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How To Make Money With ClickBank Part 1:Cloaking

I have been a member of ClickBank since 2005 and although not a Million Dollar Round Table of ClickBank, I have some very well verified observations.

1. After signing up and getting your affiliate nickname, the first thing you must do is to get some cloaking software to make it more difficult for someone else to decide to use their own nickname when they come across a ClickBank product they want to buy. There are many options,but when I refer to cloaking I am not referring to merely a URL shortening website such as or

The first website that cloaks affiliate links that I have used is where you have the option of creating your own sub-domain which completely masks the Affiliate site. For instance, type in and see what comes out. As you can see it had nothing to do with Christmas Gifts! This ability will cost you a dollar a year;not bad for such a valuale tool, but remember that is per URL.

The second website that I used that cloaks URLs was from which you can make money as an affiliate, but that is not easy. If you do not become a Silver Member you have to agree to have everyone who is a Gold Member or above be able to send you promotional email as if you are on a safelist. So unless you want to spend $17 a month just so you do not have to experience a deluge of email,then either get a account for it or become a Platinum member and email everyone else,but that too is a little steep at about $39.95 a month. Another problem with is that Spybot Search and Destroy has labeled it as viral url and not in the way it would like to be known as in "viral marketing". If you use Spybot to do malware,spyware testing and removal,then your browser will be updated to make it unviewable.In my case, I use Mozilla Firefox mostly,so when I want to access my ViralURL account I have to use Internet Explorer which is quite inconvenient. You can join here:

Third,HitsConnect is excellent,but you only get 10 Free cloakers until which time you have to pay for 3 month Partner Upgrade Special where you get " * 100 Tracker Accounts - * 10 Rotator Accounts - * 100 Banner Trackers - * 10 Banner Rotators - * Show your links in the Downline Builders of Free Members - * Sales/Action Conversion Tracking - * Your own domain name in the trker url - * No ads shown above the sites you track. * 40 percent Commissions on all upgrades Regular Price Is $19.97/Month;But If Your Order From The Link Below You Will Get a Full 3 months partner Upgrade For Only $39.95" You can join here:

Fourth, removes links to an affiliate program from the vendor's landing page and raw & unique click tracking and the most recently created links are shown on the home page. This gives other users the opportunity to click YOUR link and see if they like what you're offering. They also give visitors the ability to browse through older links, giving you even more traffic potential.Also when you promote you get free traffic, so join here: For every unique visitor you send to, you are guaranteed one unique visitor sent to you from Your promolinks will stay in rotation until you've used all of your credits. Not only that but they also have a Forum!

Fifth,MyLinkGuard... Use This FREE Tool to Increase Sales by 912% to ANY website - Instantly!... Click here!

2. The next most important thing is to subscribe to the ClickBank newsletter so you know what the newest developments are at ClickBank. This may seem trivial but its not. While you are there, click on Marketplace and take a look at what are the most popular, the $Earned/Sale, percent Earned/Sale,Future $,Total $/Sale and percent Referred for all the Different categories you are interested in. You want to create a mix of these programs in your advertising/promtional campaign to be able to maximize your percent referred,total sales and $Earned per sale.

3. Next,do not go to a major search engine and immediately type in the program name. That's what everyone else does. Don't even type in the name of the program and "exposed" or "review" because what you are going to most probably get is a lot of cloaked promotional websites. You you should do is to go to and start searching for problems with the program. These are people who have already bought the program and have experienced problems. You do not want to be associated with any program that scams anyone. If your program is not found then you could check out and Scam Reports and Performance Reviews for any complaints. Then you are forwarned and can go ahead with great confidence to promote with a good conscience.

4. For the next step you will have to wait for the second article.

Written by William H. Stewart June 20,2009

WebBizInsider is 145,000 + Members Join NOw

Let's take a closer look at ClickBank;

Not so deep in detail that you will run from the room screaming because your brain hurts, but deep
enough to REALLY get you excited about the opportunity for absolutely ANYONE to make a
hockey-sock full of money using ClickBank and 1stPromotion. PRO2 ClickBank Mall: 1stPromotion

First and foremost, ClickBank is an online retailer. They handle online financial
transactions for clients, called "vendors". ClickBank has about 40,000 clients,
but only about 5400 or so of them are of any value to you as an Affiliate Reseller. (more on this later)
That's because only about 5400 vendors have set themselves up to allow other people (Affiliates)
to sell their products in exchange for a commission. The other vendors just use ClickBank
to process their online transactions for them,without offering an affiliate opportunity.

I am not sure why a vendor would not accept affiliates, as it is like opening
a few thousand franchises for free, but some vendors nonetheless
choose not to do so.
These 5400 or so vendors that do offer the affiliate sales opportunity represent
a thousand of of products and services upon which affiliates can earn commissions
of 1% to 75% on. Most are in the 40 to 60% range....pretty exciting! These products, (or most of them),
are found within an area of the ClickBank website called the Marketplace.
Now, you could spend a heck of a lot of time browsing through the different categories
trying to locate a certain product, (if you have time to kill.) but, if you want to find
what you want,when you want, (and want to pass on the same courtesy to your visitors),
you would need some type of search feature.

Matter of fact, if you wanted to build a link to promote each of those 11,400 products
or services you are in for quite a task! Let's say you could find each of the thousands of products and each product's vendor's
user name and then build a link you feel confident enough to promote in 3 minutes each.
That would work out to 33,000 minutes or 550 hours. That means if every thing ran smoothly
and you actually found every product and service within 3 minutes that to
make a link for each of these would take 550 hours or almost 23 days working around the clock!

Now, why did I say most of these products, not all are in the Affiliate Marketplace?
Well, if an item is new to ClickBank, it will not appear in the Marketplace until it has
had a valid affiliate sale. This means at least one copy of the product must be sold by an affiliate,
and not the vendor, to qualify for entry to the ClickBank Marketplace. It may take up to
30 days after this happens to appear in the Marketplace.

The Marketplace is actually updated weekly. If a product or service in the Marketplace
has not had a valid Affiliate sale in more than 30 days, that product will fall out of
the Marketplace, but will go back in on it's next valid sale.
If you would like to promote any one product, the "hot sellers" and the most marketed are
the top results in the Browse Marketplace section of ClickBank.
BUT...don't think for a moment that it implies that they are the best products, or even
the best value, in many cases it just means these products are marketed more vigorously.
Since they are marketed vigorously, chances are your visitor has seen them advertised
dozens of times by other sites and marketers, and probably have literally hundreds of
cookies set to make sure that someone else gets paid in the event of the sale, not you.

We'll have more info later on why you should NOT just stick to popular items, and why
many top affiliates avoid them almost entirely. When you make a sale,ClickBank for
credits you that sale and it is added to your other commissions on account at ClickBank
until it reaches the minimum you establish for a check to be mailed to you.
ClickBank sends the checks out every 2 weeks, and I know for a fact we have never had a
late check in 4 years. You can set your clock by ClickBank's prompt payments. (if in the
USA you may also choose to receive direct deposits instead of checks!)
As I said earlier, ClickBank is an online distribution center for over 11,400 digital
products and services that are delivered via the web (via web pages, files, or email).
If they cannot be delivered via the web, ClickBank does not handle them. Every product
sold by these vendors can be promoted through the ClickBank network of over 140,000 marketers (affiliates).

Vendors inform ClickBank of the commission rate they are willing to pay affiliates for
selling products on their behalf. Affiliates promote the vendors' products by referring
interested customers to the vendor's web site via a special tracking link called a
'hoplink'. This means you don't really even need a website.

The vendor's web site describes the product, and passes the customer directly to ClickBank for the actual credit card transaction handling. ClickBank pays the vendor and the affiliate. Affiliates may freely promote any product and be assured that they will be paid for sales they generate. Vendors can freely accept new affiliates without fear of fraud or misrepresentation.

Once you send a customer to the vendor site and they make a purchase, ClickBank & the vendor handle everything, including: the customer receives the product they ordered; the vendor receives his payment; and best of all..
ClickBank ensures you receive the commission due to you! Remember, commissions from ClickBank range from 1% to 75%, but typical commissions are in the 40 to 50% RANGE!!

In short, ClickBank is a virtual goldmine for those that make the effort to promote the thousands of products and services offered. There are ClickBank affiliates out there making well over $20,000.00 a MONTH!

We know that 1stPromotion is helping others right this minute to attain the online incomes they desire. Using the leverage of 1stPromotion and the power of ClickBank combined into the most powerful system anywhere, you can too!

Did You Know:
As a member of 1stPromotion, you are instantly tied to each and every one of ClickBank's products from over 5400 vendors all through a single web page?

As a matter of fact, with 1stPromotion, you can also place the complete ClickBank Marketplace on any website using our Search Box Generator Many of our members find that these little search boxes generate more revenue for them than Google AdSense ads.

Sound good to you? Why not give it a try. Get the 1stPromotion System now and be up and running in under 5 minutes! Want Instant Details?

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Until tomorrow,
To Your Health, Happiness & Prosperity,
Rick & Ron Davies *******************************************

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