In October 1986, President Ronald Reagan signed off on a little known "loophole" that could save your retirement.

Few Americans know anything about it... even though these "10-86 plans" could pay you up to three times the income that regular stocks or bonds will pay.

Around here, we call it the "10-86 Plan."

Some also call it the "gaspump payback.”

I explain why in just a second.

But whatever you call it, you can thank none other than Ronald Reagan for creating it.

And you might also have Ron to thank for saving your retirement.

In fact, thanks to what Reagan did on October 22, 1986 you might even use this technique to build a small fortune.

This might be the best part: it's "Big Oil" that could foot the bill.

How so?

See, it was Reagan who helped slip a special “ loophole ” law many years ago. Surprisingly, this “loophole” remains wide open today.

And a few Americans are already using it to pile up fortunes.

Many more have tapped it to collect up to three times as much regular income for retirement. So what exactly is a "10-86 plan?"

It's got nothing to do with buying income-paying stocks. This isn't about bonds or Treasuries either.

Yet, it's still a surprisingly simple way to collect income for retirement.

And anybody is allowed to collect.

For instance...

  • American investor Mark H. says he took in a "10-86 plan" payout of $21,734 on April 27, 2011. Since then, he's seen his payouts go even higher.
  • Businessman Ted G. used the "10-86 plan" loophole to receive over $49,914 on July 28 of 2012.
  • Lynn B. has tapped her "10-86 plan" for years. These days, she's getting whopping payouts as large as $140,689.

That's hardly the norm.

Most payouts start out small.

But they can grow larger over time. And even from the beginning, you could collect as much as three times the amounts that typical bonds or income stocks pay.

Take Lynn E., whose "10-86" take in early August of last year was $1,215... or Thurmon A., who just used his "10-86 plan" to pick up $10,043... and Bill B., whose "10-86 plan" recently paid him $11,768.

But if these aren't stocks or bonds, who's forking over this cash?

This may be the best part.

See, thanks to Reagan's "loophole," the funds for these "10-86" income streams ultimately get covered by none other than "Big Oil" -- companies like Exxon, Chevron, Shell and others who are usually a lot more tight-fisted with shareholder cash.

It's no wonder...

One of my colleagues calls this strategy his "gaspump revenge"

Don't get me wrong.

There's nothing wrong with collecting regular stock dividends , any way you can get 'em. And when gas prices are booming, classic "Big Oil" companies can pay just fine.

Just don't expect them to pay at the levels we're talking about here.

For instance, take Royal Dutch Shell

In 2010, Shell had a banner year. And 2011 was even better. They've posted a 77% jump in profits. But how much of that have they given back to their shareholders?

About 4.5%.

Some of the "10-86 plans" I can show you offer double those yields.

Then you've got British Petroleum.

I'm sure you remember how BP froze their shareholder payouts during their gigantic Gulf oil disaster. But they're back to paying shareholders now. How much? About 3.7%.

Again, not bad.

However, I'd like to show you "10-86 plans" that could pay you better, backed by the same steady American demand for energy resources.

There's also the American oil giant, Exxon.

Last year they saw their income spike 41%.

How much do their shareholders get? Just 2.2%.

What I'm saying is that the "10-86 plans" I've found for you also draw in "Big Oil" cash... and then pay out with as much as triple the yields other income stocks pay.

If you draw from that energy-backed wealth anyway, doesn't collecting triple the yields from a "10-86 plan" sound like a good idea? Of course it does.

As Smart Money puts it,

"['10-86 gaspump payback plans'] are producing some of the best yields anywhere... some of the sharpest investors in the field are expecting double-digit total returns for some time to come."

And it's not just the bigger payouts where "10-86 plans" and stocks part ways.

See, unlike regular "Big Oil" dividends, these "10-86 plans" can help you...

Collect energy-backed income, even if gas and oil prices crash

How could that be?

I'm sure you know that Big Oil companies own the gas and oil they sell. That's one of the big reasons why they take a big hit when oil prices drop.

But not "10-86 plans."

They're energy backed, yes. But they typically don't own any oil or gas. Instead, what the "10-86 plan" operators do is get paid to move the oil and gas around the country.

You see, "10-86 plans" were created to build the 385,000 mile pipeline network that flows fuel back and forth across the U.S.

Take a look at this map...


While you sleep, the lifeblood of America pulses through this network.

America cannot survive without this fuel network.

And neither can Big Oil.

These pipelines flow oil and gasoline across deserts, across snow and across ice fields. Even mountain ranges. Some of the pipes are a mile long, others stretch over 1,000 miles.

Many are buried where you'll never see them, underground .

Obviously you couldn't build a network like this without spending a fortune.

That's why Reagan signed his "loophole" to create a way to pay for these pipelines without forcing any one company or the U.S. government to pay the tab.

It's capitalism at work.

Because these "10-86 plans" allowed investors to band together and build the pipelines instead... in return they get paid fees by anyone using their pipes.

It's just like you paying a toll to use State highways.

Only in this case, it's gasoline, oil, and liquid natural gas that are flowing.

And it's Big Oil footing the bill.

These pipes are typically full and flowing, day and night. And the fees pour into the "10-86 plans" in a steady stream.

Even when gas prices drop, these pipelines typically remain full... flowing fuel from crude oil deposits to refineries and storage fields.

That's how "10-86 plan" owners keep getting paid. And thanks to Reagan's law, they also get to rake in all that "Big Oil" fee income-tax-free.

That's right.

This is a "for profit" business paying zero federal income tax.

How rare is that!

Of course, there's a catch.

See, because they're getting such a big tax break, the plan owners have to agree to pass on a lot of these profits between partners. By law, they have to give out 90% of that cash.

And then it's just the partners paying tax at their own rates.

In other words, the "10-86 plan" partners are getting their hands on money coming in... but without forking over for the usual double-tax other corporations pay.

Here's where you come in...

Anybody can join as a partner and collect a share of this incoming cash.

It's like getting dividends, only bigger -- with these plans typically paying out much more than most income stocks pay. And you're not just a shareholder.

You're officially a part owner of the pipelines.

You don't need to do anything. There are no meetings you have to go to. You never even have to see the pipelines. You just take in your cut of the fees Big Oil pays.

Your typical "10-86 plan" sends out checks four times each year.

And I've found what I believe are the three best of these "plans" out there today.

Obviously, paying no income taxes can provide "10-86 plans" with huge pools of cash. And remember, by law they have to dole out 90% it... or risk losing their tax break.

And you could be on the receiving end of those payouts.

Here's why gas and oil prices don't much matter

In up markets, these pipelines flow oil and gas to refineries and shipping depots.

In down markets, the fuel still flows from refineries to storage.

But here's the real key.

You see, unlike the oil companies, "10-86 plans" don't own the gas and oil. And don't lose on those assets when prices go down.

Because they make money on the volume of fuel flowing through their pipes. And the fees oil companies pay to use them are usually fixed. They even go up with inflation.

So cash keeps flowing for "10-86 plan" partners... you included, if you're one of them.

In a nutshell, that's how using the right "10-86 plan" can mean cash for you in any market. In some ways, it can be safer than holding straight dividend stocks.

It's that simple.

You can spend the cash as checks arrive. You can plow it into other accounts. You can reinvest it back into the partnership. The choice is entirely up to you.

It can be much easier to predict how much cash will flow in, too.

Because unlike trying to predict the price of oil or gas, it's a lot easier to predict the volume of fuel that's going to need to flow through the pipelines.

That also makes it much easier for the partners — that's you — to know how big a distribution they can expect. They can even forecast payout amounts well into the future.

Right now, you have about 90 “10-86 plans" to choose from.

About 60 are backed by these "Big Oil" fees.

And after months of deep research, I've narrowed our choice down to three.

Just look at the scheduled payouts showing up on my radar already...


In a moment, I'll show you why I like each of these "10-86 plans"... and why I'm sure they're the only three of these opportunities you need to follow.

I'll give you all my research on each of them, absolutely free.

I've put it all together a special new report that I call, "Triple Your Income: The Secret ‘Loophole’ That Could Force 'Big Oil' to Fund Your Retirement."

Again, I can send this to you free.

Inside you'll discover how anybody can tap this "10-86 plan" income. You don't even need a special broker or account. It's just like picking up a regular stock.

Yet most Americans are still in the dark about this opportunity.

But the secret won't last forever.

Mainstream sources like Forbes have already said...

"[These '10-86 payback plans' offer]... perhaps the best and most reliable dividends on Wall Street..."- Forbes

And the Wall Street Journal announced...

"[These '10-86 plans' are] A small corner of the financial markets [that] sports big payouts..."- Wall Street Journal

Plus, market tracker just called the "10-86 plan"...

A true "stealth commodity play."-

And these healthy payouts are just the beginning.

Your "10-86 Plan" Comes With a Fat Tax Benefit Too

See, everyone already knows that when you buy gas, you're paying hidden excise taxes, state sales taxes, environmental fees and inspection fees, and the list goes on...

On average, you're paying an extra 48 cents per gallon.

If you're in California or New York, it's more than 65 cents a gallon.

And NOW there's talk of another secret tax buried in the White House healthcare bill that could hit us all again. It's called the "bi-partisan transportation trust fund."

These hidden taxes won't go away.

But you can use your "10-86 plan" to "beat the IRS out of its share of the loot," one as one Harvard-educated analyst told Forbes.

How so?

Says the same Forbes analyst,

[These '10-86 plans'] "… have tax dodges built in."— Forbes

First thanks to the Reagan loophole.

But also because "10-86 plan" income doesn't get taxed like a stock dividend.

See, most income investors know that the tax on regular dividend stocks is going to triple as of this year. But these rules won't apply to "10-86 plan" income.

In some cases, you could go right on collecting "10-86 plan" income while putting off the tax for years to come. It's almost like getting a "silent dividend."

What's more, if you pile up your "10-86 plan" income over a lifetime, there's a way you could pass on all that money to your heirs... without passing on the full tax burden.

Is this a trick that's just for tax-savvy billionaires?

Not at all.

It's also in your free copy, "Triple Your Income: The Secret Loophole That Could Force 'Big Oil' to Fund Your Retirement." I'll be happy to send you a free copy

I'll be happy to send you a free copy.

Imagine being able to pass income to your family, without passing on your tax bill, with the full approval of the IRS. Some of the richest families in America tap this trick.

Some even got as rich as they are, simply using the "10-86" approach.

As Forbes put it,

"Any fan of big dividend stocks should take a look at ['10-86 plans']"— Forbes

And this is about much more than banking on the future of energy-backed cash. Or even about covering what you pay out every year to fill up on gas.

I firmly believe that you could use these "10-86 plans" to help fund your whole retirement. Not just now but for years ahead. Yet millions of Americans miss out. That's why I've put together this presentation today.

It's also why I'd love to rush you a copy of my new report.

Once you get started, the checks start coming. It's that simple.

You can spend the income now or you could let it pile up. You could even let it pile up inside the plan, building gains on top of gains.

Whatever you want to do.

You'll just need to decide to do something before that choice is no longer left to you.

After all, these days a move like this isn't just a luxury.

It's more like...

The Protection You'll Need Tomorrow, If Not Sooner

Look at it this way...

One government study says we spend $50 billion a year protecting our access to Middle East Oil. Another says it's more like $300 billion worldwide

A third study from the Department of Energy, says we've actually blown over $7 trillion over the last three decades, just to keep the gas and oil flowing.

How long do you think it will be before those costs hit you? The truth is they're hitting you already. And not just at the gas pump or on your electricity bill.

Every time you place an order online, for instance, you pay for more expensive shipping. It costs more to box and make the stuff you buy, too.

Higher energy costs show up in your food bill. In your cooling and heating bills. And every time you buy anything that was stored in a well-lit warehouse or raised on a farm.

Higher gas prices cost jobs. They kill commutes. They kill confidence in the U.S. dollar overseas. And that ends up costing you because your savings don't stretch as far.

Even the extra few cents we spend at the pump is money that doesn't get spent elsewhere.

It’s no wonder even Barron's calls these "10-86 plans"...

"... a valuable hedge against [rising energy costs]..."

Because at least with these plans, you and the rest of your "10-86 plan" partners are getting paid every time all that fuel flows through your pipelines.

You're actually making money because Americans are hooked on cheap fuel.

As Forbes says,

"[many who do this] … don't much care about the price of natural gas or crude oil… the appeal is a fat (and so far, steadily rising) dividend payout."— Forbes

In the midst of this mess, that's the good news.

Your Double-Digit Hedge Against Running Out of Money

Compare the double-digit returns you could get from the "10-86 plan" with the income paid out by some of the greatest income stocks of all time.

Phillip Morris, for instance, pays just 3.4% income. But it's also made countless millionaires over the years. Some call it the greatest income stock of all time.

Then there's the 1.3% paid out by Coca-Cola. Yet that plus growth was more than enough to help make Warren Buffett one of the world's richest billionaires

Johnson& Johnson pays just 3.5%. And Walmart pays just 2.2%.

But they're both known as "great" income plays.

Imagine making many times those rates, but without many times the risk.

In fact...

Imagine Using "10-86 Plans” to Pile up $701,125 in 14 Years

Just in the 10 years from 2000 to 2010, you could have done pretty well.

A basket of "10-86 plans" averaged 19.6% per year.

That's enough to grow $10,000 each year into $364,279.


Think about that.

You'd never trust your retirement future to a wimpy savings account. Yet even that strategy would have crushed the S&P 500 over the last decade.

Meanwhile, anybody following just a basket of these little-known "10-86 plans" would have been well on their way to piling up half a million toward retirement in just 10 years.

Go back a little further to 1996 and you could have done even better.

According to recent headlines, at least one money manager saw the potential in these hidden moves... and used a mix of "10-86 plans" to haul in average 18% compounded gains per year, fourteen years straight!

How does that compare?


I'll be the first to tell you, that's truly spectacular.

But now look what happens with one of the three special "10-86 plans" I've just set aside for you to discover. In this special case, the annual average gain explodes to 27%...


If you're feeling like you've already missed out, don't worry.

I've spent months researching these plans.

And I've found three "10-86 plans" with high payouts and lower market risk. They could easily be the only three "plans" you need to follow.

In just a second, I'll show you which three. Then I'll show you how to get my full free report, "Triple Your Income: The Secret ‘Loophole’ That Could Force 'Big Oil' to Fund Your Retirement."

You'll see how much each move pays, how to get started, and how each of these three comes with special advantages most other "10-86 plans" don't have.

This could be the easiest way to make more income that you'll ever come across. No matter what happens with energy prices, the timing couldn't be better.

You'll find everything inside, starting with...

"10-86 'Payback' Plan" #1 In One Move, Make Shell, Exxon, and Chevron Pay You to Retire

You could get paid to retire by ExxonMobil, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, BP, Marathon Oil, Shell, Dow Chemical, Spectra Energy, and more... all with one market play.


First, take a quick look at this map...


These shaded spots show some of the biggest fossil fuel deposits east of the Rockies. And this first income-paying partnership I'll show you owns a huge monopoly on the pipelines and refineries attached to those fields.

This is a gigantic pipeline network -- one of the biggest in America.

In fact, it's so vast, that as a partner you would share control over 50,200 miles of pipe. That's enormous. It dominates 95% of all the fuel refining operations east of the Rocky Mountains.

So in other words, you could be cash-collecting partner in the same pipeline network that carries gas and oil from America's richest gas and oil deposits to some of our richest cities.

And it's not just crude oil or gasoline your network would pump.

You could also collect pipeline usage fees from the huge amounts natural gas, natural gas liquids, and other petrochemicals that would also flow through your same network.

Why natural gas, too?

With oil fields drying up all over the globe, nuclear plans getting scrapped, and coal use regulated into the dust... natural gas demand is set to soar over the next 10 years.

I even tell readers of my investment research newsletter that, when it comes to income, buying into the future of natural gas could be the "trade of the decade."

That's why I love the fact that this first "10-86 plan" pipeline network already flows natural gas from over 500,000 acres of prime deposits.

And that's just in Texas and Louisiana alone.

The guy who put this first cash-paying partnership together used to work oil rigs himself. But he had an idea that pipelines were the better way to get rich.

So he got started, with just a truck and $10,000.

But he was among the first to form a "10-86 plan," thanks to the Reagan “loophole.” And he quickly became a billionaire many times over.

Partners in his "plan" made fortunes too.

Today, you can barely flow fuel anywhere in the U.S. without first going through this partnerships gigantic network. And Big Oil pays a bundle in fees to do it.

Frankly, they're happy to.

Because they know it would cost them billions to build a pipeline network of their own to match the over 50,000-miles of pipe this "plan" owns and manages.

As a partner, you could see your cut of those fees roll in. It's that simple. And not just from U.S. pipes, but also from pipelines this "plan" owns overseas.

As long as the world is hooked on fossil fuels, this is a huge income opportunity.

What's more, on top of the pipeline fees you could also claim partnership income from this "plan's" processing plants, fuel terminals, fuel transport barges, and tow boats. Not to mention even more income from their billions of cubic feet in natural gas storage.

There's still more.

Two of this first "10-86 plan's" newest pipelines tap the rich Barnett Shale fields in Texas.

Another two of your partnership pipes run from the Piceance Basin in Colorado.

A third runs crude oil from the Gulf of Mexico.

And you could see the partnership add another 837 miles of gas and oil pipelines over the next two years.

If there's oil, gas or natural gas produced or shipped anywhere on the U.S. map, there's a good chance -- with this first "10-86 plan" that I'm showing you -- you could get a piece of the income it creates.

You don't need to do anything special as a partner. You don't need to go to meetings. All you need to do is collect. The checks start coming to your mailbox.

You can do whatever you like when they arrive.

Yes, but... what if we're in for another long market slowdown?

Keep this in mind too. This first "10-86 plan" has moved more fuel through their pipelines every year, not less, going all the way back to 2006.

Even straight through the 2008 market collapse.

In fact... the cash kept pouring in.

And the checks to the plans "10-86" partners kept going out in the mail.

Just like that.

In fact, with this first "10-86 plan" I'm telling you about... cash payouts have gone up 36 times since 1998. So almost every one of those checks has been bigger than the last. Just from this one "plan," you would have seen your income go up 166%.

Here's something else...

You've already seen how these "10-86 plans" crushed the returns on the S&P.

With a combined gain of 619%, they've also crushed the last 12 years of gains on gold, silver, hedge funds, REITS, and the Russell 2000. Over that same time, this first "10-86 plan" I'm showing you ruled them all, with a solid income and growth combined payoff of 1,224%.

And there should be more to come.

Remember these special "10-86 plans" get to keep their tax break ONLY if they keep on doling out partner cash. Right now, they've got $1.8 billion cash on hand.

That means more big payouts for the "plan's" partners to come. And you could be one of them, if you act before they cut the next round of payout checks.

That could be weeks from today.

It could be even sooner, just days away.

There's just one more thing.

One special perk of this first "10-86 plan" is that it lets you lock in an instant 5% gain with your very first payout. And you can keep getting that gain with future checks.

How come?

Naturally, your partners like to see you keep your nose in the game. And this first plan will pay you to do it, with a 5% "bonus" every time you reinvest your payouts.

It's not something you'll get unless you set it up.

But it's easy to do. And it's like picking up 5% more shares for nothing, each time. Which of course means you keep getting a bigger and bigger claim on the "plan" payouts.

My brand new research report, “Triple Your Income: The Secret ‘Loophole’ That Could Force 'Big Oil' to Fund Your Retirement," shows you how.

And here's something else it will show you...

"10-86 'Payback' Plan" #2 The Income Hedge: Big Cash Payouts Even In Down Markets

Ten years ago, one of the world’s biggest gas and oil companies made a huge mistake. And you can use that mistake to line up a second stream of "10-86" income.

What was the mistake?

The giant oil company I'm talking about was looking to drum up cash. So they sold off their own private stake in another giant pipeline and refinery network.

You can guess what happened next.

A group of pipeline partners quickly seized the reins... and they've been piling up cash ever since. They've also been doling it out to any partners who signed for their "plan."

Since 2002, you could have watched the gain on the shares of this partnership skyrocket by 337%. And we're not even talking about the income yet. That's just the shares.

See, this same "10-86 plan" partnership also cranked up their payout amounts a full 24 times over those same years. That's a solid average annual gain of 21%.

That grows $10,000 a year into $318,337.

I can't think of a single "blue chip" you could use to match that.

And this “10-86 plan” will continue to pay out sizeable income checks.

Because, even while sending out piles of partnership cash, these guys managed to snap up another 20 cash-producing pipelines.

Add that to your share of this "plans" income on 5,400 more miles of crude oil pipeline that run through Texas, Oklahoma, and the Gulf coast.

Plus, the income you'll own a share in from 42 fuel processing terminals and a storage network for over 24 million barrels of crude.

And these fees that "10-86 plans" get paid by Big Oil are usually fixed to rise with inflation. So your checks keep on growing, should other prices skyrocket.

That's like having...

An "Island of Stability" For Dividend Investors

Lots of landlords sit back and collect "rent" for a living.

This is like collecting "rent" on the pipelines, the same way some landlords live on the rent from their properties. Or collecting tolls on your share of a pipeline highway.

Because oil companies share the same pipeline routes, you don't have to worry about competition. You don't do any other work as a partner in the "plan."

You just decide what to do with your checks as they come in.

And I can show you how to get started with up to 12 checks per year. It's all in my newest research report, "Triple Your Income: The Secret ‘Loophole’ That Could Force 'Big Oil' to Fund Your Retirement,"

I'll show you how to send for it free at the end of this presentation.

But first, let me show you...

"10-86 'Payback' Plan" #3: How to "Match" The Best Investor Gains of All Time

What if you could match the market gains of the best all-time investors?

It sounds like a big reach, but my third "10-86 plan" could help you do just that.

Take a look at this...


What does it take to be a top investor? Fund managers on average don't beat 7.5% per year. Even including the best years, the S&P 500 averages 9%.

Meanwhile John Templeton became a billionaire averaging 13.8%... Warren Buffett became a giant averaging 22%... and Peter Lynch, a legend at 29%.

The third '10-86 plan' I want to show you logs in over the last 15 years with a stunning average annual gain of 27%.

With those kinds of annual returns, you could grow $10,000 per year into over $1.57 million in just 15 years. Of course bigger accounts grow even faster.

And just like the other two "10-86 plans" I showed you, this third one dominates.

As a partner, you would own a share of the income on 24,000 miles of natural gas pipelines... another 8000 miles of gas, diesel, and jet fuel pipelines... and 2000 more miles of pipelines for shipping crude oil.

That's 37,000 miles of cash-generating pipelines altogether.

Even Forbes calls this third "plan" a...

"Steady business" with a "juicy dividend."

Plus, you could collect on this "plans'" 400 billion cubic feet of natural gas storage.... pipelines carrying gas from Ohio to Colorado... and another that feeds gas into Chicago.

In fact, you'll be part owner of the largest refined fuel transportation network in America... with over two million barrels of gasoline, jet fuel, diesel, and natural gas liquids moving through the pipelines you could own every single day.

And paid for with usage fees charged to Big Oil.

You'll even collect partnership payouts on income-pulling pipes that run in and out of the oil rich fields of Alberta and Ontario, Canada... including the only pipeline that runs oil-sands crude from Vancouver to Washington.

And remember, none of these "payback plan" partnerships have to worry about competition that will squeeze them out of business. Because none share the same route. That would be like building two competing interstate highways, one on top of the other.

This third "plan" also has roots going back to 1956. And like I said, they've compounded every dollar since 1996 by an average of 27% per year.

Even during two big stock crashes, the 9/11 recession and the banking bust, two multi-year wars, and both soaring and tanking prices for oil and gasoline.

That's amazing performance.

But here's another big difference.

See, when Big Oil execs have a good year, they usually give themselves multi-million dollar salaries and stock options, private jets, company cars, and high-ticket health plans

For instance, the former head of Exxon, Lee Raymond, was pulling down $190,915 per day. That was before he took home a $400 million retirement package!

Now how do you feel about paying $4 a gallon for gas?

How about collecting less than a 3% yield on oil shares?

With the "10-86 plans" it doesn't work that way. Especially with this third plan I'm showing you now. The top partner is a Vietnam vet who pays himself $1 per year.

Because, he says, he only wants to make money when his partners make money. It's that simple. No perks, no luxury cars, no corporate jets. Just a laser-like focus on profits.

And that's just one more reason I feel good about urging you to wake up to these little-followed "10-86 plans." By design, they're made to offer bigger cash payouts than you'll find anywhere in the stock market, while still doing good business.

You owe it to yourself to at least send for my research and see for yourself.

My brand new research report, "Triple Your Income: The Secret ‘Loophole’ That Could Force 'Big Oil' to Fund Your Retirement," fills you in.

And again, I'll rush it to you free... no questions asked.

You'll see a link at the end of this presentation that shows you how.

But first, maybe you're asking by now just who I am.

My name is Neil George.

I cut my teeth in the financial industry back in the late 80s, when I worked for a pretty unique bank. Back then we pioneered the world’s first foreign currency CDs, showing our clients how to diversify out of the dollar, and generate loads of income from higher paying foreign currencies.

Since then, I’ve worked for more than two decades on six continents. I earned a MBA in international finance in Europe... I’ve taught finance classes in China... and I’ve worked for one of the most powerful investment banks.

In short, I’ve seen... and traded... pretty much everything in my career -- bonds, options, stocks, CDs. You name it, chances are I’ve worked with it.

But during my career I kept noticing how the best companies -- from the most reliable to the fastest growing -- tended to believe in paying income to shareholders.

Maybe you’ve seen the study that shows how simple income-paying stocks posted DOUBLE the gains of non-income payers listed on the S&P.

Another study from the University of Oregon revealed how income-payers consistently have better accounting records, use cash better, and get better business deals, too.

And the income-boost to gains was impossible to ignore.

I'm sure you already know some of these stories as well as I do.

Take Pepsi . To own 160 shares would have cost you $4,000 in 1980. But with reinvested dividends, your stash could have grown to over $300,000 by 2004. It's the same with Philip Morris . You could have started with 58 shares that same year, again for $4,000. By 2004, reinvested dividends put it at $600,000 and 4,300 shares. Here's another example... In 2003, you could have picked up 1,136 shares of a company called Terra Nitrogen for about $5,000 total. By 2008 reinvested income and growth took it to $151,026.

Then and there, it was obvious -- piling up investment income over time isn't just a way to pad an account. It's also one of the single best ways to get very rich.

Today, I have piles of research that prove this. Even better, I've piled up lots of real-time examples. In fact, I've become one of the most sought-after experts on income investing.

We've seen effective yields go as high as 9. 3%, 10.4%, 11.7% and even 19.2%. Plus straight out gains at over 99%, 103%, and 137% -- on "boring" income stocks.

What I'd really like to do is to give you a chance to do this yourself.

That's why I want to rush you a free copy of "Triple Your Income: The Secret ‘Loophole’ That Could Force 'Big Oil' to Fund Your Retirement."

I'd also like to send you my research on another little-known income move.

It's government-backed "pension" anybody can collect.

And no, of course I'm not talking about Social Security. Even though this "second pension" can also pay you thousands of dollars per year.

So what is it?

You can find out in the second special report I'll send, called "How to Tap the Government-Backed “Pension” Nobody Talks About."

This is surprisingly easy to do. And unlike U.S. Social Security or even your own company retirement plan, you don't need to hit retirement age to get started.

I also have a third special report I'd like to send.

I call this special report, "Income You Can Count On."

Because, let's face it, what worries retirees more than running out of cash?

And with everything from gas to grocery costs going up, who can blame them?

Yet, in about 10 minutes, I can show you step-by-step how some Americans are beating the retirement "cost curve" and sleeping better at night... by stocking up on bigger and bigger income payouts, sometimes several times each month.

I know of no better way to lock in a lifetime income.

And it's all laid out for you in this third free report.

All three of these are yours to keep, no questions asked.

All I'd like is for you to do something for me in return. I'd like you to try the Lifetime Income Report monthly research letter.

We first first made the letter available in February, 2009.

Since then, we’ve used it to share our income research with thousands of income-focused Americans just like you. We've seen some impressive market plays, too.

For instance, we've seen thirty four of our positions shoot up — out of a total forty three — with gains as high as 51%, 66%, 78%, 134%, and 148%.

This year alone, the cumulative gains on open plays are already 35%.

I hope you've seen how, with plays like these special "10-86 plans," we're set up to make even more. We've also posted effective yields as high as 19.2%

In fact, in our first year, the average gain of income plus growth was 15.7%. .. in the next year, it was 23%. So far this year, we're averaging income plus growth of 8.36%.

And we've got effective double-digit yields hitting as high as 10.4% and 11.7%.

One of my readers, Kevin B. even wrote in...


He was talking about a simple two-part strategy for picking up "bulletproof" income in any market.

We first shared this with our readers back in January 2009, in an alert that also showed readers how to lock in income backed by Brazil's exploding energy demand.

We found a move that shot up 104% before we sold the first half... and another 133% on the second. And that's not including the effective yield of another 11.7%.

Right behind that, we sent out another "flash" alert. In this alert, we showed readers how to collect three more immediate income payouts.

We gave them specific payout dates and showed them how to quickly lock in a tax-free 9.3% yield.

Close behind, we sent five more of these special reader updates.

We like to send these extra alerts to Lifetime Income Report readers every week.

One of the updates showed how you could pick up 170% gains on crashing financial shares. Another revealed government-backed yields of 19.2%. And the list goes on.

My point is there's so much that you could be doing to get retirement income ... if only you knew about it with time enough to get started.

We take pride in revealing these moves for readers. And we feel even more proud when they write in to tell us how well they're doing.

For instance, listen to what reader Barry L. recently had to say...


Then there’s Lifetime Income Report reader Kirby D., who reports...


Clement C., who stuck fearlessly by my approach during the market downturn, writes in...


And these readers you're hearing from are just a small part of the crowd that's waking up to my new approach to building bigger, better income streams for retirement.

I'd love for you to try Lifetime Income Report for yourself, risk-free.

In just a second, I'll show you how.

Some of what we'll do together is target the kind of "set and forget" income moves you can put away without losing sleep at night. This is what I call our Legacy portfolio.

And it gives you the best way I know to pile up lasting wealth.

Other moves you'll discover are all about picking up income for you right now . My Lifetime Income Report readers and I call this our Current Income portfolio.

These are moves that target bigger income and fast payouts, but without the usual risk you might expect with these kinds of high-performance moves.

And then I'll also show you what I call "special situation" income. These are the rare big opportunities to pick up blocks of income where most investors never look.

Now, of course you could look around for yourself and do all this digging.

What I'm offering is for you to let me do the deep research into these exceptional income streams for you.

I've even developed my own filtering system to help me do this work for you.

I call it...

The "Seven-Part Secret" for Locking in Lifetime Income

In my research, I've found seven surefire indicators that lead to bigger, longer-lasting payouts. I use all seven as filters to find new income plays for my readers.

Let me show you how they work...

First, you've got Lifetime Income Filter #1 ... which is to look for "The Largest Income Yield That Still Makes Sense" See, even really high yields can signal too much risk. But they don't have to. We're looking at some fat yields right now, paid by some of the safest stocks around. Plus, high yields on other opportunities you've never heard of. These "10-86 plans" we've just talked about are only one example.

Then I turn to Lifetime Income Filter #2 , which is my search for moves that pay "Bigger Income Streams Over Time." My readers and I love a good payout opportunity. But we love payouts that get bigger even better. Not only because it's a faster way to pile up wealth, but also because it's a great sign that you're getting paid by a company that knows what it's doing.

With Lifetime Income Filter #3 we look for what I call "Cash Payouts Like Clockwork." Simply put, checks that don't come aren't worth the paper they're not printed on. That's why I only give my readers opportunities that have a long history of paying out and paying on time. If they can't do that, we steer clear.

Lifetime Income Filter #4 helps us only find "Businesses Your Mother Could Love." That is, companies with lots of cash, very little or no debt, a steady flow of business, and super low expenses. It's so basic some might even forget to ask. But my readers and I won't touch anything that fails those benchmarks.

We use Lifetime Income Filter #5 to lock into "The Right Industry for the Right Time," Because, let's face it, some stocks work for the long term. Others only work best in some kinds of markets. I show my readers the difference. We don’t try to time markets. But if something looks extra ripe for growth and can pay cash payouts, I see no reason to hold back.

Using Lifetime Income Filter #6 , I can show you how to lock in "Payouts as Big as They're Supposed to Be." All this means is that if an income payer is too stingy with their shareholder cash, you need to know that. But if they're paying out more than they should, you need to know that too. I'll help you spot the red flags.

And finally, you'll see how to use Lifetime Income Filter #7 to lock in "The Absolute Best Share Price." Because, after all, why pay a nickel more for any stock if you don't have to? Even companies that can put steady cash in your pocket have to come at a fair price. My years of market research will help you put a number on that price, every single time we look into a new income play.

These filters are already showing my regular Lifetime Income Report readers some spectacular results. I'd like to invite you to enjoy these same results, too.

From the steady, rock-solid income to high payouts and big gains on shares, it's all there. And you can try it right now, backed by my full no-risk guarantee.

The twelve "10-86 plan" payouts you could collect this year more than make this invitation worthwhile. Plus, you'll get to keep all three reports no matter what.

You can even try Lifetime Income Report for up to a full year -- free.

Before I show you how, let's just run through everything you're getting one more time.

  • First, you'll get a free copy of my newest special report, "Triple Your Income: The Secret ‘Loophole’ That Could Force 'Big Oil' to Fund Your Retirement."

    Inside, you'll get complete details on the three best "10-86 plans" in America today. Few even know these "plans" exist. And it's got nothing to do with owning bonds or income-paying stocks. Yet, each of these little-known, energy-backed income "plans" could pay you as much as three times the yields regular income stocks pay.
  • Second, I'll rush you a free copy of "How to Tap the Government-Backed 'Pension' Nobody Talks About."

    Will you get to collect all the Social Security paychecks you're owed? How about your pension, if you even have one? Nobody can say for sure. But why wait to find out... when you can collect from this other government-backed "pension" instead? It's easy to get in and it's backed by real assets, not empty D.C. promises. This bonus move could give you thousands of extra dollars in cash each year. And I show you how to get started, in this second FREE report.
  • Third you'll also get a free copy of "Income You Can Count On."

    This final, step-by-step guide shows you how to make sure you never run out of retirement cash. It's so simple it only takes about 10 minutes to explain. Yet I know of no better way to stay ahead of rising prices and seize the retirement you deserve. I explain it all in this fourth FREE report.

Even if you decide my Lifetime Income Report isn't for you, I'd like you to keep all three of these reports at my expense. I'll cover any mailing costs too. All three are yours free.

Once you let me know you're ready, my publisher will put them in the mail. Or you can download all three of them right now. I'll give you a link that shows you how.

My research can show you how to collect up to 12 "10-86 plan" checks over the next 12 months... plus up to 109 income payout "paycheck" opportunities.

That's 109 income checks you're not getting right now.

Your three reports -- yours to keep -- show you how to get started.

In return, all I ask is that you give Lifetime Income Report a try.

Each month, you'll get a new issue with my latest research, the newest income opportunities, and a full update on all our Lifetime Income Report open plays.

Take your time looking it over.

You'll have the full lifetime of your subscription to decide.

Even if you get to the last issue and decide it wasn't for you, go ahead and cancel for a full refund. You can still keep everything you've received, no questions asked.

Doesn't that sound like a fair deal?

Let me make it even better.

Right now, my readers are seeing a top effective yield of 12.26%. If I don't show you income market moves at least that good or better... or if you’re not satisfied for any reason at all … your entire subscription is on me. Just let me know you've changed your mind and I'll send a full refund, even if it's the last day of your subscription. Guaranteed.

I'm not afraid to make you such a generous offer, because I'm that confident you'll like what you're about to see. Of course it's entirely up to you to decide.

All I can do is offer you the opportunity.

So what's this really worth to you?

Normally, a full year of monthly Lifetime Income Report issues would cost you $99.

But if I hear from you right now, let's slash that price to $49.

That's better than half off...

Do the math and it works out to just 94 cents per week.

Think about how that compares to what you could get in return...

That includes all the opportunities you'll find in your three FREE reports...

Plus all 12 monthly issues of my Lifetime Income Report letter...

And 52 weeks of my weekly Lifetime Income alerts.

You won't miss a single update, a single buy or sell, or a single breaking bit of news.

And just to make sure, the moment you sign on I'll also send you a private password for my Lifetime Income Report member's only website.

Once you log on, you'll also find instant downloads of all your special reports... a full set of all my past research letters... all the weekly alerts... and my entire open model portfolio.

I don't know of anybody out there who can offer you such valuable income research... and for half the published price. But how about this for an even sweeter deal?

Agree to try my Lifetime Income Report and all the other bonuses I just described for two years... and you'll get double the issues (24 in all) and double updates... for just $69.

That works out to only 86 cents per week.

For twice as many opportunities to pile up a lifetime of bigger income.

Plus, if you take my special two year deal, I'll throw in two more special reports.

On top of the three you'll already get, I'll also include...

"Untapped Income: Triple Yields in Markets Most Americans Overlook." Let's face it, even the stodgy U.K. stock market offers average yields that are nearly four times bigger than you can get on the S&P. Australia also pays four times more. New Zealand pays almost five times the average U.S. share. This report unlocks five top yield plays in safe markets overseas.

Plus, you'll get...

"The 'Piggyback Pension': How to Sneak Into The World's Best Government-Backed Retirement Plan" Here's a secret -- the "world's best" government-backed retirement plan has nothing to do with Washington. Here's another secret: You can still sneak in, even as an American, and collect a cool dividend of 9%. Let this other two-year special report show you how.

My publisher says I can only offer these two extra research reports as "online only." But that's no big deal... because it saves money that I can pass along to you as a subscriber.

And because you can pick up both these reports... your three other reports... and your latest issue immediately... the moment you check in on the subscriber-only website.

All told, that's five free reports, all the issues, the alerts, and the special half-off price. Even better, in fact, than half of... as long as you sign on for the two-year offer.

That's an extremely good deal.

And again, no matter what you’re covered for the full subscription with my 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee. Cancel anytime, keep everything. No questions asked.

Choose one year, Choose two.

You'll have plenty of time to see what Lifetime Income Report can do.

If it's not what you expected, your whole trial subscription is on me.

Just call the number I'll provide and let me know you've changed your mind.

I'll see to it you get a full refund. No questions asked.

I hope you agree you won't see a better chance to start collecting this much extra income. I hope you'll also agree to accept my special offer soon.

The next "10-86 plan" check could hit the mail in a few weeks... even a few days from right now... depending on when you see this special presentation.

So the sooner you let me hear from you, the better.

Just click the button below...


Neil George
Editor, Lifetime Income Report

P.S. How about this? To help make it even easier to decide, I'm throwing in a sixth free report. Anybody who clicks through on the order button right now will also get a free copy of, "Toxic Payouts: Four Top Income Plays to DUMP NOW."

This is urgent information that anybody holding income stocks needs to have on hand. And it's also yours to keep, as a sixth free gift when you click the button below.

You'll have plenty of time to review all your details once you click through. Just don't wait so long that you miss this special deal... or the next "10-86 plan" payout!

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