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Wednesday, July 9th, 2008

Ethanol: What it is and the Benefits it Offers us

Switch Grass Produces 2-4x More Ethanol Than Corn

Most people have heard of ethanol before and at least some of the benefits that it has to offer. However, not many people are completely aware of ethanol and of how it is produced and used. If you are one of the many people who has noticed the popularity of ethanol fuel and wants to know more about it, here is some important information that you will find very valuable.

The Details

To put it in the simplest terms possible, ethanol is a type of alternative fuel that is better for you and your car, and the environment. This is critical what with all the global environmental issues that we as a nation are facing today, and so obviously anything that we can do to take care of the environment is going to benefit us.

Compared to regular unleaded gasoline, ethanol-enriched fuel burns cleaner and more efficiently, and as well it produces fewer harmful tailpipe emissions. As well, ethanol is made domestically, so it is produced right here at home and this means that we are reducing our dependency on foreign oil.

Ethanol-Enriched Fuels

There are actually a few different types of ethanol-enriched fuel that are available, and it is important to know about the different names of these fuels so you know exactly how much ethanol you are getting.

There is E10 for one, which enriched with up to 10 percent ethanol. This is a clean-burning octane boost for your car that greatly reduces harmful tailpipe emissions and which will not leave gummy residue in your car’s engine. There is also the E85 which is 85 percent ethanol and 15 percent gasoline, and which is a leading alternative fuel that is available at various sites around the country.

Keep in mind that these are only the two most commonly used ethanol-enriched fuels and there are many others available as well.

By using ethanol it means that you are using a little less gasoline, which may not seem like that big of a deal and yet it really is. If everyone in the world were to switch over to ethanol-enriched fuel, we would be doing a world of good for the environment and would be significantly reducing the amount of toxic greenhouse gas emissions.

Ethanol also helps by reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in the air and unlike gasoline it is actually nontoxic which means that it is completely safe to handle. There are so many wonderful benefits offered to us by ethanol and this is definitely an issue that we all need to be concerned with.

Everything You Need to Know About Ethanol Fuel

Ethanol fuel is produced using the following process: wheat or corn kernels are ground in a hammermill to expose the starch, the ground grain is mixed with water and then cooked briefly and enzymes are added in order to convert the starch to sugar using a chemical reaction called hydrolysis.

After this, yeast is added in order to ferment the sugars to ethanol, and finally the ethanol is separated from the mixture by distillation and the water is then removed from the water using dehydration.

Although there are several different types of ethanol fuel that can be produced, this is the basic process for each and every one of them.

In order to produce ethanol fuel you will need an ethanol fuel cell or two, but these are widely available and will be easy for you to find.


Of course if you are learning about ethanol fuel one of the most important things is you learning about the different benefits that it has to offer you. For one, ethanol is a renewable fuel because it is produced from biomass. It also burns more clearly and completely than gasoline or diesel fuel. These are just a couple of the many environmental benefits offered by ethanol, and there are also many economic benefits that are offered by ethanol.

Ethanol is economical and also societal because it contributes to regional economic growth and job creation. This means that there are more jobs for more people and this is just one of the major reasons that so many people are so happy about how popular ethanol is becoming.

Ethanol production also offers an array of important opportunities to expand cattle feedlot operations, which means more money and more benefits.

Ethanol fuel requires an ethanol fuel cell, which you can find just about anywhere these days what with the popularity of ethanol. If you are interested in learning more about ethanol and about how you can do your part for the environment and make the switch over to ethanol yourself, know that there are actually courses and classes out there that you can go to and which will provide you with the information that you are looking for here.

Ethanol is truly a fantastic substance, and is called the fuel of the future. It definitely is, and we are sure that there are even more benefits it offers which we are simply not aware of yet.

Using an Ethanol Fuel Cell

If you want to learn about ethanol and ethanol fuel efficiency, one of the first things you are going to have to become more educated on is the ethanol fuel cell. There are actually a few different options when it comes to the ethanol fuel cell. The technology remains the same among them all however, and this is technology that is incredibly impressive.

Ethanol is the perfect fuel for fuel cells, and there are four main types available of ethanol fuel cell options.

The Process

The ethanol fuel cell is the major component necessary for the process of ethanol production, a process which is quite complicated, or at least more so than most people think. Ethanol production is a little more complicated than just a few steps, as there are a variety of methods and crops that may be used to produce ethanol.

Standard ethanol is produced from the starches or sugars that are contained in the seeds of different crops, but there are also other types of ethanol that can be produced as well.

Basically the process consists of four steps, which go as follows. The crop is first grown and then harvested, and then it is transported to the ethanol facility. After that, the starch or sugar is separated from the rest of the crop and fermented into ethanol, which is somewhat similar to beer. After this, yeast is added because the yeast will help convert the sugars into ethanol and carbon dioxide.

The third step is to purify the ethanol and make it unfit for consumption in order to prepare it for market use. Once this is completed, the ethanol is left to sit and then it is completed.

Keep in mind that the process of ethanol fuel cell production will differ depending on the type of ethanol that is being produced and on the plant it is being made in. However, the basics all tend to remain the same and so if you wanted to learn about ethanol production and how the fuel cells are used, this is valuable information.

There are also many other informational resources out there that you can use if you are interested in learning more about ethanol and about how it is produced. You can even probably get in to see an ethanol plant in person, so that you can actually watch as ethanol is created, which is a very wondrous process. Ethanol offers a ton of benefits to us as a nation and we should all be doing our part to make the switch.

Wednesday, July 9th, 2008

What is Ethanol Fuel Efficiency?

It is important that everyone be aware of ethanol fuel efficiency, because it is such a major issue in our world today. In today’s day and age where we are facing a number of global environmental issues and facing serious problems including foreign problems which is substantial because we are relying on foreign oil to get by.

This is a large part of why our gas prices have been fluctuating so much lately and why many people are literally unable to afford to drive as a result.

Ethanol Fuel Efficiency

The term ethanol fuel efficiency refers to the overall efficiency of ethanol and fuel and how beneficial it is to us as a nation, in particular to our environment and our economy. Ethanol fuel prices for one are always steady and never fluctuating back and forth like our gas prices today.

As well, ethanol contributes to economic growth and job creation particularly in rural communities which is very important. There is great potential here to really capitalize on ethanol fuel because North America has the forest resources and cropland that is needed to support substantial ethanol production.

Farmers around North America are quickly becoming aware of just how offering and prosperous ethanol fuel is, and some have even formed cooperatives to grow crops intended specifically as a feedstock for ethanol production, which is quite impressive and more are sure to come in the near future.

Ethanol fuel efficiency is tremendous, and although there are some people who are still not exactly aware of what ethanol is and what it has to offer, it is quickly becoming more widespread and accepted.

You are definitely going to hear more about ethanol in the near future and this is something that you are going to want to pay close attention to because ethanol really has a lot to offer. Ethanol fuel is better for the environment, is most cost-effective for us as consumers, and so ethanol fuel efficiency overall is quite significant and definitely dramatically improved when compared to fossil fuel.

Take some time and learn more about ethanol fuel and all that it has to offer, so that you can do what you can to do your part for the environment and make the switch to ethanol fuel which offers so many more benefits. We are sure to hear only more and more great things about ethanol and what it has to offer us as we head into the future.

Wednesday, July 9th, 2008

Ethanol Fuel Prices: Will They Rise?

Most people around the world today are already aware of the benefits that ethanol fuel has to offer and how prosperous ethanol fuel situations are, but there are a few issues of concern that definitely need to be addressed.

One of the most commonly asked questions is whether ethanol fuel prices will increase in the future just as fossil fuel prices have over time. This really depends on a few different things and more than anything on how many ethanol fuel stations are made available and how widely popular ethanol fuel becomes.

Dramatic Drop

As of today, if we were to switch from ethanol to gasoline production, the ethanol fuel prices would be less than half of what the gasoline prices are at which is quite impressive, and which makes most people want to get on top of this and get the exchange going as quickly as possible. However it is not all that simple and there are also a few concerns with ethanol fuel.

There is the issue of ethanol combustion for one, which would have a serious effect on ethanol fuel prices. This would probably cause the cost of ethanol to go up and so this would definitely not

So although the ethanol fuel prices in comparison to the regular gasoline prices are quite impressive and very enviable, it is still important to realize that there is a debate going on and that we really have more than one issue to think about and take into consideration before deciding to make the switch fully and completely.

Therefore ethanol fuel prices will vary depending on a number of factors, and this is something that you will need to be aware of and take into consideration when you are trying to decide on whether or not you should convert your vehicle to ethanol fuel. However, although you should definitely use the ethanol fuel prices as a deciding point, you should not let them make your entire decision.

After all, there are many other benefits that you need to keep in mind which are offered by ethanol, such as its environmental benefits. Ethanol contributes to regional economic growth as well and to job creation. Ethanol is a renewable fuel and it burns more cleanly and completely than gasoline and diesel fuel. As well it reduces greenhouse gas emissions because the grain or other biomass used to make the ethanol absorbs carbon dioxide from the air as it grows.

Wednesday, July 9th, 2008

How to Find Ethanol Fuel Stations in Your Area

Anyone who has made the switch to ethanol-enriched fuel is going to need to learn about the different ethanol fuel stations that are available in their area so they will know where they can go when they need to refill their vehicles. Keep in mind that although there are not that many ethanol fuel stations available right now, there are many in the works and many more to come after that.

To find out what ethanol fuel stations are available to you, you can simply contact a local government representative and you will be able to find out where the closest ones to you are located.

Ethanol Fuel Production

Only a few years ago, ethanol fuel production was much less common than it is today, because now we are aware of just all the wonderful benefits that are offered to us by ethanol. Today, ethanol fuel stations are popping up all around North America and as a result more production is being made.


You also want to be aware of the plentiful benefits that are offered by ethanol and of how they can affect your life for the better. Ethanol is a renewable fuel, it burns cleaner and more completely than gasoline or diesel fuel, it reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and contributes to regional economic growth and job creation.

Farmers around North America and particularly in Canada becoming increasingly aware of the fact that this is a fantastic new market opportunity and some have even formed cooperatives to grow crops that are specifically intended as a feedstock for ethanol production. Ethanol production also offers some great opportunities to expand cattle feedlot operations and large volumes of distiller’s grain, which is a very high-protein feed ingredient, are generated as a co-product of ethanol production.

If you do not have any ethanol fuel stations in your local area, you can try to do what you can to make it happen. Just remember that a lot of time and effort is going to go into this process and it may take quite some time before it will be complete.

You should really do some more research in your own time and do what you can to find out more about ethanol and about what it has to offer. It is popular now and it is only going to get more so. If you have no considered making the switch it is definitely time for you to now.

Wednesday, July 9th, 2008

A Guide to Ethanol Fuel Production

Surely you have heard of ethanol before, and it is more popular today than ever before. If you are interested in ethanol and you want to learn more about it and about how it is created, then you are going to need to become more educated on ethanol fuel production. Ethanol fuel production takes place in an ethanol plant, and these plants are located all around North America. One of the biggest advantages to ethanol is that it is produced domestically, and so it helps because we do not have to rely so much on foreign oil.

How Ethanol is Produced

Ethanol fuel production is quite a complex process. Ethanol fuel production is much more complicated than you probably think, as there are a variety of different methods and crops that you can use to produce ethanol. There are a few different types of ethanol as well, such as corn ethanol and sugar cane ethanol.

Standard ethanol is the most commonly produced, and is produced from the starches or sugars contained in the seeds of different crops. However, standard ethanol cannot be manufactured from the sugars found in animals, which is somewhat of a downfall but the ethanol is still beneficial nonetheless.

The Process

Here is how the process of ethanol fuel production goes. The crop is grown, harvested, and then transported to the ethanol facility. After this the starch or sugar is separated from the rest of the crop and then fermented. After this has been completed yeast will be added as this will help convert the sugars into ethanol and carbon dioxide.

The ethanol is then purified after this, concentrated and made unfit for consumption to prepare it for market use.

There are actually two different methods that are used in separating the starch from the corn: dry mill and wet mill. With the dry mill method the seed is ground into a flour before being mixed with water, and in the wet mill method the seed is allowed to soak in dilute sulfurous aacid before being ground down future.

This is the basic process of production of ethanol fuel, and so now you know. There are various ethanol plants located around North America and we should all be doing what we can to make the switch over to ethanol from fossil fuel. Not only will we be befitting ourselves but as well doing our part for the environment because ethanol is environmentally friendly.

Wednesday, July 9th, 2008

What is an Ethanol Plant?

Surely you have heard of an ethanol plant before, but most people are still not aware of what it is and what its purpose is. Before you can really understand about an ethanol plant is, what it is and how it works, you will need to learn more about ethanol in general and what it has to offer.


What is created in an ethanol plant? Ethanol, which is a liquid alcohol made up of oxygen, hydrogen and carbon and which is obtained from the fermentation of sugar or converted starch contained in grains and other agricultural agri-forest feedstocks. Ethanol is presently made primarily from corn and wheat, and has many important purposes in the world today.

Ethanol is blended with gasoline to produce fuel for one, and this fuel which can be created by a cellulosic ethanol plant, has environmental advantages when compared to gasoline.

Ethanol Plant

An ethanol plant is the factory or building in which the ethanol is produced and held. It is important that these plants are secure and safe, because ethanol can obviously be very dangerous. Only trained, qualified staff can work in these plants because you need to be responsible and know what you are doing, otherwise someone is bound to get hurt.

There are various ethanol plants located all around North America, and you can find out where the closest ones are to you by talking to a local government representative. There is such strong demand for more of these ethanol plants to be created due to the benefits of ethanol in the world today, and numerous new plants will be developed over the next few years.

There is a strong demand for ethanol as both an oxygenate and an octane enhancer, and ethanol allows farmers to participate in a significant value added opportunity and hedge part of the commodity price risk associated with growing corn. As well, an ethanol plant is very valuable today because there is an increased demand for grain and because these plants offer economic opportunities, for rural areas in particular.

If you are interested in helping with the development of new ethanol plants, the government typically pays for the costs incurred here, however there are various charity organizations that you can donate to which will help speed up this process, and get more ethanol made. This is a great thing and we should definitely all be more involved with our plant and with being environmentally friendly.

Wednesday, July 9th, 2008

What is a Cellulosic Ethanol Plant?

What is a cellulosic ethanol plant you may wonder? Actually a cellulosic ethanol plant has a great significance to us and our environment, which you can really only understand if you know what ethanol is and what it has to offer us.

Ethanol is replacing fuel slowly but surely. Ethanol production supports farmers and creates domestic jobs, and also because it is produced domestically, it means that we are able to lessen our dependence on foreign oil and instead be more independent because we are producing our own fuel.

Ethanol is widely available and easy to use, and adding ethanol to gasoline in lower percentages, such as 10 percent ethanol and 90 percent gasoline (E10), reduces carbon monoxide emissions from the gasoline and improves fuel octane. These are just a few of the many benefits that we are offered by ethanol, and which explains in part why cellulosic ethanol plant construction is such an important issue.

Cellulosic Ethanol Plant

Most likely there is a cellulosic ethanol plant currently under construction in your area, and if you are interested in finding out more about it such as where it is located and when it is expected to be opened, you can contact any government representative in your local area and they will be able to offer you the information that you are looking for.

Ethanol plant construction is a major issue, one that all of us should try to get involved with, and so you should really be doing your part to help out. You may not be able to actually get in and help build the cellulosic ethanol plant of course, but there are other things that you can do.

For one, you can contact your local government or municipal government and see if there are any charities going towards the plant construction and to which you could donate some money. There are tons of things that you can do to help out with ethanol plant construction and making sure that more ethanol is produced, which will help out not only you and others, but the environment as well. This is a major issue in today’s day and age where we are facing global environmental issues like never before and where we need other options, such as ethanol, to get us back on track.

Do a bit of research on your own time and find out more about ethanol so that you can really do your part and help out there.

Wednesday, July 9th, 2008

Getting Started on an Ethanol Plant Construction

Ethanol plants are very valuable to us as a people today, in many different ways. There is a strong demand for ethanol as both an oxygenate and an octane enhancer, for one. Ethanol is also very environmentally friendly, which is a seriously significant feature in today’s world where we are facing global environmental issues like never before.

There is also an increased demand for wheat and corn around the world, and these are just a few reasons that explain the demand for furthered ethanol plant construction. Ethanol plant construction has been a major issue especially over the past few years, and although there is a great demand for more plants there has not been much of a response, and here are some major reasons why.


The ethanol plant cost is rather pricy however, which is the main reason that only a few ethanol plants can be produced at a time. Ethanol plant construction for a single plant can cost a million dollars and even more, and so although there is definitely money available to pay for the cost of ethanol plant construction, there is simply not a means to produce a whole bunch at once.


A lot of time and labor also goes into the construction of ethanol plants, and so this time and these laborers are going to have to be found and paid for before work can begin. We all understand the significance and overall importance of ethanol plant construction and it is really all a matter of getting everything together and ready and deciding where to set up the ethanol plant.


That brings us to the next issue in the delay on construction of ethanol plants – location. It is important that the right locations are chosen to build the ethanol plants in, and this requires more thought than perhaps any other issue here.

If you take a look in the news however, you will see that there are already various ethanol plants under construction, most which are in the works now to be available by spring. It is important that we all stay aware on the different ethanol plants being constructed and ensure that we are doing all we can to help out here. The production of ethanol is going to benefit us all, and we really need to keep this in mind and do what we can to do our part for ourselves and the environment.