up to your expectations for any reason, just return your copy of the Course in ANY condition... and you'll receive a full refund. Keep the Monthly Dividend Top 10... and full rankings of every other monthly dividend investment, our compliments.

I believe six months should give you plenty of time to figure out whether monthly dividends are for you.

I think it will change the way you invest forever... just as it has for these people we recently interviewed...

"The 'magic of monthly dividends' has changed my finances and investment thinking significantly. I collect $3,843.64 in monthly dividends."
- Dave McIntire, El Paso, TX
"My monthly dividends offset my living expenses... I'm getting $18,000 to $20,000 a year in dividends. I am very proud and thankful that I have reached [this] plateau... I did it without the help of the so called financial advisors at the brokerage firms."
- James Montgomery, Little Rock, AK
The dividend check CANNOT BE FAKED, DISTORTED, OR DISGUISED IN ANY WAY.  IT IS REAL... my portfolio provides me with about 120% of my earned income each year as additional income!!
- Richard Armstrong, Newark, DE

So how much does The Monthly Dividend Program cost?

Well, before I give you the specifics, there's one more thing I want to send you when you take a risk-free, no-obligation look at our brand-new income course...

Yours FREE: The Little Black Book of Income Secrets

Over the past decade, we at S&A Investment Research have learned about literally dozens of unique ways to make all the extra income you need...

From obscure government bonds that pay 60% over a 2-year-period... to secret bank accounts and CDs that pay more than twice the usual rates... to something we call "K-1" Dividends, which have paid as much as 550% gains in a little more than a year.

That's why, when you give The Monthly Dividend Program a risk-free look, we'll also send you our brand-new book that's filled with just about every income secret we know. It's called: The Little Black Book of Income Secrets. And enclosed, you'll find the full details on:

● An FDIC-insured CD that could pay you an incredible 8.91% per year. We know of no better place to put your super-safe cash, to watch it safely grow. (page 11)

● Have you heard of Business Development Corporations (BDCs)? Created by the U.S. Small Business Investment Incentive Act, these unique investments make it possible for you to safely earn yields of 12% or more per year. One BDC we'll tell you about has paid about 500% gains over the past decade. (page 16)

● An amazingly simple dividend system that's beaten the stock market for the past 41 years. (page 6)

A little-known type of "dividend" that can pay 10-times as much as ordinary dividends. One California native you'll read about used this secret to collect half a million dollars in a single year. (page 19)

● Plus... so much more: How a unique timberland investment has paid 9,000% gains over the past 18 years... how Master Limited Partnerships work and which one to buy now... a unique way to buy loans from the U.S. government that could pay you more than 240% over a 2-year period... how to earn great income as the U.S. dollar drops and China's currency rises... and much, much more.

Again, your copy of The Little Black Book of Income Secrets comes free of charge, when you buy a copy of The Monthly Dividend Program for a one-time fee of just $249.

That's all you'll pay... ever... to learn the secrets of collecting all the monthly income you need... for as long as you need it.

This price includes everything mentioned in this letter: The investment course... the year-long quarterly updates... the subscribers-only access that gives you access to the full rankings any time of day... access to the subscribers-only questions "Hotline"... The Little Black Book of Income Secrets... and more.

To get started with The Monthly Dividend Plan right away, simply click here.

You can access everything described here on-line, in the next few minutes. We'll follow up with a print version mailed to your home soon after.


George Rayburn
Publisher, S&A Investment Research

P.S. I was just reading through the current Top 10 Monthly Dividend Payers list. It’s an amazing group of investments, a few of which I described earlier.

Well, I just read the details on another one of these little-known businesses... it’s a company that started paying monthly dividends in 2003, and since the beginning of that year has returned an incredible 457%. They’ve never missed a monthly payout... and have increased their monthly payouts EVERY single year.

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