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Books About Iraq

"Fiasco" by Thomas E. Ricks;
"Oil,Power & Empire"-Larry Everest;
"State of Denial"- Bob Woodward;
"The Assasin's Gate" by George Packer;
"Imperial Hubris" by Anonymous;
"Chain of Command:The Road from 9/11 to Abu Ghraib" by Seymour Hersch;
Before Operation Iraqui Freedom

2002 "The Threatening Storm: The Case for Invading Iraq" by Kenneth M. Pollack ,
a Council on Foreign Relations Book
2002 "War on Iraq: What Team Bush Doesn't Want You To Know" by William Rivers
Pitt with Major Scott Ritter, former U.N. Weapons Inspector
1999 "Out of the Ashes: The Resurrection of Saddam Hussein" by Andrew Cockburn &
Patrick Cockburn ,Harper Perrenial- a Division of HarperCollins Publishers
1995 "Shell Game: A True Story of Banking,Spies,Politics- And the Arming of
Saddam Hussein" by Peter Mantius,St. Martin's Press,N.Y.
1990 "Saddam Hussein and the Crisis in the Gulf" by Judith Miller & Laurie Mylroie
Times Books, a division of Random House

Books About 9/11/2001

"Why America Slept"-Gerald Posner;
"Against All Enemies"-Richard A. Clarke;
"bin Laden:The Man Who Declared War on America" by Joseph Bodansky;
"The 9/11 Commission Report" Authorized Edition;
"The Cell: Inside the 9/11 Plot,and Why the FBI and CIA Failed To Stop It"
by John Miller, Michael Stone with Chris Mitchell,Hyperion,.Y. 2002
"Imperial Hubris" by Anonymous;
"From Babel To Dragomans" by Bernard Lewis;
"What Went Wrong" by Bernard Lewis;

"Worse Than Watergate : The Secret Presidency of George Bush" by John W. Dean,Former Counsel to President Richard Nixon
Books About the Bush Empire ( Administrations )

"The Establishment's Man" by James J. Drummey; Western Islands; 1991

"The Crimes of a President: New Revelations on Conspiracy & Cover-Up in the Bush & Reagan Administrations" by Joel Bainerman ;S.P.I. Books,1992

"Ambling Into History: The Unlikely Odyssey of George W. Bush" by Frank Bruni; HarperCollins Publishers,2002

"The Best Democracy Money Can Buy : The Truth About Corporate Cons,Globalization, and High-Finance Fraudsters " by Greg Palast; Plume Book, 2002

"Bush's Brain: How Karl Rove Made George W. Bush Presidential" by James Moore & Wayne Slater;John Wiley & Sons,Inc.,2003

"The Lies of George W. Bush: Mastering the Politics of Deception" by David Corn; Three Rivers Press,2003

"The Bush-Hater's Handbook : A Guide to the Most Appalling Presidency of the Past 100 Years" by Jack Huberman; Nation Books, 2003

"Warrior-King: The Case For Impeaching George W. Bush" by John C. Bonifaz; Nations Books, 2003

"American Dynasty: Aristocracy,Fortune, and the Politics of Deceit in the House of Bush" by Kevin Phillips ; Viking, 2004

"House of Bush House of Saud: The Secret Relationship Between the World's Two Most Powerful Dynasties" by Craig Unger; Scribner, 2004

"The Price of Loyalty: George W. Bush, the White House, and the Education of Paul O'Neill" by Ron Susskind; Simon & Schuster, 2004

"Worse Than Watergate : The Secret Presidency of George Bush" by John W. Dean,Former Counsel to President Richard Nixon
As a Democrat, I warm heartedly applaud and deeply admire John Dean's depth,integrity and analysis. This book verifies everything that Richard Clarke observed in "Against All Enemies" and adds more to it.

Appendix II of "Worse Than Watergate" lists websites of organizations that are concerned with excessive government secrecy:

  • 1. Federation of American Scientists
    1717 K Street,Suite 209, Washington, D.C. 20036
    Voice (202)546-3300; Fax: (202)675-1010;
    Email: fas@fas.org Federation of American Scientists

  • 2. The Reporter's Committee on the Freedom of the Press
    1815 North Fort Myer Drive,Suite 900
    Arlington,Va. 22209
    Voice: (800)336-4243 orn (703)807-2100

  • 3. The Memory Hole

  • 4. Cryptome offers a good collection of unofficial mdocuments on security policy,updated regularly.

  • 5. GlobalSecurity.org provides resources on national security policy,including secrecy.

  • 6. Project on Government Oversight undertakes independent investigations to promote openness and government accountability.

  • 7. Electronic Privacy Information Center offers declasified documents and insights relationg to cryptography policy,privacy.

  • 8. FreedomInfo.org offers news about freedom of information efforts around the world.

  • 9. OMB Watch.org provides resources,news, and analysis on the "right to know".

  • 10. Freedom of Information Clearinghouse provides resources about the Freedom of Information Act

  • 11. BushSecrecy.org

  • 12. Access reports.com

  • 13. James Madison Project.org

    Ron Paul's Library at Amazon.com

    Books About Saudi Arabia

    "Secrets of the Kingdom:The Inside Story of the Saudi-U.S. Connection" by Gerald Posner;
    "From Babel To Dragomans" by Bernard Lewis;
    "What Went Wrong" by Bernard Lewis;
    "bin Laden:The Man Who Declared War on America" by Joseph Bodansky;
    "American Jihad" by Steven Emerson;
    "Hatred's Kingsdom:How Saudi Arabia Support the New Global Terrorism" by Dore Gold;
    "Holy War,Inc." by Peter Bergen;

    Books About War on Terror

    "Plan of Attack" by Bob Woodward;
    "See No Evil" by Robert Baer;
    "Sleeping With The Devil" by Robert Baer;
    "The Ultimate Terrorist" by Jessica Stern;
    "Taliban" by Ahmed Rashid;
    "Jihad:The Rise of the Militant Islam in Central Asia" by Ahmed Rashid;
    "Soldiers of God:With Islamic Warriors in Afghanistan and Pakistan" by Robert Kaplan;
    "Stupid White Men" by Michael Moore;
    "Will They Ever Trust Us Again" by Michael Moore;

    "Global Reach"-Richard Barnett;
    "The Creature From Jekyll Island"-Griffin;
    "The Betrayal of America"-Vincent Bugliosi;
    "Blood,Money& Power: How L.B.J. Killed J.F.K."-Barr McClellan;

    "Holy Blood,Holy Grail"-Baigent,Leigh & Lincoln;
    "The Gods of Eden"-William Bramley;

    This is what claims a recently released documentary, called OutFOXed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism.

    The name, OutFOXed, alludes to the Fox News Channel (FNC) which in the United States is rated as the cable news network with the largest number of regular viewers.

    The documentary demonstrates the conservative bias that's handed down by Fox's owner, media mogul Rupert Murdoch. It gathers interviews from media watchdogs and former Fox employees, but their overwhelming condemnation of Fox's skewed news practices isn't half as effective as footage taken from Fox itself:
    - an appalling montage of Bill O'Reilly telling guests to "shut up"
    - repeated efforts to paint Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry as weak and waffling, while President Bush is captured in respectful, reverent images
    - management memos dictating language, subject matter, and point of view.

    OutFOXed examines how media empires owned by Murdoch have been running a "race to the bottom" in television news: As ever-enlarging corporations take control of the public's right to know, democracy is set at danger.

    In the case of FNC it's one single person that opines for the public. Murdoch's entire audience is estimated at 4'700'000'000 people which represent three quarters of the entire world's population. What information he decides to broadcast greatly influences U.S. Americans' votes. We all know what a presidential election can cause; a war in Iraq, no action on global warming. Just to mention a couple.

    The result of this documentary is an intense examination of Fox News and the lie inherent in its favorite motto: "Fair and Balanced."