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Across Cass Ave. Facing Woonsocket Senior High & Cass Pond

I have been dealing with them since they opened and I would leave my credit cards, both my check books and cash there, come back and know they would have done the best job at the cheapest price. I am 57 years old and have spent 16 years in the U.S.Army,National Guard and Reserve repairng military vehicles so it's not like I do not know a thing or 2 about all kinds of vehicles. They are also hilarious, often brilliant and always hard working.

I do not live in Rhode Island now. I drive from Belmont,Mass. to have my car worked on there and I know I save money and it's like visiting the better half of my family. I am not related to anyone there,though but they tease my like a best friend. They are some of the best people and mechanics I have ever met and my Aunt taught at Harvard Medical School and a girlfriend taught at M.I.T. Even they won't like this review it will be because they will be embarrassed because they think I went over the top. Tough luck....

Will Stewart

Car Buying Advice and Tips

Executive Summary of Water 4 Gas

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Water4Gas is a technology based on splitting water on board a vehicle, and using the resulting gases not to drive the vehicle - but only to boost the efficiency of its combustion.

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How To Get Better Gas Mileage Several videos like this one have popped up on YouTube and Metacafe recently explaining “How To Get Better Gas Mileage”. Well, I am somewhat of a critic so I decided to give it a try myself. After watching the videos and doing some careful research, I decided to make some changes.
1. Change to quality non-friction oil
2. Change air filter
3. Check tire pressure
4. Remove excess weight
5. Mix 100% pure acetone with gasoline (3 ounces to 10 gallons).
All can be done for around $35 to $50

(for info on acetone mixing visit
Acetone In Fuel Said to Increase Mileage

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