Meet … The World's Most Dangerous Man

Putin Fires First Shot at America...
and Your Portfolio...

Less then 10 hours after the 2007 G8 Summit with President Bush and other major leaders in Germany ended, Vladimir Putin made his cutthroat intentions known to the world.

“The time when Washington could look on Moscow as a budding strategic partner is quickly fading into history.”

- Kiplinger’s

"The world is changing before our eyes," he said before 200 corporate leaders at the International Economic Forum in St. Petersburg.

Global financial institutions like the World Trade Organization and the IMF were, according to Putin, "archaic, undemocratic and inflexible."

They didn’t, he said, "reflect the new balance of power."

And Putin left little doubt as to where this new balance of economic power would be centered.

"The new architecture of economic relations requires a completely new approach," he stated defiantly.

"Russia intends to become an alternative global financial center and to make the ruble a reserve currency for central banks."

This was more than just a warning shot. It was a blazing opening salvo that caught the U.S. and the rest of the world, for that matter, totally off guard.

Putin was pouncing on the weakened dollar, going for the kill shot on its global value. And it didn’t take a genius to figure out that what he was pitching Russia as the "alternative" to was the U.S.

This was the beginning of a well-planned attack designed to dismantle America’s economy, take down the institutions supplying its wealth and shift the world’s center of power from Washington D.C. straight to Moscow.

It all dates back to the mid-‘90s when then-President Boris Yeltsin appointed Putin as the head of the FSB (the secret police successor to the KGB).

Putin watched helplessly as Yeltsin sunk his beloved country deeper and deeper into debt and rendered Russia less and less relevant in the world’s economic scene.

"Some believe that we are too lucky to possess so much natural wealth, which they say must be divided. These people have lost their mind.”

-Vladimir Putin

He bided his time running the FSB until Yeltsin finally resigned in 2000, leaving the presidency to Putin.

He could hardly wait to get to work and to resurrect Russia on the international scene.

Eight years later, he’s done just that -- and with a vengeance.

So, how is it possible to take a flailing, debt-ridden country and put it in a position to directly challenge the U.S. for economic supremacy in less than 10 years?

Two words: natural resources.

It’s mind-blowing, really.

Meet Vladimir Putin. . .

  • Holds a personal net worth of $41 billion

  • Controls 20% of the world’s oil and natural gas

  • Has befriended Iranian President Ahmadinejad and provided him with his first shipment of nuclear fuel

  • Opposes the U.S. war against Iraq and has spoken out publicly against other U.S. military interests

  • Has imposed censorship on television and radio stations, newspapers and Internet sites critical of his administration’s policies

  • Has taken over controlling interest of Russia’s largest company, Gazprom, from private ownership

  • Is intent on using Russia’s vast natural resource reserves to manipulate the world to do as he wishes… or pay dire consequences…

Putin’s grand empire accounts for over 20% of the world’s oil and natural gas reserves. That makes Russia virtually energy independent from the rest of the world.

Russia also holds huge reserves of countless raw materials, including iron ore, manganese, chromium, nickel, platinum, titanium, copper, tin, lead, tungsten, diamonds, phosphates and gold, and the forests of Siberia contain an estimated one-fifth of the world's timber supply!

They’re a rogue nation, the largest in the world, in fact, that owes allegiance to no one but themselves.

That poses an incredible threat not only to the world at large, but to the U.S., especially, and, quite possibly, your personal finances most of all.

And that’s exactly why you’ll want to utilize my "Putin Protection Plan" to preserve and build your wealth as much as 493% this year.

Putin Brings Russia
Into the Money...

Simply put: Vladimir Putin is finally making his move, and he isn’t being shy about it either.

And why should he?

Under Putin’s watch, Russia has once again become a hugely prosperous world economic superpower.

In fact, since Putin has become president, scores of Russian companies have been seeing massive profits.

Just take a look at what these Russian stocks have done while Putin has been in office…

Norilsk Nickel up 646%…

Novolipetsk Steel up 268%…

Lukoil Oil Co. up 578%…

Uralkali up 1,350%…

Severstal Steel up 794%…

Surgutneftegas up 500%…

Raspadskaya up 288%…

Evraz Group up 369%…

Sibir Energy up 904%…

Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel up 140%…

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Spend a few minutes checking out the Russian indexes, and you’ll find more big gainers then you can even count.

In fact, the entire indexes themselves have been thriving.

The Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange is up 162% in the past three years. The Russian Trading System Stock Exchange has shot up 86% through 2006.

The money just keeps on flowing.

Putin is ruling from atop a sky-high mountain of cash. Russia’s GDP is surging at 8% growth a year. They’ve paid off a foreign debt that at its height was close to $200 billion. And by 2020, they’ll be one of the five largest economies in the world.

And it’s almost entirely thanks to their overflowing natural resources.

Believe it or not, Russia recently jumped past Saudi Arabia as the world’s leading supplier of petroleum. And that’s in addition to having the world’s largest natural gas reserves under its control!

You’ve got no idea how dangerous this makes them!

That’s why it’s imperative that you consider using my "Putin Protection Plan" to safeguard and build your wealth by as much as 493% during these turbulent times.

I’ll give you all the details in a moment, but let’s make sure we’re clear on the tactics Putin is using here…

Putin’s Dangerous Game of
"Resource Roulette"...

With Russia’s rapidly growing influence in the global marketplace, Putin knows that now is the time for his long-planned power play to get underway.

And he knows the path to power is littered with desperate commodity buyers…

That’s why he’s maintaining feverish control over Russia’s resources… and more specifically -- who gets a hold of them.

It’s a ploy I call "Resource Roulette," and it’s precisely how Putin plans on launching his full-force offensive against the U.S. economy.

“As relations continue to sour, Putin may well retaliate against U.S. and European Union companies doing business in Russia.”


It’s a simple strategy, really.

Either fall in line and comply with Putin’s demands or find somewhere else to buy your oil, natural gas or any other resource for that matter.

And in a frenzied buyers’ market like this, that’s next to impossible.

Putin isn’t bluffing either.

On New Year’s Day, 2006, Gazprom, Russia’s massive nationalized LNG company, cut off any and all gas supplies to the Ukraine when they failed to comply with Gazprom’s price demands.

The message was loud and clear. Putin has the power, and he’s more than willing to use it.

"Putin could flip a switch and families from Paris to Milan would go to sleep with their coats on tonight," says Conde Nast Portfolio magazine.

Putin’s punishment of the Ukraine opened many eyes, and not just in Europe either.

This year, Russia is scheduled to open a natural gas pipeline from one of its Eastern Pacific Coast islands that will supply 20% of its reserves to the United States.

This is a deal with the devil if I’ve ever seen one!

If Putin decides he doesn’t like a U.S. policy -- economic, military or otherwise -- he holds the ultimate bargaining chip in his back pocket.

He can do the exact same thing to the U.S. that he did to the Ukraine in 2006. And I can guarantee you, he won’t lose a wink of sleep over it either.

And it’s not just natural gas Putin can cut off. Nickel, timber, platinum, copper… you name it – he can make sure you never see a bit of it.

We’re talking about basic raw materials needed for everyday life. Without them, society as we know it could completely break down…

This game of "Resource Roulette" that Putin is playing has enabled him to do almost whatever he wants in the world.

He’s virtually untouchable; and he’s got his own country on a complete lockdown, the likes of which we haven’t seen since Joseph Stalin.

Believe me; I saw it with my own eyes…

A Dictatorship for the 21st Century...

"He's the new czar of Russia and he's dangerous in the sense that he doesn't care about civil liberties, he doesn't care about free speech."

– Richard Stengel,
Managing Editor,
TIME Magazine

I’ll tell you this: After returning from my travels in Russia, I’ve never been so thankful to be an American.

Because, while Vladimir Putin’s Russia is experiencing prosperity the likes of which they haven’t seen in decades, the air of fear and paranoia running through the country is as potent as 100-proof vodka.

Not since the days of Adolph Hitler (who shares with Putin the distinction of being named Time’s "Man of the Year") have we seen a leader quite so dangerous to our way of life here in the U.S.

The Washington Post goes so far as to say that Putin is "imposing dictatorship the old-fashion way."

Putin’s iron-fisted control over Russia’s resource riches has sent him on a power trip worthy of Alexander the Great.

Putin governs Russia with a philosophy the Kremlin calls "Managed Democracy"… which is code for "not a Democracy at all."

Just a few examples are all it takes to make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up…

  • He’s seized controlling interest of Gazprom, Russia’s largest energy company and the biggest extractor of natural gas in the world.
  • He ruthlessly dismantled Gazprom’s biggest non-state energy competitor, Yukos Oil, by charging them over $7 billion in back taxes and then throwing their CEO into a Siberian prison to rot. He then proceeded to sell Yukos at a fire-sale price to a company he owns 20% of.
  • Putin’s secret police force is suspected in the murders of three Russian journalists, all of whom were working on stories exposing corruption inside his administration. When a former official came forward and accused Putin of the killings, he was soon found dead, as well.
  • He’s followed devotedly by an almost cultish-like youth movement called the Nashi. Putin often visits their training camps and rallies, including a recent one next to the Kremlin attended by over 20,000 Nashi members where he delivered fiery anti-Western rants and speeches.
  • Putin’s second term as President thankfully ends this year. But not so fast… Russia's incoming President, Dmitry Medvedev has vowed to uphold Putin's policies. And Putin has already announced that he will assume the position of Russian Prime Minister immediately following Medvedev's inaguration, all but ensuring that his reign over the country will continue for years to come.

According to The British Financial Times, since Putin has been in office, he’s taken
a chainsaw to the fragile roots of Russian Democracy."

That’s an understatement if I’ve ever heard one.

And outside of Russia, Putin’s actions become even more ominous…

  • He’s blocked U.N. sanctions against Iran.
  • He recently supplied Iran with their first shipment of nuclear fuel, increasing fears that Iran is developing weapons of mass destruction.
  • He’s an outspoken critic of the war in Iraq and has refused to supply military support for the U.S. and its allies.
  • He’s cozied up to, and cut deals with, both Hugo Chavez and Kim Jong-il, two outspoken enemies of the U.S.

What we’re looking at here is a power-hungry, anti-American dictator with essentially a free pass to do whatever he pleases around the globe.

To me, and many others, that makes him the most dangerous man alive.

Especially because of the damage he can inflict on your bottom line if he continues to play his game of "Resource Roulette" with the world.

And I can’t see any reason at all why he wouldn’t.

After watching Russia nearly crumble in its initial post-Communist years, Putin’s life’s mission is to bring his beloved country to the top of the economic food chain.

And his core philosophy in doing so is that America’s days as the world’s preeminent economic superpower are long over.

In his mind, this is Russia’s moment to shine, and he’ll do anything he has to in order to make it happen.

Even though his attack is already underway, there’s still time to protect yourself.

And not only that, but to actually MAKE money off of this escalating crisis, too.

Here’s how to do it…

Putin Protection Play #1: Bank a Potential 233% Breaking Russia’s Ruthless Energy Monopoly

It’s no secret that the root of most of Putin’s power lies in Russia’s massive energy reserves, particularly their oil and natural gas supplies.

Russia is the largest liquefied natural gas (LNG) exporter in the world; and, along with oil production, these two resources make up an incredible 8% of the country’s gross domestic product and 40% of its tax revenue.

And when you’re talking about gas and oil in Russia, the buck stops at Gazprom, Russia’s largest corporation, which is now under the majority ownership of Vladimir Putin and the Russian government.

When Putin made the bold move to place Gazprom under state control, he knew it was a do-or-die play -- one that would determine just how far he could push the world without them pushing back.

And he was right. The numbers are absolutely astounding…

For every $1 per barrel rise in oil prices, approximately $3.4 billion pours into the Russian treasury!

Who’s going to argue with him? Russia provides Western Europe with a quarter of its gas and oil.

Putin’s already proven he’s willing to use that fact to his advantage, too. Just look at his 2006 cutoff of LNG to 46 million Ukrainian citizens.

In fact, Ukraine is actually a major natural gas conduit to the rest of Europe; and Putin’s move to completely cut off their supply didn’t just affect them, it sent the European Union into a panic.

Countries as far as Italy pleaded with their citizens to conserve gas in any way possible, even to the extent of asking them to put lids on their pots when cooking.

Well, panic may be on the verge of giving way to hysteria if Putin’s and Gazprom’s latest power play succeeds…

Putin Begins His Invasion of Africa...

On January 4, the Financial Times broke the story that Gazprom had made "an aggressive offer to make major investments in the African nation's energy infrastructure in exchange for shares in key gas fields."

What this translates to is that Vladimir Putin has begun his plan to occupy Africa, or, more specifically, Nigeria, one of the U.S. and Europe’s most important suppliers of natural gas.

The Financial Times calls Putin’s power-hungry move "one of the boldest forays in the global fight for African energy assets."

Putin knows what’s at stake here. As he makes serious inroads into oil- and gas-rich Nigeria, his increasingly powerful grip on America and Europe’s gas supplies will be stronger than ever.

And he’s using a sales pitch on Nigeria that paints the U.S. and the West, as a whole, as the enemy.

An unnamed Nigerian energy official reports,"What Gazprom is proposing is mind-boggling. They’re talking tough and saying the [West] has taken advantage of us in the last 50 years and they’re offering us a better deal ... They are ready to beat the Chinese, the Indians and the Americans... Gazprom is saying, ‘We’re better than Shell or any other company that has exploited you for the past 50 years.’"

And the bottom line is, this deal stands an even greater chance of going through thanks to the gross inefficiency of Nigeria’s LNG plants.

Environmental groups estimate that Nigeria wastes almost half of its daily natural gas production due to "burn off" caused by inadequate facilities.

Gazprom has promised to build a project that would catch this burned-off gas and sell it.

More LNG for Nigeria = billions more in revenue. And Putin knows that it’s going to be tough for a dirt-poor country like this to turn down an offer like that.

The U.S. uses tons of natural gas. It ranks #3 behind petroleum and coal in energy sources and makes up 23% of the total energy we use everyday.

Can you imagine Vladimir Putin with his finger on the switch of 23% of America’s energy supply?

By recent estimates, that means he could shut down power to the states of Texas, California and Florida in the blink of an eye!

And if relations between the U.S. and Russia continue to suffer, thanks to Putin’s friendly relationships with Iraq, Venezuela and other anti-U.S. nations, things could get very bad very quickly.

Picture a scenario where the U.S. speaks out against Putin’s international dealings or his spotty civil rights record inside Russia.

Putin has proven on more than one occasion that he doesn’t take criticism lightly.

With control over a large amount of our vital natural gas supply and the guts to shut it down without hesitation, we could be looking at sky-high heating prices, $5 a gallon gasoline and a nationwide energy crisis the likes of which we haven’t seen since the late70s.

So, with all that at stake, how do you ensure that you won’t be pumping your portfolio down the drain and into your gas tank if it happens?

Your No. 1 Defense Stock Against
Putin’s Upcoming Energy War

Putin’s move into Africa amounts to nothing less than him continuing to assemble his arsenal for an attack on the U.S. economy.

The ramifications of him controlling even more of the natural gas market are dire.

If you think oil and gas prices are high now, just wait until Putin gets his hands on more of the market.

It could be truly crippling to the American consumer.

But during my travels across Eastern Europe, I managed to catch wind of an energy opportunity that I truly believe could keep you immune from any of the fallout of Putin’s plot for domination.

Industry insiders tipped me off to a small island in the Pacific Ocean that is currently experiencing a 100% Putin-free natural gas boom.

And that’s made several energy-industry titans stand up and take notice…

This island, the name of which I’m keeping confidential at the moment, is one of the few untapped natural gas reserves left on the planet.

It’s filled with dense rainforests, rugged mountain terrain, a largely tribal civilization and enough natural gas to keep American power plants running for decades.

And, most importantly, it could stand to make you over 233% in gains in the next 12 months alone…

Tucked away on this little corner of nowhere are 50 trillion cubic feet of land-locked natural gas ready for production.

In financial terms that’s a $16 billion stash.

Yet, all this LNG has been worthless for decades due to the fact that if you can’t move the gas, you can’t use the gas.

That’s all about to change, however.

Exxon, Merrill Lynch and China National Oil Company are investing $30 billion into this island by building LNG terminals.

That solves the problem of how to transport the gas off the island. The only thing left is for someone to come in and extract the gas for these big companies.

And here’s where you enter into the equation…

I’ve discovered the 40-cent company who’s going to be doing just that.

This company recently purchased 8.4 million acres of land on the island.

That puts them in the company of other landowners there like Exxon Mobil and InterOil, who also know the lucrative potential these acres hold.

And think about this: Land in North America that’s surrounded by natural gas reserves of this level has been known to sell for over $300 per acre.

This small-cap company secured 8.4 million acres for less than $3 apiece!

Do the math, and you can see that puts this company’s value at $300 million before they’ve extracted a single bit of gas.

And, in reality, their market cap sits at just $54 million… that’s like getting a $246 million discount before they even start drilling!

The best part is -- Vladimir Putin can’t touch this island.

Exxon, Merrill Lynch and others, who have set up shop here, have all been burned by Putin in the past.

That’s why they came to this tropical island in the first place!

They don’t want anything to do with Putin at this point, and they’re going to make sure he doesn’t get his mitts on this rich reserve they’ve stumbled upon.

And with Putin completely shut out of this island project, this 40-cent company is standing tall right next to the other blue chippers.

You can rest assured that if Putin ever does decide to get tough with the U.S. or Europe on natural gas, those countries are going to come running to this island for their supplies.

And that just means more work for this company I’ve found.

Keep in mind – the U.S. is in very good standing with this gas-rich island, as well. Along with Australia, they played a key role in relief efforts when a cyclone hit the region last year.
When I visited there, you would have thought I was one of the relief workers myself with the welcome they gave me. They just love Americans that much.

With work on the LNG terminals already underway, the time to grab a piece of this company is now.

Conservatively, I’m predicting a 233% gain on their current share price in the next 12 months.

The opportunity there is just too big for it not to happen…

You’ll get complete details on what’s happening on this island, as well as this company’s ticker symbol, in your first free "Putin Protection" report, "Your No. 1 Defense Stock Against Putin’s Upcoming Energy Attack," which I’ll tell you how to receive FREE OF CHARGE in just a moment.

But this is just one of the ways I’ve put together for you to battle back against Putin and his dangerous game of "Resource Roulette."

Make no mistake, he’s got other aces up his sleeve; and it’s imperative that you’ve got a counterattack for them when, or if, he pulls them out.

Take this next situation for instance…

Putin Protection Play #2: Double Your Money With This Micro-cap Miner Breaking
Putin’s Metal Monopoly...

Believe it or not, liquid natural gas isn’t the only resource that Russia holds massive control over.

Nickel, one of the most useful and sought-after precious metals in the world, is one of Putin’s most powerful weapons in the global marketplace. Sixty percent of the world’s nickel supply is controlled by just -- four companies, the largest one of these being Norilsk Nickel.

Now, it doesn’t take an industry insider to learn that Norilsk is one of the Putin administration’s favorite companies.

Why’s that? Because in March 2007, Norilsk CEO and Kremlin critic Mikhail Prokhorov sold his stake in the company to co-owner Vladimir Potanin, whose roots as a devoted Putin loyalist are well documented.

Yet, another major Russian company Putin’s got in his back pocket!

Now, the road is paved and clear for a rumored state takeover of Norilsk by the nationalized Russian diamond company Alrosa. And even though Alrosa is only half the size of Norilsk, it seems that Putin and the Russian government will be more than happy to pick up the rest of the cost of acquiring the nickel giant.

And with one of his best buddies running the show at Norilsk, don’t expect them to put up much of a fuss over this buyout.

The Associated Press says the takeover would be "a move… consistent with the Kremlin's perceived goal of creating large state-controlled industry champions in each sector of the economy."

It would, in effect, renationalize Norilsk and give Putin even more control over Russia’s rich natural resources.

And nickel is one of the most valuable resources to have under your thumb right now. Prices are hovering around $13 per pound right now, well above historic averages.

Nickel is in hot demand, thanks to its role as a key element in stainless steel. China is gobbling up nickel as fast as it can, due to all of the manufacturing taking place there that requires stainless. Kitchen appliances, building materials, watch straps, cutlery, even the world famous Gateway Arch in St. Louis… they’re all made from stainless steel.

But what might hit a little closer to home for you is that a nickel shortage, or a severe price gauge by Putin, could affect… are you ready for this? Your healthcare.

Putin’s Nickel Monopoly Could
Turn Hospitals Into Poorhouses...

Yes, I know it’s not the first thing you think of when you hear about nickel, but it’s actually a very direct connection. Stainless steel is critical to the medical-equipment industry.

Needles, scalpels, retractors… heck, practically the entire operating room of every hospital in America is bathed in stainless steel.

All of this equipment is absolutely vital to the quality of healthcare you receive in this country.

And guess what? Hospitals have to pay for it just like anyone else. And with Putin controlling the flow of nickel into the marketplace and driving up prices, the law of supply and demand means that your local hospital could be paying for scalpels and needles double what they were last week.

And whom do you think the U.S. healthcare industry and insurance companies are going to pass off the higher costs of this equipment to?

That’s right, you and me, the patients.

Healthcare costs are skyrocketing, health insurance premiums are going through the roof and soaring nickel prices are only going to add to that cost.

At the end of the day, your payroll or social security check could end up being a lot smaller than it used to be.

Think they’re not related? Well, check out these two charts of nickel prices and healthcare costs in the last few years…

It’s no coincidence that they look awfully similar.

The bottom line: As long as Putin has the power to drive up nickel prices and bleed the stainless steel market dry, then you’ll be paying for it out of your health insurance.

But while this may be the sad scenario for most Americans, it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way for you…

The $1 Nickel Company Putin Hasn’t Found Yet...

In the next few months I see nickel prices clearing $15 per pound, and during that time we’ve got a fantastic opportunity to profit.

During my travels, I discovered a small mining company, currently trading for only around $1, that’s quietly acquired a very valuable nickel reserve inside Russian borders. More valuable, in fact, than anyone could have dreamed.

You see, the land they’re sitting on holds a potential $15 billion worth of nickel!

When I visited their site, tucked away in no-man’s-land inside the Arctic Circle, I took a look over their data and was amazed at the profit potential this company has.

Estimates show that there could be as much as 700,000 lbs of nickel in their reserve.

Now, this company’s production costs for extracting that nickel are around $7 per pound.

With nickel currently selling for around $13 per pound, that’s a $6 profit for every pound they pull out of the ground!

Plain and simple -- these guys are looking at some downright obscene profits. And get this -- the company’s geologists say that these estimates are actually on the conservative side!

On top of that, they also own nickel and gold reserves in Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan; and, if either of those properties produces anything, then we’re looking at an even bigger return.

Market demand the likes of which we’re seeing right now can send a nickel company’s share price into the profits stratosphere.

For example, since the commodities super cycle began a few years ago, Norilsk’s share price has soared over 2000%!

Now, despite all these eye-popping numbers, this company is still relatively obscure in Russia and has so far managed to stay under Putin’s radar.

That means now is the time to grab a few shares of their stock.

I’m confident that if you get in now, while their price is as low as their profile, you can double your money by this time next year.

And when -- or if -- Putin decides he wants to scoop up this company as well, you’ll be sitting pretty on some very healthy gains and will have ensured you’re protected from any of the fallout of his attempt to monopolize the nickel market.

I’ll give you complete details on this company and why I believe it is a true "wild card" in the global nickel market in your second, FREE "Putin Protection" report, "Double Your Money With This Micro-cap Monopoly Breaker."

There’s still, however, one more line of defense (and potential profit) I’ve assembled for you…

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