Global Warming and Big Oil - film showing in Concord - early heads up - Members and Friends of North Bridge Alliance for Democracy,

Many emails distorted the earlier announcement sent out regarding the upcoming showing in Concord. Here is a simple text version.

Mary White
North Bridge members and Friends,

We wanted to let you know that Bill Moyers will be interviewing Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul on his Bill Moyers Journal this Friday evening on Ch 2 at 9 pm and Sunday on Ch 44 at 11 am.

Mary White

The full list of airdates for Kucinich/Paul program can be found at:

Kucinich and Paul To Be On PBS Friday, January 4, 6 P.M. Pacific

Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul will appear together on Bill Moyers Journal on PBS this Friday, January 4 at 6 pm Pacific Time. Check local listings.
These are our darkest days.
Dennis Kucinich is the only candidate that offers hope.
Listen to his PBS Newshour interview at
Watch the interview at


Tom Jackson, director and
Ross Gelbspan, renowned climate crisis
journalist and author

Exxon Mobil's Impact on Climate Change

TUESDAY, NOV. 27, 7-9 p.m.
Harvey Wheeler Community Center
1276 Main Street, West Concord
(corner of Main and Church Streets)

The Earth's climate has been pushed dangerously "out of balance" by reliance on fossil fuels. This film depicts the powerful influence on national energy and environmental policy wielded by ExxonMobil, but also offers hope about what we can do.

Please join the First Parish of Concord Green Sanctuary Committee and North Bridge Alliance for Democracy as they sponsor this provocative showing and discussion. For information please call (978) 369-1181.

Hi North Bridge members and friends,

We are holding a followup this Tuesday evening to the Out of Balance film we showed in Concord recently . The purpose is to brainstorm on specific actions we might take. See the agenda and actions recommended by Tom Jackson and Ross Gelbspan, discussion leaders at the showing, below. Hope to see you there!

I have also attached the article we submitted to the Concord Journal covering the showing and discussion which was printed this week, December 13.


North Bridge Alliance Meeting

Tuesday, December 18, 2007 7:30 pm
Harvey Wheeler Community Center
1276 Main Street (corner of Main and Church)


  1. Discussion of actions we might take as a follow-up to the recent Out of Balance film showing in Concord. (See attached list of action suggestions made by the film’s director Tom Jackson and climate crisis author and journalist Ross Gelbspan.)
  2. Discussion of other projects we might take up or films we might show in the new year. Bring suggestions for either actions or films.
  3. Decide on permanent location and dates for next year’s meetings. **Note: if you have a preference for a date or locations but can’t make this meeting, please let us know by responding to this email.
  4. Announcements, other business

Recommended Actions to Combat Corp Impact on State and National Global Warming Policy

During the discussion Gelbspan defined the crux of the problem and possible solutions. ExxonMobil’s power “really goes beyond the issue of global warming to the issue that we’re living in a corporate state.” Voters have no access to government and no power as citizens. “We’re living under the rule of corporations who are immune to the political process. Exxon is a very graphic example.” If a congressperson takes a forceful stand against the oil and coal industries advocating the shifting of government subsidies away from fossil fuels to alternative energy technology, industry groups simply fund an opponent, and they have the money to do so.

· That’s why it’s crucial to get the money out of politics through public campaign financing, Gelbspan added.

Tom Jackson recommended:

· Boycotting ExxonMobil products and stock

· Asking local gas stations to use other sources for their gasoline

· Boycotting American auto companies who are bowing to pressure from the oil industry in fighting an increase in gasoline efficiency regulations.

Gelbspan also recommended:

· Querying candidates on their energy policy and on their stand on rejoining the Kyoto agreement

· Doing some research to see which candidates are getting the most money from the energy industry. Use Greenpeace’s website, .

· Publicize our findings with articles in local papers on the two previous points

· Put pressure on the media to report on global warming at least three times a week

· Let your congresspersons know you want them to transfer subsidies from fossil fuels to renewable energy

· Create a fund to transfer clean energy to developing counties

· While making changes in individual energy use is good, “there has to be political change” as well. Change your light bulbs, ride your bike, take public transportation, but whatever you do, tell 100 people why you’re doing it—you’ll lay the groundwork for the political change we need.”

Additional Issues here in state:

· Research what is happening here in testing gasification of coal, develop a stand on the issue and publicize it

· Show films on coal gasification

· Support Cape Wind

When asked if all of this might take more time than we have Gelbspan responded “Maybe - some scientists are concerned that the warming may be taking on its own momentum, independent of human generated CO2.” But he added that right now, there are lots of people working on this issue below the radar, “like earthworms.” While it may look as if little is going on, “rapid social change can erupt as quickly as rapid climate change.” We’re in a race against climate catastrophe, but there’s still a chance that we’ll be able to make the political and technological changes necessary to preserve the planet.