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How To Protect Yourself From the Dangerous Cancerous Electromagnetic Radiation
from Your Computer and Cellphone

Do you have symptoms of chronic fatigue,ringing in the ears,dizziness,hyperactivity,hyper-anxiety,chronic sinus/ear infections?

Well,long hours in front of your computer screen might be the cause.
While the effects of EMI on human and animal health are not fully understood,studies show a possible link between exposure to EMI and
1. a reduction in the body's natural flow of calcium back and forth between cell membranes and
2. a possible connection between exposure to EMI and certain types of cancer and the following health-related problems:
3. Loss of memory,Parkinson's disease,Alzheimer's disease,Crib death,Chronic depression/suicide
4. Headache,Facial neuralgia,Bell's Palsy 5. Leukemia,Cataracts,Epilepsy,Brain Tumor
6. Polio,Birth defects,Miscarriage
7. VDT (Computer game syndrome characterized by eye pain,headache,and possible seizure
8. Blood disorders and stress.

In general, the products that produce the greatest frequency and for the longest duration of time are those most likely to expose us to the greatest levels of EMI;i.e. Cordless and cellular phones, Pagers, Laptops, Desktop computers,Specialized Mobile Radio (SMR)Phones,Humidifiers,Air Cnditioners,Televsions,Hair Dryers,Microwave Ovens, Vacuum Cleaners,Electric Blankets,Electronic Games,Electric Shavers,,Electric Carpets,etc.

Rootkit in Millions of Cellphones

Product Description Computer, TV, Microwave oven...Etc Harmonizers ?What is ZEROCOM?: It is a functional ceramic commodity that is made of conductivity ceramic materials whose electromagnetic waves absorbing rate is 97.5%(measured by the Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science) and which absorbs electromagnetic waves radiating from computer and TV and keeps a human body away from the wave. ZEROCOM is designed to be attached to the upper part of the back of the monitor of PC and TV where the electronic gun radiates strong electromagnetic waves and to weaken the waves. In particular, it is contained in a plastic case, which is hermetically sealed and processed with high frequencies and various designs printed according to the requests from consumers. Think of a rock in the middle of a swiftly moving stream. The rock disrupts the current and creates an eddy.

EMI /Emf Filter-electro-magnetic Interference Filter: Product Description EMI Filter acts in much the same way as alighting rod,safely conducting the EMI energy away to groung. By simply plugging in to 2 electrical or electronic devices into EMI Filter. You can effectively reduce exposure to EMI to yourself and your family.

Electromagnetic Field Detector Bracelet

Electromagnetic Fields: A Consumer's Guide to the Issues and How to Protect Ourselves (Paperback)
Product Description

With ubiquitous electropollution from cell phones/towers, powerlines, computers, and wireless devices, this eye-opening book is the best resource for parents, community planners, healthcare professionals, and scientists alike. Winner, 1996 Award of Excellence from the American Medical Writers Association. From the earth’s natural electromagnetic background to “Green” EMF safety designs, Electromagnetic Fields explains which illnesses are associated with artificial radiation, how technology impacts human health and wildlife, and how to live more safely.

“If you’re looking for the plain unvarnished truth and the best available advice, this is one book you should not miss.”—Robert O. Becker, M.D., author of Cross Currents and coauthor of The Body Electric
“Other authors have dealt with EMF questions, but none with the clarity and evenhandedness of B. Blake Levitt. This book avoids the extremes of over-dramatization and understatement and delivers the important information in a cool and lively manner.”—Andrew A. Marino, Ph.D., J.D., coauthor of Electromagnetism and Life, and The Electric Wilderness

About the Author
B. Blake Levitt is an award-winning medical/science journalist and former New York Times writer. She is the editor of Cell Towers, Wireless Convenience? Or Environmental Hazard?; author of 50 Essential Things To Do When The Doctor Says It's Infertility; and co-author of Before You Conceive, The Complete PrePregnancy Guide. She lectures internationally on health/environmental effects of non-ionizing radiation.
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