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A Clean Northeast:Moving the Northeast Beyond Coal and Toward a Clean Energy Future

AWEA Small Wind Turbine Global Market Study

It is designed with a concave/convex angle curvature for a precision fix to create a vortex for maximum torque. Blade configuration is used to create higher rpm using a 3-blade model for different wind speeds. Gravitational stresses are exactly even. Based on the Savonius vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT) design, the lift and drag co-efficiencies are usually normalized by the dynamic pressure of the direct air attack. The leading edge of the blade is designed for the tangent force and to direct the flow along the air strakes, which are ribbed. The center of the turbine blades meets at a precision angle to create a vortex. The blades are aerodynamically efficient to extract maximum performance. Material used to construct the blades is lightweight composite, resin, plastic combo, for light weight and strength, extreme weather and UV protection. Life expectancy is about 20 years. Omnidirectional air attacks low level wind.

Sauer Fact Sheet

The Opportunity

The annual growth of wind turbine sales in 2007 was 45% plus. Wind energy is now the world’s fastest growing source of energy. The forecast in the next twenty years is that it will expand at exorbitant rates.

The United States Department of Energy (DOE), the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA), the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) have all stated that 20% of the nation’s total consumable electricity can come from renewable wind energy within the next twenty years. This would result in cumulative wind turbine sales of over $250 billion to $500 billion.

The growth is driven from numerous factors in which realization that oil, natural gas and coal supplies are diminishing while the world demand is increasing. Taken into further consideration is that currently the use of these contribute to pollution and global warming, not to mention that the cost to produce and the rising prices have exploited the end user. The use of nuclear power has a substantial risk for large scale side effects. Currently, the world has refocus on renewable energy resources, of which wind energy is in the forefront.

One of the most compelling reasons wind turbines are expected to continue their strong growth rate for decades to come is that the cost per kWh of energy produced is expected to be the cheapest source of energy.

Like many other alternative energies, wind energy does not require any fuel. Therefore, it can generate electricity as long as the wind blows. Wind energy is also one of the cleanest forms of alternative energy. In fact, according to the United States Department of Energy's Wind Energy Program, a single utility scale wind turbine (500 kW) displaces approximately 500 tons of CO2 emissions annually, based on the current U.S. energy mix's average emissions.

The Department of Energy also gave an example: “California's wind power plants offset more than 2.5 billion pounds of carbon dioxide emissions in 1990, which would take a forest of 90 million to 175 million trees to provide the same air quality.”

Sauer Energy’s VAWT systems intend to be among the lowest cost wind energy producers. Our turbines can be produced and manufactured on a large scale in fabrication factories throughout the world. The installation cost of our turbines will be considerably less the cost of horizontal axis wind turbines. Because of their direct-drive system, they are less expensive to maintain and repair. Their key parts are few and at ground level.

The world over, governments are taking action to advance renewable wind energy. More and more states are mandatorily commissioning renewable energy. At the local government level, utility companies are being obligated to provide renewable energy to meet escalating demand. An international trading program has begun for carbon and renewable energy credits, thus providing the full support of wind energy. Lucrative incentives in the form of rebates and tax credits are being offered to offset the initial expense and demonstrate how committed our government is to renewable energy.

The availability and reliability of wind energy will expand the use where and when it is needed. Present technological trends will likely lend to a long-term future where wind provides the majority of the primary power resources for the planet. Sauer Energy is planning to be instrumental in providing a significant percentage of fulfilling this output.

We cannot forget the one and only fact that we must take care of our earth and the earth will take care of us.

Blog Comments
* 1.5KW!?! for $7000!! So, 1.5KW = 1500W, after I turn on my 1500 W hair dryer what will power the rest of my electrical needs? Or, will I have to buy 10-12 of these at $7000 each to have enough power to do me any good at powering my house? Doesn't sound very cost effective to me. bubba67801 2 weeks ago

* Let's do a Demo in Central Texas. We can use my house. I'll pay for it. ChemLogic 3 months ago

* Could someone at Sauer explain why this system is so expensive vs. the regular tower system when the components are less expensive (i.e. plastic) . I do like the design, I think it is a viable design, but cost prohibitive. Could you get back to me on that? How is it on the Mississippi Gulf Coast winds? TheDK504 4 months ago

* It's plastic and a generator - it should be CHEAPER than a generator to produce. So who gets the lion's share of this 7k? I'll bet you anything you want it goes to the big box where you buy it. Why not sell them directly, you'd get a heck of a lot more buyers for a 3,500 machine than you'll get for a 7k machine. It's simply not cost effective at that price.
lnardozi1 4 months ago

* You DO realize that at .08 per KWH it would take 7 YEARS of CONTINUOUS FULL POWER OPERATION to pay for itself? For people that have a 25mph wind for only 12 hours a day it would take 14 years. For people that have a 10mph wind 12 hours a day this device would not pay for itself, given that the price of energy did not change.
lnardozi1 4 months ago

* I live in florida. Could it handle hurricane cat 5, 150 mph winds? celyl 4 months ago

* @celyl I don't think any turbine can handle 150MPH winds. If a hurricane were to be headed your way, we would suggest taking down the turbine. If you have yet to see how easy it is to assemble, look at our other video in our channel to watch how it is done. I hope this answers your question.
sauerenergy 4 months ago

* I feel excited about the Sauer wind turbine. I share your belief that it will be a benefit to mankind. There is always a need for energy and wind energy has yet to be used effectively. I am expecting the best from your idea.
c1rdi1tech 4 months ago

* @STARFIRESOLAR Take a look at the video on our homepage. It explains the difference between other turbine systems and ours. If you have detailed questions about it, please fill out the contact form on our website.
sauerenergy 4 months ago

* @sauerenergy I don't have any questions because I see the differences. This video is full of cool graphics and music, but totally lacks TEST RESULTS. I don't think the design is as efficient as other VAWT turbines I've seen. It looks cool with all the bumps and ribs and all but I don't think it adds that much if any, to output. However, I'm all for getting some turbines in the wind however you can. The only bad turbine is the one that isn't in the wind and working for you. Waiting to see more
STARFIRESOLAR 4 months ago

* @STARFIRESOLAR We respect your opinion, but you can find everything on our website. We do agree with your point of view that the only bad turbine is one that isn't in the air and that is why we are working overtime to help build one of the best turbines around. I hope you can understand our goal and mission to make the world a better place to live. Thanks for giving us your feedback. Good or bad... it is all appreciated.
sauerenergy 4 months ago

* @STARFIRESOLAR If, as is claimed, it spins @ between 2 & 3 mph wind speed, and is generating substantial current by <5mph, these are improvements over anything thus far advanced, including the Darrius rotor, a huge one of which was erected in the Texas panhandle, visible from I-40...typically, they failed to maintain it, as did California & Arizona with the GE 50kw fans they put up to catch the Santa Ana winds, then were too incompetent to lubricate regularly! Vertical shafts SHOULD do better!
7kimosabe 4 months ago

* @Jakearoo14 Not sure what you don't understand. We just finished wind tunnel testing on all of our turbines at the University of Washington. You can see the full results on our site under the "TURBINE" tab. I suggest you check out the video on our homepage called "Meet Joe". It explains the difference between our turbine and the rest. I hope this helps clears things up.
sauerenergy 4 months ago

* this technology reminds me of this video. the turbine system. /watch?v=GH2OFQvkx5A&feature=m­fu_in_order&list=UL starts at 00:56, I am glad we are thinking about this as a civilization that we need to resort to renewable energy. If we all can work together the result would be awesome.
zb7011 4 months ago

* At the end of the movie it does not allow pause to view the specs of the testing. I would rate this as a low point for the demo. ekahn3086 5 months ago

* @ekahn3086 The specs can be found on our website under the "TURBINE" tab. I hope this helps.
sauerenergy 4 months ago

@torkjoy1 The specs can be found on our homepage under the "TURBINE" tab. sauerenergy 4 months ago

* @sauerenergy Hi I was wondering if you have actual output data from any of your installs. also, is this product self-installed or do you guys help me put it up?
Thizzmotion 1 week ago


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