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There’s a simple first step to achieving your retirement dreams and more: Stop listening to the lies of brokers and financial advisors They’re telling lies. Brokers, financial advisors, Wall Street investment firms…  They’re likely all perpetuating dangerous retirement myths. Sometimes it’s to sell more products and sometimes it’s just because they don’t know any better. These three lies are costing millions of Americans big money every day. Not just little white lies either… but lies jeopardizing the financial futures Americans are working (or have worked) so hard to build, threatening the legacy they plan on leaving behind for their kids and grandkids. You may have even been victim of these ridiculous lies yourself! But even if you have, there’s no reason you have to succumb to it. Or let it happen again… So I’m blowing the lid off the most dangerous lies about investing for retirement in America today. I’m doing this to save you from the fate that so many of your misled friends and neighbors may have succumbed to because of these costly lies. Lies that could prevent you from ever reaching your dream retirement. Fact is, that for lots of people in America, retirement is actually kind of sad … Not only do people have to pinch pennies and be careful, but CBS News reports that a shocking 80% of baby boomers plan to “retire late,” working well past the age of 63. Working longer than their parents and their grandparents did. And that’s a shame. After all, you worked all those years. You sacrificed. You did the right thing. So shouldn’t you have the freedom and the ability to enjoy yourself however you choose? Maybe you want to travel the world, buy a fancy car or two, or a beachfront home in some exotic locale? Or set up your grandkids with college funds or donate cash to charity causes close to your heart? That’s a REAL retirement! And it could be yours; too… starting today… starting right now… it’s easier than you think… I’ll show you how. I’m here to do more than just expose the lies the financial community is perpetuating on the American public. I actually want to share with you wealth-building secrets brokers won’t tell their clients about since they don’t benefit or don’t even know exist. Secrets that you can easily apply and give you the wealthy- thriving retirement you deserve. A group of regular Americans are using them right now to make a fortune… But before we get to the dirty details, let me introduce myself... Hello. My name’s Chris Mayer and I’m a veteran market analyst. Maybe you've seen me during my many appearances on Fox's Bulls & Bears, Forbes on Fox, or CNBC... Or heard my voice on CNN Radio... or read my popular book, Invest Like a Dealmaker: Secrets From a Former Banking Insider. Perhaps you know one of the 44,000 Americans who’s recently followed my research to money multiplying gains of 137.6%, 127.34%, 101.64%, 107% and 115%. I know the financial world — even the banking world — from the inside. Fresh out of my masters program, I helped manage over $200 million for a major commercial bank... and even became their youngest vice-president...  I mention it because that background — poring over the balance sheets of major and minor companies alike, looking for anomalies, mistakes, and even hidden value — was about the best stock picking training you could imagine. After all, a company I’d feel comfortable lending to is one I’d feel comfortable owning shares of. That’s how I spent years studying history’s finest analysts... compiling and testing their systems... until I had my own ruthless formula for testing the companies I evaluated, much more deeply than your average broker. It was so effective that I’m proud to say I never lost a single dime on any of the major loans I made. The board even offered me stock options and promotions as a reward. But that was just when lenders grew cocky and lowered their lending standards... putting America’s financial system on a dangerous path that would inevitably lead to crisis. And devastate the retirement hopes of millions of innocent Americans. So I decided to walk away to do my own 100% independent stock market research. I have zero allegiance to any Wall Street investment firm, just to my loyal readers. To people just like you. And to say I’m appalled by the nonsense that the financial community is feeding you about retirement today is a huge understatement. You’re being directly taken for a ride… at a time when the stakes for most Americans couldn’t possibly get any higher. That’s why it’s absolutely critical that you learn the REAL story about investing for retirement right now and what you must do if you want a secure financial future. So let’s get right to the details starting with the first outrageous lie…
MOST DANGEROUS RETIREMENT LIE #1: “Diversify! Diversify! Diversify!”
One of the biggest drums beaten today in investing for retirement is to DIVERSIFY. It’s a time-tested method for reducing risk and maximizing an investor’s portfolio’s returns by investing in a variety of assets. However too much diversification, or “diworsification”, can be a bad thing. In fact, some brokers have incentives to “diworsify” investment portfolios. “Diworsification” is a term originally created by billionaire investor Peter Lynch to describe a conglomerate, a company made up of seemingly unrelated businesses. Today it’s morphed into a buzzword meaning money-burning diversification of an investment portfolio. It’s an easy trap to fall into and happens when people become “collectors of investments” as opposed to just investors. Some people simply buy what they think they should own with little regard to how it contributes to their overall portfolio. In the end you have a smorgasbord of investments not linked to any real purpose.  Owning too many investments can be confusing; makes it harder to do the diligence, increases investment costs, and can take a big bite out of returns over the long term. So what kind of schemes are brokers using today to manipulate their clients’ money? Brokers are using new products to spread their client’s money called “auto-diversification” investments. One example is a target-date fund – a mutual fund whose asset mix becomes more conservative as the target date (usually retirement) approaches. Since it’s managed by a third party and not by the broker himself, it requires little work on his part and gives him convenient finger pointing opportunities if things go awry. Brokers also overdiversify their client’s accounts to keep the “money in motion.” Buying and selling investments that are packaged differently with similar risk does very little to diversify a portfolio, but these transactions often result in higher fees and more commissions for the broker. And then there’s this ridiculous retirement lie…
MOST DANGEROUS RETIREMENT LIE #2: “Bonds Are a Good Investment and Should Represent a Large Portion of an Investor’s Portfolio”
It’s common for older clients to be pushed into a greater percentage of bonds in their portfolio. An often-quoted rule is that investors should hold their age in bonds as a total percentage of their portfolios. For instance, a sixty-five-year-old should hold 65% bonds in his portfolio. In fact, many companies are redesigning their 401(k)s to funnel investors into the target-date funds I told you about earlier, which automatically steer older investors into bonds. The reasoning behind this scheme is that financial advisors generally believe bonds to be a safer, less “plunge-prone” investment than stocks. It makes a bit of sense because if the company goes bankrupt, bondholders will be paid before the stockholders. But the reason I don’t like fixed-income investments as an alternative to stocks is that I believe they have much of the downside risk of stocks with little of the upside. Let me explain… In the recent downturn, we saw stocks of certain companies fall 75 percent, and their bonds are also significantly off, sometime in excess of 50 percent. Likewise, in times of high inflation, we have seen bonds with long maturity dates (10 years or more) also do poorly.  So, both bonds and stocks have big downside risk if inflation takes off or a company’s earnings prospects decline significantly. But what if things improve? What if the economy gets better and a company grows faster than expected? The bondholder has no upside.                                    No matter how well the company is managed and how good its earnings prospects are, the bondholder simply gets his promised fixed rate of return. But since the stockholder has an ownership stake in the company, if the company’s fortunes improve, so does the stockholder’s return. In short, the bondholder is just going to get their money back in good times while the stockholder has real upside potential as the company’s earnings improve. So if you are holding bonds, you may be missing a better alternative in stocks, while facing similar downside risk. I believe people are fooled by the name “fixed-income securities” when in fact there is no such thing. And there’s another crazy lie about retirement the financial community NEEDS you to believe…
MOST DANGEROUS RETIREMENT LIE #3 “Before Investing, Speak With a Broker or Financial Advisor”
It is preached that before you invest, you should talk with a financial advisor whose long-term investing perspective will end up saving you a great deal of money over time. But does it really? While it’s difficult to track all the investment advice given by stockbrokers, academic studies have been done as to the quality of their research departments’ advice. And it has been found that over time, buying the stocks that banks’ research departments recommend does not yield any superior performance in a portfolio. Similarly, a study was done in which all of Jim Cramer’s investment advice was followed, and it was determined that he did not outperform the market either. Finally a study of all the mutual funds shows that, as a whole, they also under perform the market by exactly the amount of their fees. Therefore, it certainly doesn’t make sense to pay ridiculous 1, 2 or 3 percent fees per year to get worthless advice. You may as well bury your money in the backyard – at least you won’t pay fees to do that. Let's look at the shocking impact of fees, over time, on your nest egg. The table below assumes $2,000 is invested on January 1st of each year and earns a 10% rate of return before deducting fees.
The Balance after 40 Years
Mgmt. Fee @ 0.02% $968,249
Mgmt. Fee @ 0.25% $907,762
Mgmt. Fee @ 0.50% $846,479
Mgmt. Fee @ 1% $736,584
Mgmt. Fee @ 2% $559,562
Mgmt. Fee @ 3% $427,219
Think about the numbers on this table... If you have investments that are costing 3%, then your nest egg will be an astonishing $541,000 lower after 40 years than if you used low-fee investments and did your own investing! As Ric Edelman, ranked by Barron’s as America’s #1 independent financial advisor, says,
“There's no greater pitfall than the one created by the retail mutual fund industry. [They] are ripping you off. You are incurring greater risks, lower returns and higher fees than you realize, and as a result you are in danger of not achieving your financial goals.” 
Bottom line: Even though a broker’s obligation is to act in the best interest of the client, most often this is simply not the case. In a way, it’s like the more money their clients lose, the more money they make. That’s because most brokers have incentives to sell certain types of products. They have interests in overdiversifying their clients’ accounts. And the cumulative damage can be devastating to an investor’s long-term wealth.  Up to $541,000 devastating! It’s no wonder most investors in America think the game is rigged against them!
Frankly, You Deserve Better…
You’ve worked too hard to dump your life savings into some corporate black hole in return for mediocre performance, huge fees and arrogance. Well it’s not too late to turn the tide on your financial future. Even better, you can do it yourself! It’s still not too late to put yourself on the path to a wealthy and fulfilling retirement. You can achieve the retirement of your dreams despite today’s scrambled markets. All you have to do is be willing to make a few small, simple changes, if you’ve been duped into making these mistakes. Even if you’re already retired, the secrets I’ll share with you today can give you a richer, more comfortable retirement...  It all starts with this unique, little-known strategy for potentially amassing rich stock gains over and over again. In fact, it’s perhaps the single most powerful wealth secret you’ll ever come across…
The Secret Behind America’s Wealthiest Empires And a Bulletproof Retirement
This investment technique is based on the secret that’s built some of America’s greatest corporate empires.
Allow me to illustrate this idea for you with a simple analogy...
Say there are two houses.
In one, the family who lives there also owns the house. In the other, the family who lives there rents it out.
Which house do you think will be in better shape after 10 years?
If you said the house where the people who lived there owned it, odds are you’d be right. 
In real estate, owners take better care of property than renters.
The same logic applies to the stock market, too. Not surprising, is it?
When the people who run the companies are also large owners — when they have their own skin in the game — those companies tend to deliver astonishing results over time.
I’m talking about some of the most successful, iconic S&P 500 firms over the last half century…
Of course, the list goes on…
This is called the “Owner Operator” model.
It works so well because people like Walton and Jobs don’t focus on the company’s short-term share price like hired gun CEO’s tend to. CEO’s who just want to take their bonuses and run.
Since they own the business instead, they concentrate their efforts more on the company’s overall long-term health.
So their interests are exactly in line with common shareholders because they are in the same boat.
In short, this is a nearly bulletproof strategy proven by companies like Wal-Mart, IBM and Apple to lead to stronger stock performance and outsized gains for shareholders.                                                                                                                                The “Owner Operator” model is one part of my special 4-part stock-picking strategy that’s helped me pinpoint money-multiplying gains for readers like 108.9%, 114%, 155%, 165%, and 232%.
But before I tell you more about my unique strategy, let me share with you one of these little-known stocks you can buy today for life-altering profit potential even in this irrational market.
The same family has run this company since inception.
In just the last 2 years, this stock has returned 114%, more than 12 times the return of the S&P 500.
If you invest, you could own profitable stakes in energy, commodities, insurance and luxury property – in one single investment.
With a clever management team and unmatched financial strength, I believe that the upside for this stock could be virtually unlimited. And it could be a reliable source of endless cash for your retirement nest egg. Cash you can spend however you like.
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Of course, there’s a lot more I’d like to tell you about first.
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This unique four-point strategy I put every stock through is astonishingly simple and clear. And it can make your every market decision much easier.
I’m certain you won’t find anything like it. Anywhere.
This strategy is so powerful that since 2004, when Agora Financial began publishing my newsletter, I’ve NEVER had a single losing year. Here's a sample of some of those rich results... *NOTE: These are actual results that readers could have seen following my recommendations. They are not theoretical. I told readers the best dates to buy and the best dates to sell.
Leucadia National 109% Orient-Express Hotels 109%
Brookfield Asset Management 115% Companhia Paranaense 121%
CNX Gas Corp. 44% Imperial Sugar Co. 145%
ABX Air 38% Catellus Development Corp. 24%
Walter Industries 44% FEMSA 29%
Gulfport Energy 115% Chiquita Brands Intl. 52%
Ameriprise Financial 77% Bandag 18.3%
Grupo Aeroportuario del Sureste SA 100.3% SJW Corp. 28.5%
Plum Creek Timber 28% Industrias Bachoco 19.75%
Goldkist 39% Questar 113%
Arch Capital Group 45% San Juan Basin Royalty Trust 144%
Presidential Life Corp. 65% Guitar Center 151%
Northwest Pipe 114.5% Sovran Self Storage 155%
Intrawest Corp. 72%  
And you can see, the list goes on.
I hope to start showing you these same results too. Results that can boost your nest egg higher than you’ve ever dreamed and give you the robust retirement you deserve. Forget counting on the government to make things better. After all it was officials at the Fed who kept credit cheap for so long, helping to finance the bubble and the crash. These authorities in Washington stood by while Wall Street speculators became more powerful than the agencies that were supposed to watch them, allowing them to invent dangerous investing practices that turned our financial world into a casino. Now with record levels of corporate, public, and private debt, our nation does face challenges ahead – one of the most dangerous ones to your wealth being inflation. That means every time the government prints money, the dollar is devalued. So every dollar you have saved and invested is worth less and less each day. It buys less and less. With the trillions of dollars the government has forced into the economy, we could see inflation take off pretty quickly. Investors can be irrational and unforgiving in an inflationary environment... Back in the 1970s, investors punished the greatest growth stocks of the time like IBM, Polaroid and Proctor & Gamble, even as their fundamentals remained strong. Investments like CDs, bonds and money-market funds will turn into financial deathtraps when their modest rates of return fall terribly behind the soaring rate of inflation. Retirees on fixed incomes could see their standards of living erode. Monthly social security checks buy less and less… stock dividends and yields… everything shrivels in the soaring cost of living. And once investors realize they can get a better deal from hard assets, they will, once again flock, into oil, gold, and other resource plays, causing commodity prices to soar. The gas you're already paying close to $4 a gallon for will get more expensive, and so will the groceries you buy at the store. This is the cold reality of an inflationary market – a reality few on Wall Street (let alone financial advisors and brokers across America) understand. As US News & World Report points out, “Even modest inflation can eat away a life's worth of saving.”  That’s why I want to tell you about some outstanding alternative investments proven to benefit instead of suffer from the challenges facing the global economy. These are some of the market’s best, recession-proof anti-inflation investments. Opportunities most people don’t even know exist that you can buy as easily and as inexpensively as regular stocks.
Anti-Inflation Fortress Play #1: Red-Hot Precious Metals
My first recommendation for inflation-proofing your retirement is to own precious metals. Specifically, gold and silver.
Right now, they’re both on fire… up over 300% in the past decade.
And I firmly believe that both metals have much, much further to climb.
Gold has gone up every single year for the past 10 years in a row!
And I don’t see it hitting the brakes anytime in the near future.
Of course, I’m not the only one…
But what you may find even more shocking is that for 2010, silver actually BEAT gold… nearly DOUBLING in value!
And I believe that silver could easily quadruple from where it’s sitting today. The rising price of gold alone could be enough to launch it substantially higher over the coming months.
In short, I recommend buying as much gold and silver as you can reasonably afford.
That’s why I’ve put together the Gold and Silver Buyer’s Guide for you...
Inside, I’ll reveal some of the best, low-risk ways that you can own precious metals, if you choose to, including a secret strategy only a handful of savvy investors know about.
This is yours FREE and available instantly. I’ll tell you how to get your hands on it shortly.
Anti-Inflation Fortress Play #2: The World’s Best Farmland
And there’s one more excellent (but little-known) investment I recommend for inflation-proofing your retirement…
It has to do with owning some of the world’s most arable farmland.
Because regardless of how high the rate of inflation climbs, everyone has to eat.
The production of 99.7% of our food can be traced back in some way to farmland.
Whether we’re talking meats, veggies or fruits.
Problem is quality soil for farming is rapidly becoming a scarce commodity.
We’re losing it not just to farming, but also to things like deserts and erosion.
In fact, it’s being depleted much faster than we can replace it...
The National Academy of Sciences says that cropland here in the U.S. is being lost at least 10 times faster than it’s being replaced.
And the United Nations says that on a global basis, the rate of loss is 10-100 times faster than that of replacement.
So food production will be unable to keep up with the world’s rapidly exploding population, which is expected to grow from 6.9 billion to 10 billion by 2050.
Add in the upward pressure on commodities from inflation and food prices are quickly heading one way… UP!
As the New York Times points out, “Food prices are soaring to record levels, threatening many developing countries with mass hunger and political instability.”
In short: Quality farmland is quickly becoming more valuable than ever before. And it could deliver you outsized returns for years to come…
As Lennart Bage, President of the International Fund for Agricultural Development, says, “Now fertile land with access to water has become a strategic asset.”
And I’ve uncovered a safe, unique way for you to invest in some of the world’s best farmland without having to own the land yourself or even buy agriculture stocks.
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