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Technology For Electric Vehicles Is Moving, Only It Is In Reverse

by Christian Hill

My previous articles on General Motors and the EV1 generated quite a bit of reader feedback, and many of you asked the same question:

If GM could build the EV1 to go up to 150 miles on a full charge 10 years ago, why can the Volt only go 40 miles on a full charge today?

Excellent question. Surely, battery technology has advanced in the past 10 years, right?

Yes, but that’s not the real problem. The battery pack powering the EV1 was NiMH (nickel metal hydride). The Volt will be powered by lithium ion batteries like the ones in laptops and cell phones.

So, yes, battery technology has advanced in the last 10 years, but I think the problem of reduced battery range goes beyond that. I think the “regression” in battery capability is intentional. Here’s why:

In 1994 General Motors bought a controlling stake in ECD Ovonics. By doing so, GM gained control over the development and manufacturing of Ovonics large NiMH batteries. This move also provided GM with all the patents on the batteries.As mentioned, these NiMH batteries were used in the final examples of the EV1 in 1999, and reportedly worked flawlessly.

Fast forward a couple of years to 2001, and a relatively unpublicized transaction took place. GM sold its share of ECD Ovonics (and the patents) to…
Texaco. Yep, the oil company.

Six days later, Chevron completed its’ purchase of Texaco. So now the battery technology that allowed the EV1 to run for 150 miles without a single drop of gasoline is in the hands of one of the largest oil companies in the world.

In 2003, Texaco Ovonics Battery Systems was renamed Cobasys, a 50/50 joint venture between Chevron and ECD Ovonics. Independently, Chevron owns a 20% stake in ECD Ovonics.

By now, you are probably guessing that an oil company with the patents to a very effective battery technology would never let that technology see the light of day. It could very well put them out of business.

To state that the technology was buried is not entirely true. But what Cobasys did is extensively limit the ability for any one to get their hands on NiMH batteries. And anyone found utilizing the NiMH battery technology that Cobasys had the patents on were sued and sued often, such as Panasonic. In essence, Cobasys controlled the market for NiMH batteries, and they were doing their best to make sure none of the batteries made it into any electronic vehicle.

And that brings us nearly full-circle to the current crop of electronic vehicles, including the Volt. The Volt, as mentioned, will run on costlier lithium ion batteries, which will drive up the cost of the Volt. GM could have used the cheaper and proven NiMH batteries, but alas, they sold the patents to Cobasys (Chevron). Do you think Chevron would allow the Volt to be produced with NiMH batteries, eliminating the need for a gasoline engine to supply power after 40 miles? Not a chance.

Now, to be fair, Cobasys is allowing their NiMH batteries to be used in the Chevy Malibu hybrid, the Saturn Aura Hybrid, and the Saturn Vue Hybrid. But all of those vehicles are hybrids, so they still rely on gasoline. Not one vehicle is utilizing Cobasys batteries as the sole source of power.

But it gets better. The company chosen to supply the Lithium Ion batteries for the Volt is called A123Systems. Guess who they are partnered with? Cobasys. Great.

So, to bring this all together, the battery technology from 10 years ago that powered a car 150 miles, is now controlled by an oil company, and any new hybrid vehicle in production now relies on batteries from an oil company.

Is it any wonder that we are 10 years down the road from the EV1, but have yet to see a true mass market electric vehicle? Not when the technology is owned by an oil company. I guess we can only sit and wait until 2014 when the patents expire.

P.S. To let me know what you thought of today's article, send an e-mail to: feedback@investorsdailyedge.com.

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"How did Dr Suzanne discover this?"

Simple really ...
Although very rich (Dr Suzanne makes over $45,000 a day online alone) Dr Suzanne is the kind of gal who doesn't believe in paying "extra" if you don't have to.

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So she began compulsively investigating all the deals she could possibly find elsewhere and online, and in the process she started to see a clear pattern:

--> People are being lied to and cheated out of $10,000's each and every time they buy even a single car!

Dr Suzanne then got really "ticked off" and this drove her to an even DEEPER investigation far, far further until she had a stack of facts, figures and even methods that allowed her to get one over on the car dealerships (for a well-deserved change!)

Being a doctor and scientist, naturally Dr Suzanne wanted to put her "New Discovery" to the ultimate test:

* * * A real "live" case! * * *

So she went out and applied her new found "Secret" only to discover that she could get a Rolls-Royce for as little as $600 a month, and a Lamborghini for as little as $1,160 a month!
She also found that she could get the prices on these same kinds of cars reduced by as much as 30%, 50% or even by as much as 90% (or even more!)

Then she decided to see if this same "Secret" could work for what most people considered "normal cars."
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Dr Suzanne was now armed with what is now considered by experts at below wholesale buying to be the "Greatest Car Buying Secret" ever discovered!
So powerful and amazing it PROVED in her own life that she decided to share it with several close friends to see if they too could apply it successfully.
And the SAME THING resulted!

One good and close personal friend of Dr Suzanne's is another Internet Multi-Millionaire (name withheld for privacy reasons) and who wanted to buy a brand new Lamborghini Murcielago which usually costs $412,700* (*this year's model).

After applying Dr Suzanne's secret he was able to get it for: o NO Money down! o and just $1,300/month!

Yeah, yeah ... I know, I know ... these people are already rich ... so why should they get to use the advantages of her secret, right?

The fact is: Regardless of how much you make (or like most of us, how little!) it doesn't matter.

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Or, for the rest of us, what if you saved:
o $15,000 on your next car purchase, Or ... o $400 a month on payments

These savings quickly add up (and again, BLANK amount saved means BLANK amount earned, regardless of what you put in the BLANKS, right?)

So, if after reading this email you STILL insist on being an "idiot" and paying FULL Price when you no longer ever have to, then fine, leave all the biggest savings to the few of us who are smart enough to grab up Dr Suzanne's "Top Secret Car Secret!"

Oh, and by the way, with the few of us doing so, the car salesmen will have to screw someone else out of all the money that they are losing to us, so that means "YOU" will be their next victim.

... Unless of course you happen to have a COPY of Dr Suzanne's "Top Secret Car Secret" like we do!
So, just to be generous, I'll give you the link** (**But Shhhh! - Don't go blabbing your mouth all over the Web telling everybody else, cuz we have a pretty good thing here as long as everybody else doesn't find out about it!)

[***Look, I mean it about NOT telling everybody else, okay - this is a real keeper and I don't want just any "yay-who" finding out about it - Besides I don't want everyone knowing that if I buy a Lamborghini using this that I paid anything less than full price - I have a rep to uphold - know what I mean?!]


Click Here to Find Out How I Paid Just $600 for a $200,000 Rolls-Royce!

PS - I heard a rumor just yesterday that she's only allowing maybe 500 copies to get out - so whether true or false it may be a good idea to head over there NOW!

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How To Get Better Gas Mileage Several videos like this one have popped up on YouTube and Metacafe recently explaining “How To Get Better Gas Mileage”. Well, I am somewhat of a critic so I decided to give it a try myself. After watching the videos and doing some careful research, I decided to make some changes.
1. Change to quality non-friction oil
2. Change air filter
3. Check tire pressure
4. Remove excess weight
5. Mix 100% pure acetone with gasoline (3 ounces to 10 gallons).
All can be done for around $35 to $50

(for info on acetone mixing visit
Acetone In Fuel Said to Increase Mileage

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